Stabbing lower abdominal pain during pregnancy

why colitis abdomen during pregnancyAbdominal pain during pregnancy can scare any future mom. Of course, the appearance of discomfort and anxiety, you need to inform your obstetrician in further or urgent visit depending on the intensity and type of pain. In addition, you should look for other unusual symptoms and relaxed, carefully watching their own feelings.


Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be caused physiological and pathological reasons. Limited to the first natural reaction to the changes taking place in it and often do not involve treatment. Pathological factors pain life-threatening for baby and mother, so that urgently needed medical assistance to remove them.

Physiological factors

During pregnancy a woman’s body is completely rebuilt on the hormonal, muscle and even bone level. Some aspects of these changes inevitably cause aching or stabbing pain in the lower abdomen in women.

  1. Hormonal changes

The hormone progesterone, necessary for the body normally adopted rapidly developing fetus and the resulting realignment, enhances blood flow to the genitals and increase blood vessels in the uterus and its appendages. Pain in this regard – aching, pass through a short time. There may be pain at left lower abdomen during pregnancy.

  1. Sprain

The rapid growth of the uterus occurs in the 2nd period (trimester) of pregnancy. While you may feel that the colitis in the lower abdomen on the left or right, this is due to the load on the uterine ligaments. Intensify sensations during physical activity, decreasing after the adoption of the other poses.

  1. The restructuring of the pelvis

The child is normally passed through the pelvic bone during delivery, it is necessary to increase the passage diameter. While pain can be oppressive in nature, sometimes causes difficulties of movement, passes or decreases after a good relaxation.

  1. Movement of the child

Every mother knows and is waiting for first kick from inside my tummy. But sometimes such a movement may bring considerable discomfort and pain. Especially if the fetus is feet down and received a kick will be felt by the mother as a sudden stabbing pain in the abdomen. Often this is combined with a constant urge to use the toilet.

  1. Rehearsal contractions

After about the thirtieth week, the uterus of the expectant mother gradually enters the active state, which responds to periodic pain. Then during pregnancy colitis the abdomen on the left. It is necessary to adopt a relaxed position and relax to the pain passed.

  1. Pressure on the pelvis

For a couple or a few weeks before giving birth, the baby’s head can put pressure on the bottom of the pelvis, what causes stabbing pain in the lower abdomen during pregnancy.

Pathological factors

Pathological pain is considered a deviation from the healthy state and are classified in turn into two subgroups:

  • Obstetric

The symptoms associated with carrying a child.

  • Necesaria

Any other disease in the body and associated pain. For example, acute appendicitis, food poisoning, bowel disease, urinary system etc.

Especially obstetric pain

  1. Ectopic pregnancy

If the development of the fetus begins and continues outside the uterus: its tubes, the abdomen, the ovaries, etc. we are talking about ectopic pregnancy. The signs and symptoms described in the article in the link /simptomyi-vnematochnoy-beremennosti/. This diagnosis may not result in the birth of a healthy fetus. The task of doctors in this moment – to save life and to the extent possible, genitals pregnant.

Ectopic pregnancy it is better to abort early, when the risk for women is the smallest. But this is possible only if the time to apply to med. institution with unusual symptoms that a doctor needs to interpret. Namely:

  • Lower abdominal pain during the first weeks of

This is the most common symptom and correct fertilization outside of the uterus. If the development of the fetus occurs in the pipes, probably the pain will be concentrated on one side: for example, pain lower left abdomen during pregnancy should make us reflect about the mother.

But such pain is not always felt localized. If the fetus is in the cervical region of the uterus or abdominal region, to «pull» the center of the belly.

  • Pain change with position of the body
  • Various aspects of pain

Depending on where outside the uterus of the fetus, he may need more or less time to increase to a size which will be felt stabbing pain in my stomach.

The widest part of the uterine tube (ampoule) involves the appearance of pain after the eighth week from conception, the narrowest (isthmus) after 5-6 weeks. Abdominal area or the ovaries start to hurt after 4 weeks.

Development of a fertilized egg in the uterus can a long time to manifest themselves, and prickly pain in the lower abdomen in women is not felt, it creates additional danger and risk of extreme consequences.

  • Bleeding

The presence of the fetus in the uterine tube, in addition to pain in the lower abdomen on the right or left during pregnancy, pulls spotting. They can be associated with tubal abortion is the fruit of the pipe is the best option for such a situation, if it can be called. It flows with a sharp cutting pain in the abdomen.

Read the material «What selection during pregnancy are the norm».

During pregnancy in the tubes of the uterus may cause damage or rupture of the pipe with a consequent reduction in the probability of getting pregnant.

Today there are many benign ways of removing the child from ectopic areas. And if you had removed all the diseased organ and the uterus, the present level of medicine in some cases allows you to retain the holistic structure of the genital organs, or do the minimal losses. Therefore it is very important to consult a doctor, if it hurts the left lower abdomen during pregnancy. If you doubt their guesses, once again to consult a doctor will not be superfluous.

  1. The risk of aborted pregnancy

To 5 months the danger lies in the miscarriage, over this period in preterm births.

During the detection of threat of miscarriage or only at the beginning of spontaneous abortion is saving the child might be possible at other stages in the compulsory deletes the fetus.

  1. Premature detachment of the placenta

Another terrible pathological phenomenon, which is manifested by pain in the abdomen and can be a threat to the life of the baby.

Why colitis abdomen?

Depending on the time of childbearing may be different factors causing the tingling in my lower belly.

  1. What colitis the abdomen during pregnancy in the 1st trimester due to a change in shape of the uterus, its cervix. Don’t need to worry much, if the pain don’t last longer than an hour. Such tingling can appear a few days after conception, but usually due to weak manifestations, they usually do not pay attention.

Stabbing lower abdominal pain during pregnancy can make women very uncomfortable, it is possible to get relaxed in a comfortable position, slowly strolling in the fresh air or by means of exercises on the ball for pregnant women. Method depends on your preferences, the doctor’s recommendations and your current mood.

  1. Second semester presupposes the existence of barbed abdominal pain caused by digestive problems.

At the moment of pregnancy, the baby and the uterus increase to such an extent that to touch the stomach and intestines. Consequently, the observed symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, bloating, etc.

If the colitis, the stomach during pregnancy, and you want to get rid of it, you need to start to review his nutrition and sleep. All the necessary information you will find in the section «Useful and proper nutrition during pregnancy».

It is recommended eliminate foods that contribute to increased flatulence: white bread, beans, cabbage, etc., as well as a daily walk in the fresh air, unhurried pace. Adequate physical activity prevents the appearance of stagnation in the intestines and reduces the risk of piercing pain in the lower abdomen in women.

  1. In the third semester of a woman and her body completely prepared for the upcoming birth. So the tingling is likely due to the physiological processes described above: movement of the fetus, the practice before the collision, etc. What feelings are signs of childbirth, see the link /pervyie-priznaki-rodov/

If the colitis in the abdomen during pregnancy, after 37 weeks, and the intensity of the tingling grows, as well as the discharge of amniotic fluid, probably began the birth process.

But I don’t need to make the expectant mother during pregnancy is to engage in self-diagnosis and treatment. It is not necessary to invent a disease out of nowhere. Your task is to ensure fetal development as comfortable as possible, observe the changes in your body regularly visit the doctor and consult him in case of unusual symptoms.

If felt increasing or constant pricking, cutting pain in the abdomen during pregnancy, or if you notice bleeding from the genital ducts, you need to urgently consult a doctor to determine the cause.

Be healthy!

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