Feeding the baby in the first month

diet for nursing moms in the first monthFeeding lactating mothers in the first month is very important if she plans to breast feed. How much of the energy value and vitamins will contain a mother’s diet, depends on how it will feel baby. Of course, in this period of great importance is the support and help from relatives. The nursing mother will feel better if you will have the opportunity to relax and support the regime. And the mood of mothers often depends on the mood of the child, because the relationship between them is very strong and emotional level. How to eat a nursing mother in the first month, will be discussed below.

Choice feeding

It is believed that breast-feeding has a number of advantages in comparison with mixes.

  • Protection of the child from the harmful manifestations of the environment, which manifests itself stronger immunity in the younger and older age.
  • Healthy digestion and a low risk of Allergy.
  • The ability to recover faster after the birth mother’s weight. This is due to the fact that the uterus of nursing mothers is declining faster.

Well, we should not forget that artificial feeding usually costs a pretty penny. Breastfeeding involves a healthy diet of mom, in the first days after birth especially. Of course, you need to only buy quality, useful products. So the cash cost in this case will be, but, of course, does not compare with the purchase of infant formula in the next few years.

Why do I need to diet nursing mother in the first month?

Everything a nursing mother eats affects the taste and quality of milk. It is very important that food baby could handle all basic tasks:

  • Delivery to the child’s body all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
  • Providing healthy reaction of a child’s body received food, there is a lack of diathesis, constipation, intestinal colic, increased gas formation, etc.
  • Warning hypogalactia, that is, extend lactation for as long as you would like.

Why allocate a separate menu nursing mothers in the first month?

Immediately after birth it is important to follow a strict diet, eating only those foods which will ensure no allergic reaction. At the same time the diet should be complete and meet all the needs of both mother and child. The required amount of calories during lactation is 3000-3300 a day. But this energy value should be properly distributed in protein, fat and carbohydrates.

A week after giving birth to a strict diet, you can begin to diversify, introducing one new food in the diet of lactating mothers. The first month you will probably go to check all the usual products for the presence of Allergy in the baby. This is done as follows: to a strict list of products, limit your food, add one additional product and during the day watch responds to her child: has not appeared on the body of the new spot, changed his chair, etc.

Also, the food in the first days after delivery should be directed to the stimulation of milk secretion in women. Many children do not have enough milk, which is naturally secreted in the mother. Then you should take steps to enhance lactation, introducing first month in the nursing mothers diet certain foods.

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The first week after birth

A main theoretical part about what to feed nursing mother in the first month that you have already acquired. Now let us turn to specific examples and menus.

As already mentioned, the most strict restrictions are imposed on the first 7 days of lactation. That’s what allowed nursing mothers during this period:

  • Cereals, cooked with milk or without it;
  • Baby biscuits, crackers, bread from wheat flour;
  • Steamed or boiled;
  • Lean meat, also cooked without frying: veal, Turkey, chicken, lean pork, beef, etc.;
  • Vegetable or meat soups without the contents;
  • Fermented food: kefir, yogurt without added fruit and flavor, cottage cheese, hard cheese;
  • Drink plenty of liquids up to 2-2,5 liters a day: clean water, compotes, decoctions of herbs, rather weak black tea. From milk in its pure form, and purchase fresh juices, coffee, strong tea, alcohol and soda should be abandoned.

In the following days of the first month after delivery menu nursing mother can and should diversify, adding gradually the following products:

  • Fruits: start with the red apples, bananas and pears;
  • Berries: any, except those that are red in color;
  • Vegetables: gradually increase use carrots and vary the diet with other vegetables such as cucumbers;
  • Low-fat fish without frying.
  • Greens (parsley, fennel, dill, a little new spice).

To neglect this food for nursing mothers in the first month as meat and dairy products not. They are responsible for the intake of proteins. With the same purpose, use 1-2 times a week chicken or quail eggs.

Products for nursing moms in the first month should be selected based on your capabilities and geographic location. For example, if the child was born in the winter, it is not necessary to run to the store for imported from the far edges of berries or fruit. Perhaps they contain more nitrates than nutrients.

Prohibited products

In the first month menu for lactating mothers is better to exclude those products that are in the area the risk of allergies in your baby. This:

  • Foods that cause allergic reactions in mom or dad of the child;
  • Chocolate, coffee and cocoa;
  • Citrus fruits and drinks based on them, they also include pineapples and melons;
  • Red berries;
  • Fried, smoked;
  • Canned;
  • Purchased sausage products because they contain a variety of questionable substances;
  • Red fish;
  • Seafood;
  • Honey, nuts (walnuts in limited quantities, if the child is responding in a healthy way);
  • Nourishing meat broths.

If you really want sweet, add the porridge and tea a little sugar and a pastry, is it better to stay away. The risk of Allergy is very high.

Tasteless for baby products

It happens sometimes that the mother to all the recommendations, but the child refuses milk. In this case you should check out the menu for lactating mothers in the first month for the following products:

  • Garlic and spices with garlic;
  • Onion, green onions;
  • Hot spices;
  • Herbs;
  • Too much sugar;
  • Too much salt.

These ingredients spoil the taste of milk, and in rare cases can even provoke the failure of the child from the breast.

Sample menu for nursing mothers in the first month

The important thing is that you can say a nursing mother should not feel hungry throughout the day. Even if you do what you can afford grilled chicken, healthy eating is simply necessary.

Morning: milk product, for example, a Cup of yogurt, piece of cheese or curd;

Morning: milk oatmeal, weak black tea, a sandwich with butter and cheese;

Snack: fruit and tea with dry biscuits or crackers;

Day: soup, stewed vegetables with meat, light salad from carrots with vegetable oil and soy sauce, non-white bread, homemade fruit compote;

Snack: Apple juice with biscuits or toast;

Evening: steamed fish with boiled vegetables, salad with cucumber, lettuce and greens with vegetable oil and add soy sauce, bread, herbal or weak black tea with milk.

Of course, this is only an example of one day actually diet newly mom doesn’t refer to a harsh and only seems at first sight difficult and limited. Recipes menu nursing mother in the first month is very diverse and can be simple to prepare.

If you have tips or recipes for nursing mothers, leave comments, I would read it to us and other visitors of the website.

Be healthy!

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