Clothing that kills

Very strange, sometimes we dress up. For some reason, no one walking around, not wearing a sheepskin coat and a fur hat, and wears shorts and a bandana to sweat getting into your eyes.

In this case, we understand that it is appropriate to wear in these latitudes. However, in our latitudes is very common to see women, sometimes even very young and slender, in a short jacket and jeans on the hips. Sometimes we think that in this form it on the street kicked the wicked stepmother and Jack frost who has to ask her warmly and give cover, for some reason did not come. And if it came, then the casing would she still not wearing, because it is now unfashionable. And inflammation of the pelvis – fashionable. Also, as is fashionable and the inability to have children naturally. Stars often resort to in vitro fertilization, but they have the money. And our compatriots, most often, it will not be able to earn in his entire life. Therefore, the prospect to work all my life on medication due to the fact that earned chronic adnexitis or oophoritis, you are unlikely to like it.

As a result of the love for this fashion you can leave in gynecological hospitals much more money than the purchase of warm tights and long coat.

Strange, how can like red or blue across, appressed jeans before the appearance of ligature marks. You don’t know what it is? This is the trace of the rope, which is formed on the neck of a hanged man. Such bands appear on the thighs from tight jeans. Frostbitten beauty with such bands spectacle, to put it mildly, a little attractive. And it can hardly be called fashionable.

Clothing that kills

Regular pinching jeans may result in the syndrome of headache, which is caused by the violation of proper blood circulation and also colitis from being crushed bowel and other urogenital diseases.

And you, once again, in a prone position pulling themselves tight jeans, think about what you can deprive yourself of the joys of motherhood. Is it really beauty?

Maybe someone like your naked in the cold back or g-string sticking out from under jeans. And, of course, you can’t get sick, because you Snegurochka, the snow Maiden and not get sick. However, they do not marry and not have children. If you are attracted by this prospect, ruining their health. But if you do not want to suffer soon, think about how it can be avoided.

And buy a high warm pants and a warm long coat. Believe me, they may be less fashionable than Nude blue across. And the health of fashion at any time!

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