Cholesterol plaques

An important element of the human body is cholesterol, which is part of cell membranes, plays an important role in the synthesis of steroid hormones. Its positive role is obvious, until the formation of atherosclerotic plaques, polluting the walls of blood vessels. In this case, the necessary cleaning of vessels from cholesterol.

How to check the blood vessels

As formed cholesterol plaques

Cholesterol or atherosclerotic plaques are one and the same General notion, which is found in the literature under different names: calcified, fibrous, atheromatous. The latter are more specific terms that reflect the specific stage of the process. The basis of an atherosclerotic plaque becomes cholesterol, which is harmful to the faction.

The division of the cells of the vessel walls can be disturbed when there is insufficient hormone production. Old cell sites may be disrupted by the flow of blood, then made into small holes that will be filled with platelets. This leads to disruption of the integrity of vessel walls, and platelets fall in a protein shell drop fat. Cholesterol, which belongs to the category of «harmful» is formed of them. In the future, these formations destroy neighboring vascular cells to absorb calcium. This leads to an increase in size, obstruction of the movement of blood.

Depending on the place of plaque formation will be different symptoms. This will determine the area that requires research, for example:

  • atherosclerosis vessels of the heart causes similar symptoms as a heart attack (chest pain);
  • atherosclerosis of the carotid arteries is manifested as sudden numbness, weakness in the feet or hands, slurred speech, drooping facial muscles;
  • atherosclerosis veins of the limbs may manifest with pain when walking.

Before appoint additional examinations, the physician will try to determine the need for the following symptoms during the examination:

  1. Below the narrowing of the artery will pulse is weak or absent.
  2. In the affected limb will be low blood pressure.
  3. With a stethoscope you can hear the noise in the area of narrowing of the artery.
  4. In places of restriction of blood flow observed poor wound healing.

Laboratory studies blood

All these preliminary studies at confirmation should be the basis for further analyses, diagnostic tests, for example:

  1. A blood test. With its help it is possible to identify elevated levels of cholesterol, sugar, increase the risk of developing atherosclerotic plaques.
  2. The electrical signals of the heart in the ECG can help identify heart attack caused by narrowing of the arteries due to arterial sclerotic plaques. For a more accurate picture it is necessary to create the load.
  3. Extended evaluation of the circulatory system, the presence of narrowing of the artery can be obtained using the CardioVisor.
  4. Some deviations can be determined only during stress testing. It will give you more information about the health of the cardiovascular system of the patient.
  5. Doppler ultrasound helps to measure blood pressure at different sites along the legs and arms, to determine the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
  6. Comparative analysis of the level of blood flow in the region of the shoulder and lower leg helps to obtain ankle-brachial index.
  7. Angiography, a cardiac catheterization can detect lock, the narrowing of the coronary arteries.
  8. Other tests. Sometimes prescribed a CT scan, magnetic resonance angiography. They help define a narrowing of the large arteries, calcium deposits on their walls, the aneurysm.

Cleaning blood vessels of plaque at home

You can get rid of plaques in blood vessels, using the recipes of traditional medicine or medications. Used for the prevention of the disease in cases when there has been an increased level of cholesterol. You should also stick to a diet that will help reduce the likelihood of plaque formation, because to cure the formed blood clots and blockage will be much harder.

Folk remedies

Garlic for cleansing of vessels from cholesterol plaques

The most popular folk remedy – garlic for cleansing vessels. This product has anti-sclerotic properties. Garlic effectively cleans the blood vessels, removes cholesterol plaques, excess salt, virus and bacteria. In the product contains a substance adenosine, which prevents increased blood clotting, normalizes the platelet count. Well established Tibetan tincture recipe increases the elasticity of blood vessels, purifies the blood, dissolves atherosclerotic plaques.

Tincture of garlic, lemon and honey

3 times a day is cleaning the blood vessels with garlic and lemon 100 g anti atherosclerotic plaques. Preparation:

  1. To do this, take 4 lemons, peel them from the skin, mince.
  2. Do the same with the 4 heads of garlic.
  3. Mix and put ingredients in a jar with warm boiled water.
  4. Insist remedy for atherosclerotic plaques to 3 days, and then strain, put in the fridge.
  5. Designed for the treatment of 40 days, you need to drink about 4 cans of garlic tincture.
  6. To repeat the cleansing of cholesterol and plaques not more than 1 time per year.


In order to clean vessels, to strengthen them, to protect them from atherosclerotic plaques, it is possible to use a popular Tibetan recipe. For making funds need birch buds, chamomile medicinal, immortelle and St. John’s wort usual, each 100 g. All that you need to chop, pour into a container and close the lid. Cooking cleaning vessels from atherosclerotic plaques to the following:

  1. Take 1 tbsp. l. collection pour 500 ml of boiling water.
  2. Steep for 20 minutes, then strain the liquid.
  3. Add a teaspoon of honey. Bedtime drink 250 ml
  4. The rest in the morning heat and add 2 teaspoon of honey.
  5. Use the infusion for cleaning vessels before meals for 20 minutes.

Folk remedies for the cleansing of vessels from cholesterol plaques

Drinking the product until prepared the herbs. To carry out such cleaning of the vessel once in 5 years. Tincture is aimed at strengthening blood vessels, cleanses them from fat, lime deposits and normalization of metabolism. The tool is great for preventing the development of atherosclerotic plaques, hypertension, other diseases of the vascular system.


The purpose of medical treatment, regimens and dosages of medications should occur only your doctor after the necessary tests and assessing the patient’s condition. Self-treatment of atherosclerosis can lead to unpleasant consequences, complications of the disease. Below are groups of drugs which are recognized by medicine as effective means of treatment of atherosclerotic plaques:

  1. Statins. The most popular are Lovastatin and Simvastatin. Pills is focused on the inhibition of cholesterol formation in the cells, prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.
  2. The fibrates. Among the drugs isolated Ciprofibrate, Fenofibrate, Gemfibrozil. Their action is directed on decrease in concentration of cholesterol in the blood by accelerating the work of the enzymes digesting fats.
  3. Sequesters bile acids. Secrete the drugs Cholestyramine, Colestipol, which absorb bile acids from the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, lowers cholesterol.

One of the modern ways of lowering blood cholesterol, prevention, removal of atherosclerotic plaques – extracorporeal haemocorrection. The method includes collecting venous blood from the patient, cleaning it of substances which provoke the formation of cholesterol, the excess cholesterol. For this purpose, a special filter and plasma in the amount of 200-400 ml of blood Filtered with the help of a dropper pour again to the patient. It passes through the vessels, clearing them of plaque. The procedure lasts about 10 sessions.

Products that purify the vessels

Fruits that cleanse the blood vessels from plaque

Often cholesterol plaques be the result of malnutrition. People who are inclined to this disease should stick to a diet. Part of bad cholesterol can come from food. There are several types of effective diets to lower cholesterol: follow a low-fat, Mediterranean, carbohydrate-free. All of them consist of foods that contribute to the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Useful products Banned
Fruit, fresh berries, walnuts. Sweet pastries and cakes.
Eggs (no more than 4 per day). If you separate the yolk protein without restrictions. Semolina with milk.
Chicken, fish without the skin, lamb. Cook in boiled, baked form. Spicy, smoked products.
Dairy, dairy products with a fat content not exceeding 1,5%. Spinach, sorrel.
Wheat, oatmeal, buckwheat. Cook in the water. Coffee, strong tea, hot chocolate.
Herbal, green tea. Breads with soft wheat.
Breads hard wheat varieties. Diabetes dried fruit.
Vegetables Radish, radish.
Dry red wine. Drinks containing alcohol.

The operation of cleaning the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques

In certain cases, to cleanse the blood vessels from atherosclerotic plaques is assigned a surgery called endarterectomy. The purpose of the procedure is the restoration of normal blood flow arteries, veins, which struck atherosclerosis. The essence of the operation is to make a direct removal of plaque from the affected vessel narrower, impeding blood flow.

The main reason for cleaning vessels surgically becomes the narrowing of the lumen of the carotid artery or arteries of the brain. Causes this pathology transient ischemic attack, internal organ, cerebral ischemia, discirculatory encephalopathy. It is impossible to use this method to remove atherosclerotic plaques of people with Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, suffering from hypertension, congestive heart failure.

Gaining popularity option treatments removal of atherosclerotic plaques using laser. She became the technological development of the standard operations, but instead of a balloon use a special laser sensor. With this manipulation effectively treat not only the narrowing of the blood vessels, and obstruction. Use this treatment for hazardous areas (e.g. in the neck) and surgery of the extremities.

Video about methods of cleansing the blood vessels of the brain from deposits

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