Diet after intestinal infection in child

Every mother feels the bitterness, when it hurts her child. It is especially hard tolerated by the gastro-viral infection. While her baby was in pain, agony and have to comply with bed rest, a special diet. When the disease is still need a special diet after intestinal infection in the child. This will help you to recover, to return to his old job functions of the digestive system, which greatly damaged during poisoning. What you need to pay attention and how to treat intestinal diseases, learn further.

Diet after intestinal infection in the first days of recovery

Various infectious intestinal diseases are one of the most common health issues for the kids along with influenza, SARS, especially before the age of three. For intestinal pathogenic organisms are transmitted to children along with stale food, dirty water, and during non-compliance with simple hygiene rules. The incubation period of intestinal poisoning can last up to several days. The most dangerous time for bowel diseases and the spread of infection – summer. During this period, various microbes, Escherichia coli, rotaviruses reproduce very rapidly.

Doctors often prescribe antibiotics, absorbent and anti-viral drugs, drugs against dehydration, pills to restore the pancreas, excessive drinking and a strict diet. The only way possible to overcome all the unpleasant symptoms and consequences of poisoning. For children of different age groups are entered your food restrictions. Diet observed during the acute course of the disease, then it changes to a less restrictive, to continue a smooth transition to the usual diet. Check out the special diet in the first days of recovery for children of different ages.

Food babies

Baby's diet after intestinal infection

The best option for the diet of the infant is mother’s milk, and a strict diet is the only mom who has to give up all foods that cause irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach of the child. Those infants who have already been introduced complementary foods on the menu the first days of recovery are introduced cereal (rice or buckwheat) with a dilute water or milk. A few days can give up to 20 g low-fat cheese, and later (in 1-2 days) – translate baby vegetable purees, soups. At the end is the meat.

What is child from 1 year

Diet after intestinal infection in a child older than one year is based on the same principles as babies, just increase the portions and introduces faster food, typical for this age group. During the first three weeks it is important to observe mechanical, chemical and thermal breaks in the diet. That is, to eat meals, boiled or steamed, with a watery consistency, which is then smoothly into mushy. Food should be warm, not to irritate the intestinal mucosa and stomach.

During the period the child’s diet after intestinal infection should categorically refuse products such as brown bread, vegetables and fruits in raw form, peas, beans, spices, pearl barley, millet, fresh juices, snacks, sauces, whole milk, radishes, turnips, cabbage, cucumbers. Perfect ghee, to add to diet meals in small proportions. All food should be pureed, watery, warm.

Restrictive menu for children

Girl sitting on a diet after acute intestinal infections

The same conditions are met diet after intestinal infection in older children. All food is accepted only in the form of heat, cooked, mashed and should not have any components which can irritate the lining of the stomach or intestine. Boil your child vegetables (except prohibited), cook for a couple, do all kinds of mashed potatoes, cream soups, pureed porridge, omelettes, souffles and the like. Very good to take cooked at home jelly, stewed fruit (without prunes).

What to give the child in 7 to 10 days after acute intestinal infections

A strict diet in acute intestinal infections is a prerequisite for successful recovery of children. If you don’t follow all the doctors ‘ orders about diet, it will result in your child prolonged diarrhea, rapid weight loss, dehydration and other serious health problems. Most importantly in this case, the use of a specific diet for each phase of the disease. Next, you will study the principles of child nutrition, ten days after suffering an acute intestinal infection.

Basic rules of diet

When there is poisoning, the stomach, the intestines appear unfavorable processes. They are threatened by chronic inflammation of the digestive organs, affect all the mucous membranes, suffering from liver and pancreas. Consequently, it becomes impossible for the normal secretion of gastric juice, lost muscle tone and reduction of the intestine. Not to bring health to this state, it is important to contribute to the body of the child. This will require the following rules of supply:

The mother feeds the child after intestinal infection

  • Unload the stomach and intestines of the child. Do not be forced to food, when the baby is not wanted. To not upset the digestive process, feed every two to three hours.
  • Be sure to follow the principle of cooking: peretirka to a semiliquid state, the food should be warm, not to irritate the stomach to the intestines. Minimize the intake of total fat, eliminate food ingredients that contain fiber.
  • The body should be filled with biologically active substances, which he lost during the illness. So buy your child a vitamin-mineral complex, but you first consult your doctor.
  • Stick to the rules of separate ingestion: do not mix one serving of carbohydrates with proteins. For example, fish or meat, don’t combine with potatoes, cereals. Better focus on fruits and vegetables.

Next, read the list of foods that you can include in the diet after intestinal infection in child:

  • flour, baking;
  • raw vegetables, fruits, berries, citrus fruits;
  • millet, barley, barley porridge;
  • sausage, canned sausage;
  • bean;
  • fat, pork.

What should be included in a child menu for each day after the transfer of intestinal infections:

  • buckwheat, rice, oatmeal;
  • boiled vegetables: cauliflower, broccoli, beets, carrots;
  • bananas, baked Apple;
  • yesterday’s white bread;
  • jelly starch;
  • dried fruit compote;
  • chicken, rabbit;
  • marine fish;
  • drink plenty of liquids.

How to restore the gut after antibiotics

Treatment of child poisoning are almost always accompanied by antibiotics. And this is an additional blow to the full work of the gastrointestinal tract. Therapy with antibacterial drugs should always be accompanied by preventive measures, otherwise the child will develop diarrhoea or constipation, poor digestion and much more. Several recommendations for the recovery of the bowel after antibiotics:

Child drinks water to recover after intestinal infection

  • breastfeeding the baby, remove the lure and put it exclusively breast milk;
  • infants let’s drink plenty of liquids, reduce the amount of food consumed, always follow the diet, feed only at the request of the baby;
  • organize a comfortable stay, the child needs longer sleep to recover their strength;
  • give your child a balanced diet, for this let’s the fruits and vegetables and be sure to include in the diet dairy foods (low-fat cottage cheese, for example).

When a transition to the common table

In some cases, diet after intestinal infection from a baby to a few weeks to a month. By the time she is close to normal diet, however, contains gentle low-fat meals, foods that promote normal digestion. Later you can gradually introduce in the diet on one product a day and see what will be the reaction of the body. If all is well, continue to go to the common table, if not, then it means that it is still early and the body is not fully recovered.

Prevention of intestinal infections in children

Among acute viral infections include several dozen types of diseases, which include: the stomach flu, enterovirus and rotavirus infection, salmonellosis and many others. The children manifest such pronounced symptoms of poisoning like disorder, fever, vomiting, headaches, pain in the abdomen, General malaise.

When you see your doctor, he will immediately appoint all the necessary tests to diagnose and determine what type of infection or virus attacked the baby’s body. Whether it is the causative agent of rotavirus, enterovirus, or any other, treatment should be done immediately. Next will be emergency treatment which will help restore the water balance in the body of the child, the elimination of the inflammatory processes and pain syndromes.

If you want to spend the prevention of intestinal infections in your baby, follow some guidelines given below:

Kid diet after intestinal infection

  • the premise is the observance of personal hygiene: your child should know that before the meal to wash hands and not to take them into his mouth along with other foreign objects in the street;
  • you, as a caring mother, should carefully approach the selection of foods that the child will eat;
  • food betray to heat treatment;
  • consuming food immediately after cooking;
  • take care of careful and correct storage of products: all prepared, place in the refrigerator.
  • always try to buy only fresh food and immediately give them to the child before drinking or cooking;
  • before lunch good warm up food for a child to have the right temperature for consumption;
  • eliminate all contact of raw foods with cooked foods;
  • don’t let the products do not sit any insects;
  • keep the kitchen in clean perfect condition.

Video tip from Dr. Komarovsky: diet for acetone

When a child is ill, mom ran to the experienced pediatricians to learn about the diagnosis of the disease, how to treat it and what you need. Often, when there is poisoning, raises the levels of acetone in the body. Therefore, doctors always pay attention to this criterion. Below, view the video from a highly skilled doctor, honored pediatrician of the country, Professor Komarovsky, who tells about how to determine acetone in the blood and gives in detail the diet menu for a week for a child to heal at home after the transfer of the poisoning.

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