Diet for pregnant women

Diet for pregnant womenHealthy food for pregnant women is not a whim but a responsibility, because now the woman lives not only for themselves but also for giving birth and raising a healthy and strong child. In addition that food should be varied and useful, during pregnancy there are many problems with the gastrointestinal tract, perception of food and lack of certain trace elements. How can I see all these nuances and to draw up a diet of the pregnant, let’s talk today.

To make the menu for pregnant all 9 months it would be wrong, because at different times of fetal development, a pregnant woman needs in various products. But you can find General patterns for the right diet for pregnant women.

Periodic table for pregnant women

From the moment of conception to birth in menu pregnant woman needs to present a lot of useful elements. Here are some of them:

  • Folic acid

Vitamin B9, also known as this acid, is assigned already when planning pregnancy, as it can accumulate in the body and acts on the mother and child are extremely positive. Reduces the risk of premature birth, underdevelopment of the fetus, anaemia in the mother, and also guarantee the good condition of the mucous membrane and skin.

A lot of folic acid contained in watermelons, fish, meat, oranges, tangerines, etc.

  • Phosphorus, calcium, fluorine

Starting with the sixth week, the child is particularly in need of material to build cells. It’s more important to diet during pregnancy consisted of milk and dairy products, because in them the ratio of calcium and phosphorus is optimal for their best utilization in the body.

  • Vitamins P, C

Nine weeks should strengthen the blood vessels, which are beneficial called vitamins. To consume their the girl with pleasure, because they are contained in black currants, citrus, rosehips, buckwheat, cherries, etc.

  • Iron

This element is needed in the body to build hemoglobin and transport of oxygen, carbon dioxide and minerals from the body, including from mother to child. Best absorbed iron of animal origin, for example, of cheese.

  • Zinc

This element is responsible for the proper construction of the organs of taste, smell, cardiovascular and reproductive system. To obtain zinc from cheese, meat, beans, seafood, nuts.

  • Vitamin E

In many diets during pregnancy are mentioned vegetable oils that are rich in fats and vitamin E, they help to strengthen immunity, to improve the hematopoietic ability, strengthening the heart muscle both the child and mother. You can use olive, sunflower, Flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil, flax seed pure, broccoli, spinach, eggs, soybeans etc. read More about why do we need vitamin E for pregnant women is available here.

  • Iodine

Lack of iodine can cause thyroid abnormalities, and growth retardation. A large amount of iodine contained in seafood and seaweed. It is also useful to replace common salt for iodized.

Of course, this is not all of the items and substances that should be food for pregnant women. Not to gain weight and easier to lose weight after childbirth, it is best to eat a full varied and following the doctor’s recommendations.

Food toxicity

From the moment of fertilization until the building’s main systems and organs of the fetus the woman will experience morning sickness, and food must be constructed with this in mind. To minimize nausea, eat fragmented and do not neglect the easily digestible foods such as fresh vegetables, fruits, pure water, fruit drinks, fruit drinks. Remember that to get rid of nausea need not drugs, and review your diet.

Breakfast for pregnant can consist of easy cheese or cereal, because the peak of nausea usually occurs in the morning.

Diet swelling

Swelling occurs as a result of the fact that the fluid retained in the body. Especially this contributes to the salty, fried and smoked food.

The essence of the diet is simple and lies in the maximum reduction of salt consumption. Rather, to completely eliminate salt from the diet does not need to reduce her consumption to 5 grams per day. But from fried and smoked dishes better to just give up on soon.

Besides salt, you should limit yourself to pasta, baked goods, white bread, coffee. In fact, salt-free diet is easily tolerated and in a week you do get used to unsalted food and not want to return to their former diet.

You should drink more than 1.5 liters of fluid a day, this includes soups and drinks. Also to combat swelling plays an important role sedentary life.

In addition to reducing swelling, it will help you to reduce the likelihood of cramps in the calf muscles.

Diet for pregnancy for weight loss

To lose weight during pregnancy should be treated very carefully, because any food you consume or the lack of it affects the condition of the baby. Nutrition the focus of this article.

If in the normal state girl for weight loss uses citrus: lemons, grapefruits, oranges, in an interesting position to lean on these desirable fruits, otherwise there is a risk of the child’s allergies on them in the future. The usual girls who love diet, ginger, hot pepper and cinnamon are also prohibited during pregnancy because they can cause bleeding and even miscarriage. The same goes for berries and fruits that thin the blood.

We now turn to how actually should look diet during pregnancy for weight loss. The menu must be complete and include:

  • Vegetables;
  • Fruits;
  • Berries;
  • Milk and milk products of good quality;
  • Lean meats;
  • Marine fish is of good quality;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Drinks: green, herbal, weak black tea, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, water.

Other requirements characteristic of proper nutrition during pregnancy, not to gain weight, and saved here: to give preference to fried foods for steamed and cooked, to eat small portions 5-6 times a day, to get up from the table with a feeling of incomplete satiety, etc. If you intend to stick with the diet for pregnant women for weight loss, additionally, it is necessary to use a course of vitamin and mineral supplements for pregnant women. This will ensure that you and your child maintain the level of nutrients in the body.

Remember that gaining weight during pregnancy is normal. The weight is calculated not only on the basis of parameters of the child, but also with individual aberrations of the body. Thus, in the normal range for the entire period of pregnancy considered acceptable to gain weight in the amount of 7-15 kg the Exact figure depends on the structure of a woman pregnancy and her genetics.

Protein diet during pregnancy

According to the promises of this diet woman after pregnancy will have the same form as before. As you know, protein has several functions in the pregnant woman’s body, one of which – construction, that is, proteins help in building new cells and tissues, which is very important in this nine-month period.

Protein diet for pregnant women involves the use of protein foods in the amount of 120 grams per day. In this menu excludes white bread, cakes, chocolate (except bitter), sweet. Does not have restrictions on grains, vegetables, fruits, the amount of water consumed.

Fasting days

During the second trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of constipation and heartburn due to a large increase of the uterus, we need to introduce one fasting day a week. This should be done carefully and intelligently, with prior consultation with the doctor of female consultation.

On the fast day allowed to eat a single product: for example, apples or kefir. Then this day can be called mono-diet. Or, you can combine apples and yogurt. In the fasting day you can eat as much as will suffice to saturate hunger. No restriction, you can use clean water.

Fasting days for pregnant women in 3 trimester is considered necessary and is recommended 2-3 times per week unless contraindicated.

The main condition for a healthy weight gain during pregnancy is regular visits to women’s consultations and conscious attitude to his diet and lifestyle. If the doctor will notice that you’ve gained too many pounds, it will make you a diet for pregnant women. 2 trimester accompanied by an increase in child sizes and as a consequence digestive problems. This should also be considered when choosing foods.

Leave your comments with advice for other readers and stories about your pregnancy.

Be healthy!

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