Self-respecting woman doing a pedicure once a month at least, and preferably two, and then the heels are like the cheeks of a child. To start the desired procedure with the steaming. Corns are complaining about many, appear, most likely from a lack in the body of some vitamins.

Know a good way to get rid of them. She was using it when the need arose. It gave me my grandmother. You need to pour warm water into a basin and immerse your feet for 15 minutes to steam. Then dry with a dry towel, gently RUB your heels with a pumice stone. To five dried, apply a special cream for plantar callosities or any nourishing cream and massage with light circular movements.

Then you can move on to the pedicure. Trim and file nails, treat the cuticles with special oil. Within 5-10 minutes it will dry up. Apply Foundation and finish with a Polish application.

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