Cystitis in men

Such a diagnosis a doctor makes when inflamed bladder. Cystitis is considered a female affliction, with 1000 people it affects about 400 ladies and 8 men. This pathology should be promptly treated, otherwise inflammation may spread to the entire urinary system causing pielotsistit, pyelonephritis, acute urinary retention.

The symptoms of inflammation of the bladder

The man in the toilet

Cystitis in men is same as women. Typical signs of illness:

  • pain in the abdomen, pubis;
  • frequent urination, mostly false;
  • burning, cramps during emptying of the bladder;
  • muddy urine, sometimes with blood; whitish discharge;
  • the rise of the temperature above 38 degrees;
  • loss of appetite, weakness;
  • in severe cases, incontinence.

Clinic such ailments in men can manifest itself in about two weeks. Then, if they do not begin the treatment, the intensity of the symptoms diminishes and the disease usually passes from the acute into the chronic form. These signs of cystitis are of diagnostic value. The doctor checks them using:

  • urine;
  • smear from the urethra, blood;
  • Ultrasound-filled bladder;
  • studies of the prostate.

In the diagnosis of chronic cystitis in men, appoint an additional uroflowmetry (determining the rate of urination), cystoscopy, if there is a suspicion of the presence of tumor – biopsy. It is important to know whether inflammation of the bladder with the prostate, genital infections, viral hepatitis, pyelonephritis (kidney inflammation), urethritis (inflammation of urethra) or pathology of the testicles.

Causes of cystitis

A man complains to the doctor for cystitis

Men get sick they are much less women because the urethra is anatomically narrower long and is located away from the intestines, which often becomes a source of infection. The main reason that causes cystitis in men, – pathogens: Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas, staphylococci, gonococci, Trichomonas, Mycoplasma, Proteus, chlamydia, fungi. Infection can easily be transmitted through the blood vessels from the nearby patients of the urinary bladder.

Many men cystitis develops when the following risk factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • the appearance of stagnation of urine;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • severe or prolonged stress;
  • hot spices, alcohol, nicotine, drugs, after which there is irritation of the bladder;
  • injuries of the mucous membrane of the urinary stones;
  • of the tumor.

Cystitis in men is mostly found after 40-45 years. In acute and chronic lesions of the bladder, the disease is classified as primary. It may be infectious, parasitic or traumatic nature. Often in men is observed secondary cystitis, which arises due to urological pathologies. Depending on the extent of destruction of the bubble there are focal, cervical or diffuse (General) types of the disease.

Cystitis is insidious because, many times sharpening, it can result in serious complications. Often this illness with pyelonephritis. A dangerous condition occurs in men develops when reflux, in which urine is thrown out of the bladder back into the ureters. Long flowing disease can lead to the formation of fistulas and infection of fat around the bladder. Inflammation of the sphincter (muscles that work as «locks») often deprives men of the ability to independently urinate.

Cystitis treatment at home

When my husband had a suspicion of this disease should make an appointment with a urologist. The doctor will prescribe additional consultations nephrologist, infectious disease specialist, andrologist, endocrinologist, TB specialist. After the examination, the urologist will help the man to get rid of acute cystitis by assigning a treatment regimen. It is conducted on an outpatient basis, at home. Required:

  • bed rest;
  • drug therapy;
  • diet;
  • as a rule, mandatory use of antibiotics, without which it is impossible to cure cystitis infectious nature.

The man at the reception doctor

Anti-inflammatory medication, synthesized, and plant, passing spasms of the muscles of the bladder. Some doctors treat cystitis homeopathic drugs. Recommendations:

  1. severe pain in men eliminate analgesics;
  2. to the stomach you can apply a heating pad if the urine had no traces of blood;
  3. if the temperature is above 38.5 degrees take antipyretics;
  4. multivitamins strengthen the immune system;
  5. if cystitis develops on the background of comorbidities, determine methods of treatment;
  6. physiotherapy is assigned only after removal of acute inflammation.

Drugs from cystitis

The main medication treatment for men antibiotic maximum spectrum. If diagnosed with «acute cystitis», a very effective Monural who take 3 g once a day for 3 days. Other regimens: Ciprofloxacin – 250 mg or Norfloxacin 400 mg twice a day rate for 3 days too. You can drink pills Furagin of 50-100 mg three times per day for 7-10 days. Sometimes men are prescribed rectal suppositories Geksikon chlorhexidine. It is not recommended to apply the medicine against cystitis Palin, 5-NOK, which is considered as one that has lost its relevance.

Tablets no-Spa, Baralgin, Platyphylline, Papaverine reduces muscle tension and soreness in the bladder. To treat cystitis in men is necessary using anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, Nimesil or Diclofenac. Good antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect in combination have medication from vegetable raw materials Zistan, Kanefron, Monorel, Vitalizing.

Diet cystitis in men

The food should be for bladder sparing, it does not irritate the mucous membrane. Periodically should be included in the diet of male fruit, berries, vegetables. Especially valuable diuretic: cucumbers, pumpkins, cranberries, watermelons, melons. It is recommended to drink milk has a slightly alkaline reaction, eat cheese, unsalted cheese. Shown cereal, jelly, whole wheat bread. It is extremely important every day to flush the bladder, drinking 2-2,5 liters of liquid.

Adjust diet:

  1. To cure cystitis in men can be when used during treatment with alcoholic beverages.
  2. You need to give up fatty, salty foods, eliminate fried foods. Exclude spicy seasonings garlic, onions, horseradish, mustard.
  3. Men with cystitis should not be on the table, smoked meats, sausages, canned food, herring, salted and pickled cucumbers, tomatoes.
  4. Can’t have the sour taste of fruits, berries, except cranberries.
  5. Contraindicated men strong coffee, tea.

After cure cystitis, it is important to observe preventive measures. Bladder inflammation is insidious because it can give frequent relapses. Prevention of cystitis is not for men particularly difficult. You need to:

  • when the urge to immediately commit acts of urination;
  • to protect yourself from hypothermia;
  • to prevent constipation;
  • drinking more water;
  • wear clothes that tightens the stomach;
  • do not forget about personal hygiene.

Cystitis in men

How to treat cystitis folk remedies

In conjunction with pharmacy medicines herbs often have a beneficial effect on the body men. However, you should not use the recipes of traditional medicine on their own – better to ask the advice of a doctor, because self-medication may lead to serious complications. Cystitis in men are popular natural remedies:

  • infusion: a teaspoon of dry herb Echinacea to make a glass of boiling water, wrap and infuse for 3 hours, drink half a Cup morning and evening;
  • decoctions: 3 heaped tablespoons of flax seeds (or leaves, cranberries), pour 3 cups of water, boil for 6-7 minutes, drink a glass of morning, afternoon and evening before meals;
  • raw pumpkin seeds: eat half a Cup, the course is 1 week.

Video: Treatment of urinary tract infections in men


Dennis, 44 years: a Good way to treat cystitis is to take the antibiotic Suprax Solutab, immunomodulator Uro-Vaxom and Europrofit (cranberry, bearberry, field horsetail with askorbinka). I took all of it, as the doctor said, and after 3 months the cystitis was cured completely. It was a year ago.

Andrew, 39 years: cystitis in men is also often associated with the escalation, therefore, can become a chronic, and is suffering for life. So need to be treated seriously, can not give up halfway. I drank Monural, Nimesil, Piconera, this is a collection of herbs, and now I have all normal.

Vladimir, 52 years: as soon As there is often a desire to urinate, I have no doubt: again, bloody cystitis! You know that you can not catch a cold, but we, men, enough frivolity. After the bath has sasparilla, came easily clothed and all the hypothermia. Again I had to take medications. Only Ciprofloxacin, But-shpa and Vitalizing helped to curb the disease.

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