Diet while breastfeeding

diet while breastfeedingThe question of what can I eat while breastfeeding are fairly large and the individual. On the one hand, it is necessary to get food to a large number of useful minerals, vitamins and calories to then transfer them to the baby. On the other hand, young mothers want as quickly as possible to restore the former shape and lose weight. And don’t forget that a very young child must adapt to a particular food, it is impossible to load his digestive system new products immediately. About this and other issues of breastfeeding will be discussed today.

Diet while breastfeeding newborn

The basic principle of nutrition feeding mother – the gradual addition of new products. The first week should be especially strict. Information on how to eat in the first month after pregnancy read the link /food-beremennyih-v-first-second quarter/ Allowed only some of the ingredients. At the same time, a woman should not feel hunger, you can eat as much as you like, because you can restore the shape it will start later. Therefore, nutrition after birth, breastfeeding provides the following features:

  1. Vegetables heat treatment.

Refrain at first from such a cooking method like frying. Remember that the period of breastfeeding you should eat only boiled, stewed or baked products. You should also refrain from vegetables red, yellow and orange. Cabbage and cucumbers can be entered in the list of foods breastfeeding only a few weeks after birth, and this should be done carefully and gradually.

  1. Fruit.

Of course, the mother and the baby must get the vitamins and useful components that are in fruit. But they do not always do more good than harm. So, from the diet while breastfeeding better to temporarily exclude grapes, red and orange fruits, avocado, papaya, citrus, mango. But bananas and baked apples can spoil yourself and a child without any restrictions.

  1. Cereals

Planning meals when feeding a newborn, do not neglect cereals, because they help improve digestion, contain a large quantity of valuable minerals and have a high energy reserve that is needed now is you and the baby. Give preference to cereal conventional cereal without additives.

  1. Soups

Another option that you have when feeding a newborn – is soups. Soups great relieve the stomach and help to digest food. Soups in the diet of lactating mothers should be fried, better if they are cooked in vegetable stock. Meat broth is also permitted, but as a basis it is better to use fresh lean meat.

  1. Dairy products

They belong to the completely resolved in the diet when breastfeeding. There are two pitfalls: first, the daily consumption of fermented milk products must not exceed 0.5 kilogram; secondly, the yogurt and kefir should not include fruit supplements and a large number of preservatives. It is better to give preference to natural milk products when breastfeeding or fresh food from the supermarket with a short shelf life.

Fermented baked milk when breastfeeding is considered more mild compared to yogurt, and it contains the maximum amount of phosphorus and calcium compared to other dairy drinks. If your baby normally reacts to fermented baked milk, that is, his body does not appear to be any stains, you can safely drink a couple of glasses. Also, be aware that kefir is quite a fat product, so if you or your child are overweight, fermented baked milk will only make a contribution.

But from milk in its pure form should be abandoned. The child may develop an Allergy to lactose, he will have a lifetime to be managed. You can add milk in small amounts in cereals in the morning.

  1. Fish and meat

Lean, cooked without much oil, will benefit both the mother and the baby.

As an alternative or Supplement to fish can be a fish oil when breastfeeding. It should be consumed, adhering to course of your doctor. Fish oil contains fatty acids, vitamins A and D, which play an important role in tackling a number of problems. However, excess fish oil can cause more severe discharge of milk (lactose). Moreover, fish oil can increase the fat content of milk, what you may not be ready the digestive tract of the baby. Thus, fish oil in pure form or in the form of capsules can and should be used by nursing mothers, but after the decision and under the supervision of a physician.

  1. Bread

During the diet when feeding a newborn do not get carried away flour and bread, but a small amount of bread flour will not bring any harm and if he will include bran or sesame seeds, you can even talk about the benefits of bread. So, for example, sesame breastfeeding plays many important roles: it is very rich in calcium, prevents skin disorders, enhances immunity, promotes the development of the tissues of the baby.

  1. Cheese

A large variety of cheeses in sale allows you to choose the best in taste and properties. Most hard cheeses are shown nursing mothers, because they own the most valuable part: a lot of fats, proteins, vitamins (A, B, E, C, PP), acids, trace elements (Fe, Ca, Na, P, Mn, Zn, Mg, K, Cu). But such a variety of useful connections suggests that cheese in HS is to consume mindlessly. You should also trace the reaction of the baby on cottage cheese, eat them in limited quantities, also not recommended this product to people with urolithiasis.

Of course, we are unable to list all the foods that you can eat while breastfeeding the baby. We have only touched controversial and highlights. Food should bring you pleasant emotions, and the diet should not be heavy and then your child will be happy. But some prohibitions still shouldn’t forget. Fortunately, they are not so many, and they are not too difficult to temporarily give up.

What foods not to eat when feeding baby

It is obvious that the first prohibition in the life of the mother is alcohol. Even a glass of red wine will be transported into the blood from the woman and from there absorbed into the milk and act in the child’s body. It should be understood, thinking about beer or any other alcoholic beverage.

But if that in the diet when feeding breast milk is contraindicated alcohol, most women know that other products-bans for some are unexpected.

  1. Sweet

Chocolate, candy, cookies, pastries, etc. are strictly contraindicated during the first month of feeding. This can cause diathesis in the body of a baby and a lot of complaints on his part.

  1. Coffee and strong tea

At least the first six months, you should eliminate them from your diet. However, weak black or green and herbal teas are not prohibited. Also diet during lactation sometimes implies a special tea to increase lactation.

  1. Unnatural products

Not everyone has the opportunity to start the day with this rustic yogurt, but to abandon a deliberately harmful and artificial food preferably all lactating women. Carefully read the composition of consumed foods and avoid a lot of preservatives and additives. After all, if you have decided to learn proper nutrition while breastfeeding, it means a holistic and comprehensive approach before each meal.

  1. Sparkling water

Carbonated mineral water can cause gas in mother and baby. Sweet drinks the more forbidden because of possible Allergy.

  1. Products that spoil the taste of milk

This is a separate list of diet restrictions while breastfeeding a newborn. Introducing them in your diet, you run the risk that the baby will refuse milk. This:

  1. Garlic;
  2. Hot spices;
  3. Bow;
  4. A lot of salt;
  5. A lot of sugar;
  6. Fatty meat;
  7. Radish;
  8. Fermented cheeses.
  9. Food allergens while breastfeeding

Allergies can manifest itself not only by spots on the skin. Among its symptoms in infants can distinguish regurgitation, greenish stool, diaper rash on the skin, not due to lack of hygiene, restless behavior of the child, the crust on the head, etc.

Allergic every child can be on a variety of products, it is therefore important to introduce new food gradually. But still there is a list of potential allergens, these include:

  • Citrus fruits;
  • Chocolate;
  • Products to which the mother or father of the child have an allergic reaction;
  • Sweets;
  • Sausage;
  • Smoked food;
  • Cocoa;
  • Tomatoes;
  • Carrots;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Etc.

Here are the basics that you need to know for future or current mothers that can have when feeding baby. If you have something to say on the topic of discussion, leave comments below.

Being a mother is not only fun but also great work.

Be healthy!

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