Corvalol in tablets

To cope with heart disease or insomnia, doctors recommend taking Corvalol in tablets with a low concentration of active substances. The drug has a wide application, helps to cope with illnesses like neurosis or disorder of the intestine. To buy the pills at any pharmacy without a prescription at a reasonable price.

What helps calm

Corvalol in tablets

There is the following range of applications Corvalol in tablets:

  • insomnia;
  • neurosis, anxiety;
  • hypertension;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • tachycardia;
  • spasms of the intestines;
  • disorders of the heart, blood vessels;
  • headache
  • hangover;
  • herpes;
  • high blood pressure.

Composition and mechanism of action of the drug

Plate with pills

Part of Sage several important components responsible for the special effects:

  • Phenobarbital – has a calming effect, induces sleep improvement due to the impact on the brain. Can cause a calming effect if you take too many tablets.
  • Ethyl ester of valeric acid – has an antispasmodic effect, soothing reflexes, reduces excitability of the nervous system. Due to the action of the braking action of the brain substance reduces the activity of the centres of the movement of blood vessels, acts as an antispasmodic on smooth muscles.
  • Peppermint essential oil menthol – performs the functions of irritation receptors in the mouth, vasodilation, reduction of muscle spasm. In addition, peppermint oil is antiseptic, removes flatulence.

Sage works as a sedative, lowers blood pressure, prevents spasms. Due to the combined composition with a sedative, antispasmodic properties therapy remedy calms the Central nervous system, normalizes the smooth muscles, sleep centers, relieves anxiety. Peppermint oil can dilate coronary vessels and reflex to spasm is no longer manifested. To analogues Corvalol in tablets include Valocardin, which is characterized by the presence of oil of hops in the composition a higher price, but has a similar effect.

Instructions for use and dosage

Different pills

Purpose and instructions on how to take Corvalol or first sign of a cold, differ in the direction of action, the age of the patient:

  • to prevent anxiety, nervousness, sleep problems adults take 1 tablet twice or three times a day, putting under the tongue rassasyvaya;
  • with tachycardia the required once to take the 3 tablets, the same dose applies to a spasm of blood vessels;
  • children of sage is prescribed in extreme cases, to relieve nervousness, dose is half the adult.

The medicine is available in tablets of 10, 30 or 50 pieces. Each tablet contains 12.5 mg of the ether acid, 11.5 mg of phenobarbital and nearly 1 mg of peppermint oil. A popular form of release thread with the auxiliary substances – ethyl alcohol, water, sodium hydroxide. The drop can be used and children should not exceed 15 pieces per day, adults – from 15 to 30. Overdose Pills facing intoxication, poisoning by bromine and even death. Fatal can cause several packs of tablets or vials of drops.

Can sage during pregnancy

Pregnant girl

During pregnancy because of the risk of the expectant mother and the fetus taking any medications limited. Preformed sage is not recommended for use during pregnancy, because that is a tranquilizer that may affect the future nervous system of the child. If a woman drinks the pill, without the advice of a doctor, the medicinal action of the preparation is a negative reaction to a mother’s heart, is transferred to the child, harming them both.

Contraindications and side effects

It is strictly forbidden to take together alcohol and pills is dangerous for the heart, is fraught with toxicity. Do not take the medication under the following conditions:

  • if the patient there are allergic to components of the product;
  • in severe liver disease, cirrhosis;
  • hypersensitive;
  • vehicle drivers or operators of the arrangements before work;
  • during breast feeding.

Side effects from the Pills can be:

  • nausea or vomiting;
  • drowsiness, decrease in attention;
  • the discomfort of the stomach;
  • mild headache or dizziness;
  • Allergy to components;
  • slowing of the heart rate.

To reduce the harm from taking the pills Corvalol, follow the instructions or consult a doctor. To prevent unpleasant symptoms remember that prolonged use of drugs can result in dependence on him, or accumulation in the body of the bromine. To understand that you have started this process, you can:

  • for apathy, depression;
  • rhinitis, acne;
  • disorders of consciousness and the Central nervous system.

Where to buy and how much Corvalol in tablets

Pills Pills

Drugs you can buy in any pharmacy Russia – private or public or online store. Corvalol without prescription, but it is better to consult with your doctor to appoint a reception independently. The blister with 20 tablets you will be asked about 100 rubles at the pharmacy, 80 rubles in the online store. Droplets in the 50 ml bottle will cost about 20 rubles at the pharmacy, 18 online stores.


Basil, 47 years:

Treat tachycardia last 2 years because I quit Smoking. In case of any attacks I helps the pills take 3 things under the tongue, coping with the pain. A wonderful medicine, besides it is inexpensive, sold in any pharmacy next to the house. Always helps, and doctors recommend the drug as affordable, effective.

Marina, 29 years old:

Suffer from insomnia, neurosis from stress at work. Sometimes all night prevaricates the morning to sleep and then feel tired all day. My mom told me to take sage for the night, then my dreams are deep and healthy. The medicine calms down, I sleep, and be ready for new victories. I prefer to take the pills, pills, to avoid breathing in the odor.

Anna, 57:

Constantly suffer from hypertension, so the doctor prescribed me pills to normalize blood pressure. Taking medications clear instructions, but do not see the effect, apparently, means I’m not suitable because of the peculiarities of the perception of the body. I will ask the doctor to find a more effective analogue to the action in order not to suffer for days in pain and poor health.

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