Climate technologies in clothing

Climate technologies in clothing

Progress does not stand still, and the nowadays modern technologies are used in absolutely different spheres of life. Has already ceased to belong exclusively to the armed forces satellite communications and the latest achievements in climate technology was successfully applied in clothing.

Modern fashion clothes are not just comfortable, it also «breathable». And more and more modern people prefer climate technologies not only in their own cars, but in their own clothes.

Let’s see what is the climate control in clothes?

This term came from motoring, and it means the balance of the microclimate, and the temperature inside the car, which is comfortable for the person. As for the clothes, apply fabrics that have been specially designed to create convenience and to perform certain functions when wearing. These tissues differ in material, which lies at their basis, and also those functions that it performs.

Main functions:

•Thermal protection

•Water repellency


•Water vapour barrier


Climate technologies in clothing

So what can be clothing with climate control?

Such clothing can be casual and sports, as well as spring, autumn and winter. Typical applications include climate control and underwear and jackets, jackets and coats, also accessories.

This «smart» clothing contains several layers of various tissues that together have a warming or refreshing effect.

Usually clothes with climate control consists of three layers: top, middle or pads and internal.

The top layer is usually made of durable fabric, which is coated with water-repellent means, he should be protected from cold air has not penetrated. Usually this fabric is non-staining.

The middle layer is usually made of fabric-insulation, non-woven or knitted, foiled or free. This layer should repel moisture and retain heat. The inner layer or layers typically are responsible for excess moisture and vapor were withdrawn to the outside, and inside the clothing was kept warm.

The lining fabric should perform the function of thermoregulation, to evenly distribute heat, protect from overheating and to withdraw moisture on the garment surface. Also this fabric can reflect your body heat, thereby obtaining an additional air cushion.

In the cold season in a jacket or coat you will not be afraid nor frost, nor rain, nor snow. And if you’re very active, moisture or vapor will not linger inside the clothing, so you won’t sweat. In the warm season in these clothes you will not be hot, because your skin will be vented. In addition, this clothing will not wet the rain.

Today we can confidently say that the future is now, because your clothes are now responsive to various atmospheric phenomena, and to modify the temperature of your body.

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