Cut a wisdom tooth: symptoms and what to do?

what to do if you cut the wisdom toothAs an adult, if everything is in order with health, should be 32 teeth. Wisdom teeth are called two of the last tooth in each row, the name they received then, are cut in a fairly late age. Cut a wisdom tooth, with rare exception, very painful. This happens because the bone in both jaws had already formed and the new tooth does not have enough space. When cutting a wisdom tooth, the symptoms can be different. Some are very dangerous and You need medical help.

How many days to cut a wisdom tooth and sore gums?

The duration of eruption of wisdom teeth are very different. Everything here is very individual. Someone this period lasts a few weeks, someone takes a few days. The wisdom tooth is cut and it hurts for all people, there are some lucky people for whom the new tooth becomes a pleasant surprise. They did not notice the beginning of the eruption, and in this case to tell how long it was impossible. But such cases are very rare, it hurts to cut a wisdom tooth, most of the world’s population.

sore gums when cutting a wisdom tooth pictures

Cut a wisdom tooth, what to do?

The new tooth has to break through the bone to regain its place in the formed jaw. Nothing surprising in the fact that it hurts, no. Most pain killers help, but sometimes they fail and the pain is unbearable. Torturing yourself is not worth it, need to go to the dentist, who will remove the hood, located above the wisdom tooth by cutting the gums. This can be done not always, the wisdom teeth must be properly located.

the photo is cut a wisdom tooth and a sore swollen cheek

Often the situation when cutting a wisdom tooth and sore gums. This is because in the above-mentioned hood over the tooth, into the tissue and begins active growth of bacteria. In the period of teething must be especially careful to brush your teeth after each meal. Not be amiss to have a mouthwash with antiseptic. It may happen that in a period when cutting a wisdom tooth, swollen cheek. The reason for this is likely that the tooth is wrong or began a serious inflammatory process. In this case, the dentist will advise to remove the wisdom tooth.

Cut a wisdom tooth, temperature

Temperature change is always the signal that started the inflammatory process in the body. In a situation when cutting molars, the temperature is going to talk about. It is very likely the beginning of the infection in the gums, it got sore, swollen cheek and the temperature increased.

If you cut a wisdom tooth and it hurts to swallow, You have good reason for concern. This can be a symptom of purulent abscess, which is very dangerous. Delaying the trip to the doctor can cause very dangerous complications who are treated in the hospital by surgery and subsequent course of the great antibiotics.

To not expect such serious consequences, to the dentist it is better to come at the first symptoms of the eruption of wisdom teeth. The doctor will recommend an effective analgesics, x-rays and can give recommendations if you see any reason for concern. This will help to avoid pain, the occurrence of infection and need for surgical intervention.

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