Cryomassage of the face

Of course, every woman wants to remain beautiful and young as long as possible. Therefore, the older a woman gets, the more attention he starts to pay your skin.

One of the most effective and popular procedures is nowadays a facial massage.

Cryomassage of the face, which is performed with liquid nitrogen, will give almost instant rejuvenating effect and also brings invaluable advantages.

In Greek cryo means «cold caress», although modern cosmetology is not snow or ice, namely liquid nitrogen.

A few years ago, scientists were able to tame the cold and even create a science – cryotherapy, so now every woman can afford to feel the impact of cold on my skin.

Cryomassage of the face

So what is this procedure?

Everyone knows how useful for the circulatory changes in temperature, especially the face, because it is much stronger affected than other parts of the body. Even our grandmothers knew how useful to wash the ice cubes with the aim to narrow the blood vessels, as well as to enrich skin cells with oxygen.

The same effect is the basis of cryomassage using liquid nitrogen. Therefore, all metabolic processes in the skin as a result of this procedure is accelerated, increases tone, and the skin looks well-groomed, beautiful and healthy.

As a result of this procedure is the healing of minor wounds and acne, the disappearance of inflammatory processes, as well as the rash. Also cryo struggling with disadvantages such as increased dryness or oiliness, unhealthy complexion.

In just a few sessions of cryo, your skin can get rid of all problems. The effect is achieved due to the fact that after each session, the pores are narrowed, and the secretion of the sebaceous glands is quickly restored.

After the massage, the cold disappear many diseases, and pain disappears. However, liquid nitrogen is used exclusively for cosmetic purposes.

This procedure is simple. First hermetically closed Sotogrande open, and the nitrogen contained in Kripke which is in the form of a cotton applicator and which lightly massaging gently massaged the skin. No mechanical action takes place, so this procedure is completely safe.

At this time, the client feels only the cold, which alternates with the tingling from the blood flow. It will feel like you just came in from the cold, and your skin will turn pink. After the procedure another fifteen to twenty minutes to wait, and then you can go out.

Cryomassage of the face

In recent times this procedure is very popular, because the beneficial effects of cryo on the skin it is hard to describe. This procedure is suitable for all skin types, even very sensitive.

You will only need a little time to fix the problems of your skin. For eight to ten treatments you will reduce your wrinkles, tighten facial contour and your skin will become shiny, smooth and elastic.

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