Cholesterol pill

To date, the cause of many diseases, including impending death are not some kind of deadly infection, and the consequences of poor lifestyle. So, one of the troubles of our time – high cholesterol levels that often leads to heart attacks and strokes. Let’s talk about how the normalization of this index.

How to reduce cholesterol in the blood

Cholesterol in the blood

Before considering ways to solve this problem you need to understand that means a higher rate of this substance. Rate of cholesterol (another name for cholesterol) varies depending on age and gender. The figure is higher for body of men but increases in women after 50 years. For the timely identification of excess baggage doctors recommend that all men after reaching the age of 20, every 5 years to be tested to determine the amount of cholesterol in the blood. If the patient is already at risk, this study needs to conduct several times a year.

If in the human body, the total concentration of a substance is equal to or more than 5.2 mmol/l, he is believed to have high cholesterol and need to donate blood for an in-depth study – lipidogramu. This analysis defines the ratio of cholesterol fractions of lipoproteins of different densities: VLDL, LDL and HDL. The results of this study show how much is in the blood «bad» cholesterol, which settles on the walls of blood vessels and leads to atherosclerosis, and how many «good» cholesterol which removes plaque, and then oxidized in liver and excreted by the body.

To allow the performance tests to the standards, the first task is to restore the correct balance in the ratio of «bad» and «good» cholesterol. You need to understand that to normalize the level of this organic compound will require a set of measures, but only the use of pills, without changing lifestyle will not bring the desired result. The patient who has such health problems, you need to:

  • to normalize the weight;
  • maintaining a healthy diet, reduce consumption of sweets;
  • to be physically active;
  • to minimize the effects of stress.

Drugs to reduce cholesterol

Pills to lower cholesterol

To effectively combat this disease, doctors use several groups of drugs that come in pill form and in other forms. Let’s consider a brief characterization of these drugs, and then talk more about the most effective medication.

Group of medicines The benefits of using Disadvantages and possible side effects
Statins These tablets are prescribed if you need to quickly and effectively reduce cholesterol in the blood. The result is noticeable within 2 weeks of admission, and long-term use is safe. When statin treatment it is necessary to periodically analysis on liver function tests. Tablets can cause abdominal pain, nausea, muscle weakness, and other side effects.
Fibrates Increase the level of «good» cholesterol, reduce risks of complications in the cardiovascular system. Serious side effects when taking tablets together with statins. Often cause disorder of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract.
Inhibitor of cholesterol absorption The drug prevents the absorption of substances in the intestines, and he not enters the bloodstream. Suitable for people who don’t tolerate statins. Expensive pills, the effectiveness of which is less pronounced in comparison with statins.
Nicotinic acid (called Niacin, vitamin PP) The positive effect of lowering cholesterol, raising level of his «good» component and the improvement of microcirculation of blood is seen after a few days of receipt. Not sold in pills and to do for a long time injection is impossible. Does not reduce the risks of cardiovascular complications.
Dietary supplements Drugs that have virtually no contraindications. Reduce the level of «bad» cholesterol and increases level of «good». Often used in addition to the main therapy.


Statins cholesterol

These drugs for lowering cholesterol – most often prescribed, because they quickly help to get rid of cholesterol. Also statins reduce the risks to vessels and the heart, sometimes it’s the only way to prevent such dangerous diseases as heart attack or stroke. These pills cholesterol work by blocking a liver enzyme that stimulates the production of this substance. They should appoint only the doctor based on examination of the patient, and compatibility with other drugs. In this group anticholesterolemic means there are four generations of statins.

Generation of statins Name What drugs contains Note
I Lovastatin Cardiostatin, Holetar Weaker impact on cholesterol than statins last generation.
Simvastatin Simgal, Vasilip
Pravastatin Lipostat
II Fluvastatin Lescol Forte The duration of action of the statin is increased.
III Atorvastatin Atoris, Liponorm, Tulip etc. Balance the ratio of «bad» and «good» cholesterol.
IV Rosuvastatin Roxana, Crestor, Rookard, Rosalie Tablets optimized the ratio of effectiveness and safety.
Pitavastatin Liveso


Such medicines affect lipid metabolism by reducing synthesis of fats. These pills effectively increase the level of «good» HDL. Fibrates at the gene level change transport cholesterol. Noted their positive effect on vascular tone, and these substances have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. The main representatives of fibrates – clofibrate, bezafibrate, gemfibrozil and fenofibrate. Often doctors appointments are Tricor tablets contain fenofibrate is the newest and most effective drug in this group.

Dietary supplements

Adding such useful drugs to the diet – an alternative or addition to the tablets of cholesterol. In fact, in the dietary supplements collected in the effective concentration of the substances of the foods that naturally normalize the balance of lipoproteins in the body. So if one eats enough plant food, in addition to diet, take pills of fiber, which will slow down the process of absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

One of the most famous drugs which belong to the dietary supplements and that is to cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques – a capsule of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids. This product is derived from fish oil can reduce triglyceride levels, which is necessary for formation of «bad» cholesterol. This acid is beneficial for the cardiovascular system: it thins the blood, reducing the risk of blood clots.

A doctor holding pills

How to reduce cholesterol at home

Special diet and recipes of traditional medicine – this means that you can combine with the cholesterol pills for faster result. The first treatment of a person diagnosed with this disorder should be food. In the diet is necessary to increase the content of plant-based foods and removed from the alcohol, fatty, smoked, salted. You need to push yourself moderate physical activity. It is important to pay attention to the development of stress resistance, to ensure complete relaxation for the body, and also not to forget the advice from the doctor.

Video: the Benefits and harms of statins


Svetlana, 57 years: I Have a rate of cholesterol with age has increased slightly. Good that you found a competent specialist that is not immediately pills hunted, and helped to adjust the lifestyle and additionally homeopathy has prescribed. Like stuff, but the tests have become better! My thought is this: necessary max to work on yourself, and not directly to the tablet to sit.

Andrew, 43 years: I after a bad test I read the advice on the forums, tried some folk remedies, and then thoroughly consult with your doctor. Following its recommendations, started to take a statin drug, then the drug was changed to a cheaper alternative. I feel so comfortable – I drank the pill at night, and all she seems! Side effects of no were not detected.

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