Diet in liver cirrhosis

This disease is a disease which is growing rapidly, the liver cannot perform its major functions completely or partially. This negatively affects the human body, may cause atrophy of the organ. During treatment it is important to consider what you can eat for cirrhosis of the liver, and what should be deleted.

Proper nutrition in liver cirrhosis

Attending physician in the diagnosis of cirrhosis required to appoint diet diet. The list of what to eat with liver disease, is determined by the degree of complications, the functional characteristics of the organ. The medical menu has the advantage in some cases prior to drug therapy or surgery. Under certain circumstances, these latter methods can even exacerbate the situation, causing additional damage to the body and liver.

There are two types of cirrhosis – compensated and decompensated. In the second case, the liver was damaged, but still not completely scarred, partially performs the basic functions. Many people with compensated cirrhosis do not even notice the manifestations of the disease for many years. In decompensated type of disease the body is completely incapacitated, the patient’s health is in great danger. As a rule, surgical intervention is required.

The peculiarity of the diet table with compensated liver cirrhosis that you should consume protein at the rate of 0.5 g per kilogram weight of the patient. The composition will contain substances that prevent fatty infiltration, the essential acids.

Cirrhosis of the liver

Allowed to use such products:

  • egg protein;
  • cheese;
  • beef;
  • milk;
  • buckwheat, millet, oatmeal;
  • low-fat fish.

To increase the dose of protein should be in portal cirrhosis of the liver, which is a result of excessive alcohol consumption (of any quality). The same must be done for those who have hepatitis a, protein and vitamin deficiency. Protein strengthens the immunity, improves the regeneration of liver cells. If changes in a positive way is not happening, they are fully excluded from the table diet. The day allowed up to 90 grams of fat, half of which is vegetable, the second – dairy. If you feel unwell patient their number is reduced 2.5 times.

Menu for cirrhosis of the liver is allowed up to 450 grams of carbohydrates. They account for 100 g is simple, which should be avoided if the disease was developed on the background of obesity. Resolved the following products:

  • fruits (fresh);
  • cookies;
  • pudding, jelly;
  • black, white bread;
  • honey, jam.

Girl eating salad

Healthy foods for the liver

Compliance with the rules of the diet for cirrhosis patients rarely delivers pleasure, but a woman can always cook something delicious out of any ingredients. If you follow the rules of cooking (no fried, less salt, etc.), you can find the recipe of dishes that are allowed in the treatment of cirrhosis. Healthy food for the liver:

  1. Soups. Allowed dairy pasta, cereal, vegetables, fruit, vegetable, vegetarian cabbage soup, borscht. Vegetables, flour is dried, not fried.
  2. Fish dishes. Lean boiled fish, steam whole or as cutlets.
  3. Flour products. Only the highest grade of flour (stale) bread, butter cookies, cakes with cottage cheese, apples, boiled fish meat.
  4. Dairy dishes. Fresh not sour cottage cheese (low-fat), milk drinks, milk, low-fat mild cheese.
  5. Eggs. Only protein, roast, steam omelets.
  6. Meats, poultry. Skim or low-fat, no skin. You can eat beef, meat pork, lamb, Turkey, rabbit, chicken, sausages.
  7. Vegetables, side dishes. Boiled onion, not sour sauerkraut, steamed, boiled options, mashed green onions.
  8. Sauces. Dairy, vegetables, sour cream, sweet fruit sauce.
  9. Snacks. Gefilte fish, salad, fish in aspic, canned mushrooms, soaked low-fat herring, salads, meat (boiled), lean ham, fish.
  10. Fats. Butter, vegetable oil.
  11. Drinks. Jelly, fruit, tea, broth hips, vegetable juices, compotes, jellies.
  12. Sweets. Marmalade, sugar, honey, marshmallows, mousse, jelly, jam, sweet fruit, berries raw or mashed form.

Healthy foods for the liver

What not to eat with liver disease

Diet for cirrhosis of the liver provides for the exclusion from the table of some foods that give additional negative effect on the body. From the menu, you should exclude the following:

  1. Canned food, fatty, salty, smoked fish.
  2. Fried pies, puff pastry, rye, fresh bread.
  3. Greasy goose, duck, sausages, smoked meats, kidneys, liver, brains and canned goods.
  4. Broths from meat, fish, mushrooms, soup beans, green soup, okroshka.
  5. Fried, hard-boiled eggs.
  6. Fat cottage cheese, sharp cheese, sour cream, cream, fermented baked milk.
  7. Cream products, chocolate, ice cream, sour fruit.
  8. Sorrel, beans, radish, spinach, hornbeam, green onions, garlic, turnips, pickled vegetables.
  9. Meats, spicy, oily meals, eggs, meats.
  10. Horseradish, pepper, mustard.
  11. Lamb, pork, and beef fat, cooking fat.
  12. Cold drinks, alcohol, coffee, black.

Abdominal pain in women

Nutrition for liver disease on the day

Diet in the treatment of the liver has certain rules, for example, meals you need to break up, the day should be 5-6. This rule should be followed in order to avoid the feeling of heaviness. Dinner patient should be low in calories right before sleeping are allowed to eat a baked Apple, drink a glass of yogurt. Below are some examples of menus in the treatment of cirrhosis of the liver on day 1:

Sample diet for cirrhosis 1

  1. Breakfast. Not more than 5% fat, cheese, you can add a spoonful of honey or sugar. Milk cook porridge, put the soaked dried fruit. Green tea (brewed poorly).
  2. The second method. Baked Apple with honey (or without it).
  3. Lunch. Chicken fillet steamed, boiled rice with fresh vegetables, soup with vegetable broth.
  4. An afternoon snack. Steam protein omelet.
  5. Dinner. Cooked, fish stew, glass of broth hips.

Sample diet for cirrhosis 2

  1. Lean cooked meat, pasta (boiled), tea.
  2. Milk with cottage cheese.
  3. Stuffed cabbage with rice and boiled meat, soup with potatoes, jelly from the berries.
  4. Apple.
  5. Low-fat cottage cheese, rice milk, mineral water without gas.
  6. Low-fat yogurt.

Sample diet for cirrhosis 3

  1. Boiled fish, porridge of oatmeal with milk, tea with milk.
  2. Casserole with cabbage.
  3. Boiled meat, steamed carrots, milk soup with pasta, juice.
  4. Tea with cookies.
  5. Buckwheat, mineral water without gas.
  6. Low-fat yogurt.

Buckwheat porridge in plate

Diet for diseased liver Number 5

Developed a diet for each person individually, it should contain the optimum amount of essential nutrients. Diet for cirrhosis of the liver number 5, the sparing table for the treatment of a disease, which completely eliminates certain foods to improve the condition of the patient. Should not be of food containing creatine, anserine, carnosine, oxalic acid, and cholesterol. Usually, the dishes are baked or steamed. One day diet for cirrhosis corresponds to the following indicators:

  1. The total energy value – 2700-3000 kcal;
  2. Carbs – 450 grams;
  3. Fats – 90 g;
  4. Proteins – 90 g;
  5. The liquid is 1.7 L.

Sample diet for 1 day

  1. Salad with nuts, pears, fritters from vermicelli, coffee (too strong) with milk.
  2. Dry sponge cake, soft-boiled egg, tea.
  3. Berry soup, veal cutlets, mashed potatoes, fruit juice.
  4. Cottage cheese (low-fat) sour cream.
  5. Boiled meat, juice vegetable salad with avocado.
  6. Yogurt.

Cottage cheese and sour cream in a bowl

Diet for liver for a week

When medication or surgery is not required, it is possible to stop signs of the disease, the pain with proper nutrition. Below is a sample diet for cirrhosis of the liver, which is a week. The system is designed to support the body, strengthen the immune system, to alleviate the human condition. Includes the menu, 6 meals: 3 main and 3 snacks a day. Can use in liver cirrhosis the following is a sample diet:

Day of the week Meal
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 Cheese, oatmeal, tea Baked fruit Borscht on vegetable broth, chicken, fruit compote and dried fruit A decoction of rose hips Boiled fish in white sauce, curd cheesecake, mashed potatoes, cocoa Yogurt
2 A warm weak tea, pasta (spaghetti) with chicken Cheese Soup, jelly from cranberries, stuffed cabbage leaves Baked Apple Rice, mineral water without gas Yogurt
3 Porridge with milk, boiled fish, tea Braised cabbage Boiled meat, soup with milk, compote Tea with lemon Casserole of grits, cocoa Yogurt
4 Curd, semolina, tea Baked fruit Meat on a couple of white sauce, rice soup, juice A decoction of rose hips Mashed potatoes with fish, tea, rice, fruit Yogurt
5 Scrambled eggs, rice, tea Curd or cottage cheese Potatoes with chicken, soup, compote The tea with lemon. Pasta, mineral water. Yogurt.
6 Herring with potatoes, tea Baked Pear The meatballs steamed, soup, juice, spaghetti Food and beverage Pancakes, scrambled eggs, mineral water Yogurt
7 Buckwheat with meatballs, tea Potatoes with carrots Baked fruit, cottage cheese casserole, soup Jelly Semolina, mineral water Yogurt

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