Constipation in infants

Serious problem is constipation in a newborn child because it may harm the baby’s health. Parents with a first days of life we must attend to the establishment of normal GASTROINTESTINAL tract of the infant to form a strong immunity. Irregular bowel cannot be treated without identifying the cause and without consultation with the pediatrician.

How to help your child with constipation

The infant constipation

The child at any age bowel problems can occur, including schoolchildren and infants. Causes of intestinal obstruction are many: food Allergy, nervous tension, improper diet, prolonged medication, low fluid intake. Particularly concerned parents, if there is constipation in a child, because irregular bowel movements can lead to dangerous disease intestinal volvulus when to save a baby’s life can only surgery surgeon.

Constipation in a newborn is the lack of a chair for 24 hours. Typically, newborns have a bowel movement occurs day from 2 times. If the child is on artificial food, that is emptied once a day. Stool consistency should be soft. If the stool too thick or absent, then it is considered constipation in infants. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of this state of the child, parents should know how to help him.


Massage of the abdomen against constipation

Constipation in infants breastfed should worry young parents. The first thing to know: if a baby less than once a day emptying or difficult bowel movements accompanied by crying, bloating, food refusal and poor sleep – it is necessary to sound the alarm. You must first understand the causes of constipation:

  1. Defects of the colon (anatomical). This condition is called Hirschsprung’s disease. Cause constipation defect is very rare, but to exclude the disease it is necessary.
  2. Imbalanced nutrition nursing mom. To cause constipation in toddler breastfeeding can foods such as bananas, rice, white bread, coffee, cocoa, nuts. Mom needs to eat more vegetables, have a positive effect on the motility of the infant.
  3. The abrupt introduction of complementary foods. The gastrointestinal tract of the newborn copes with mother’s milk, but the rest need to get used to. Pediatricians say that a baby, at least up to six months should be feed only breast milk.
  4. The use of antibiotics. When the medication is the only way to cure a toddler from a serious disease. Consequently almost always there is constipation – that is intestinal dysbiosis.

Constipation in infants when artificial feeding

A baby cries for constipation

A well-known pediatrician Dr. Komorowski publicly declares that the treatment of constipation in children is due to a too early transition to artificial feeding. The main reason is the unnatural foods with a high content of additives and fatty acids. The digestive tract of the baby do not take heavy food for him, as it is not adapted to it. There are a number of reasons that constipation in a newborn can cause:

  • in the body lack of fluids;
  • at artificial feeding were made abrupt transition;
  • frequent changes of different mixes.

Mixed feeding

Sometimes mixed supply is a necessary measure, when mothers lack of its milk or its quality is not consistent. Some kids the lure shown still in the hospital, when to use an additional dairy food recommended by doctors. Even the best quality mixture can provoke changes in the functioning of the digestive system of the newborn. Among the main reasons that cause constipation in babies, in babies with mixed feeding and eating disorders may occur due to overheating, dehydration or large amounts of solid food.

What to do if newborn constipation

The doctor examines the baby belly

If the newborn has difficulty urinating, he needs help to go to the toilet. Parents with constipation in baby use laxatives, the traditional remedies (dill water), belly massage, warm bath, an enema. Before to choose the treatment of constipation, it is necessary to consult the pediatrician. My first piece of advice experienced doctors is the external stimulation: an exercise «bike» and «lying on belly» for a few minutes.

Massage of the tummy

For colic, no gas, delay bowel movement other symptoms of constipation have to do the newborn massage. Light manipulation on the baby’s tummy will help to provide care flatulence and stimulate intestinal motility. Elements of the 5 minute session that is done in the constipation in infants and its prevention:

  1. The newborn lay on your back, do 10 clockwise circular stroking movements.
  2. The edge of the palm perform massage on the trajectory of the letter «P», pressing lightly at each point.
  3. From the navel make some spiral of intense motions an open palm.
  4. Make circular rubbing fingertips along the trajectory of the letter «P».
  5. Turn baby on his tummy, circular motion stroke from the shoulder to the sacral area in a clockwise direction.

Candles for babies

Candles from constipation for newborns are glycerin and blowing. First for any signs of constipation help thick stool become soft, and the second, dissolving, turning into carbon dioxide, which helps the baby to defecate on their own. To use this kind of candle is safe for the baby’s health, because they do not have side effects. However, their uncontrolled use can irritate the rectum, so it’s best to use this method infrequently.

Enema for newborns

Enema against constipation

If constipation in infants chronic, the doctor may prescribe a cleansing enema. Children of different ages need different amounts of liquid to cleanse the bowel from feces:

  • from birth to months of age to 35 ml;
  • from two months to three months age – 55 ml;
  • up to six months – 85 ml;
  • to a ten-month age – 120 ml;
  • to year – 170 ml

As a cleaning liquid used boiled water, decoction of chamomile, weak solution of salt. The volume is measured with the help of pear or measuring cups. In addition to liquid and disinfected pears, for the procedure you will need: mineral oil, a tip, a thermometer for determining the temperature of the liquid (36 degrees). Infants on the left hand side set, and the curved legs pull to the belly. Then the tip, oiled should be introduced 3 cm into the anus, and then very carefully to send liquid. After 2-5 minutes the child should be put on the potty.

Laxative for babies

Give laxative the baby up to a year should very rarely that the intestine is not only used to stimulate to work. Produce a cure for constipation for small children in different forms, but pediatricians recommend the use of syrups, which are sold in all pharmacies without a prescription. Typically, the active ingredient of laxatives is lactulose, which has a positive effect on the microflora of the intestines and improves peristalsis. The effect of applying a laxative medication for constipation for newborns is within the first hour.

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