Circles under the eyes: where are and how to fight?

At the beginning of last century, the dark rings under the eyes on the background pale skin was in great esteem. It is this beautiful Vera Cold crazy of all his contemporaries. However, at present a sickly appearance fashionable. Moreover, black eyes can indicate serious health problems.

Circles under the eyes: where are and how to fight?

Gymnastics for the eyes

Eaten during the holiday or weekend, you look better than weekdays, most likely the cause of your under eye circles is banal fatigue.

So you need to do exercises for the eyes. To do it you can right in the office.

•Strongly zazhmurte, then open those eyes. Repeat this exercise in five seconds.

•Take a deep breath and start to rotate your eyes clockwise and exhaling in a counterclockwise direction. The same do and with closed eyelids.

•Then you should focus on some remote object that must be from you, not closer than ten meters. After this move the view of the subject near. Do this several times and repeat it five to seven times a day.

•A few seconds blinked frequently, occasionally shielding his eyes for five seconds.


It is also useful to do massage for the eye area. It has excellent effect on blood circulation in this area.

1.The massage should be done with two fingers, index and middle. Draw around the eyes, eights, similar to points which converge on the bridge of the nose. This movement should be repeated eight to sixteen times.

2.Close your eyes, put on eyelids, the tip of the middle, index and ring finger and gently press. Then, with soft circular motions, you should massage the eyeballs first clockwise and then against.

3.Fingers position so as in the previous case. Overcoming the resistance of hands, make circular movements with your eyes. This should be repeated one and in the other direction for nine times.

However, eye fatigue is not the only problem the unhealthy of blue around the eyes. Some reasons for its appearance are:

Circles under the eyes: where are and how to fight?

Disturbed lymph flow

This is the most common cause of formation of blue circles under the eyes. It may occur after some kind of trouble, and after all hands on deck at work. It can also occur after any enjoyable events like the birth of a child, which robs mothers dream. And the regular lack of sleep and stress can lead to rapid thinning of the subcutaneous fat which makes vessels more visible.

To avoid this, drink soothing fees on the basis of Valerian and motherwort. Also try to go to bed early at night drink a glass of warm milk with honey. It will be for you an excellent natural sedative. Wash in the morning with ice cubes made from lemon juice, cucumber and parsley. It is also useful to make a mask of raw potatoes, or a sleep tea bags for eyes. Nursing moms should sleep to use every free minute.

Chronic intoxication

Nicotine constricts blood vessels, which is why tissue without oxygen literally turning blue. Smoking also lowers the body’s level of vitamins. And on the skin around the eyes is negatively affected by the nicotine and other poisonous elements, including helminths.

Quit Smoking and abusing other harmful substances. Take vitamins as smokers especially suffer from a lack of vitamin C. Give a stool sample for the presence of intestinal parasites.

Circles under the eyes: where are and how to fight?

Do not drink before bed

If you like the night to drink a few cups of tea, know that it can not stand every body. The excess fluid is able to influence the formation of edema. Swelling and blue are formed due to the fact that the vessels fill with blood and expand.

Reduce the amount of fluid you drink at night to one Cup.


Hypothyroidism is obtained because of a lack of iodine in the body. The disease develops quietly and slowly. In addition to bruises under the eyes you may experience memory impairment, drowsiness, lethargy, intolerance to heat and cold, hair loss and weight loss even with a good appetite.

Go to the endocrinologist, hand over the analysis on hormones of a thyroid gland or do the ultrasound. To treat or prevent iodine deficiency can eating of food iodine. It can be eggs, milk, nuts, meat and seafood. It will be useful every day to eat iodized salt.

Also bruising can occur due to violations of the respiratory organs, gall bladder, kidney and heart failure.


If dark circles under eyes since childhood, it means you have large eye sockets, a very thin skin around the eyes, deep-set eyes or a very fragile membrane between the subcutaneous tissue and skin of the eyelids, due to which blood vessels are x-rayed.

Can also nourish the skin of the eyelids with age or after drastic weight loss.

Not to aggravate the situation even more stress, poor nutrition, lack of fresh air or lack of exercise. It would be better you to sleep with open window, because oxygen activates metabolic processes in the body.

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