Cholecystitis symptoms

Diseases of internal organs threat. As acute appendicitis, cholecystitis can lead to peritonitis – infection of the peritoneum, the whole body and death. Knowing the symptoms allows you to receive timely medical help and avoid danger.

What is cholecystitis and symptoms

The gallbladder is located right under the liver is the reservoir of bile, without which it is impossible to fully digest food, especially fat. This body is similar to a small muscular bag which sometimes increases and sometimes decreases. When there is food, reduces the gallbladder and are thrown into duodenum necessary for digestion is the secret produced by the liver.

What is cholecystitis, and how does it manifest itself? This is a disease in which the tender of the gallbladder become inflamed. The pathological process begins when body gets infection or when it is stretched due to the formed stones. The bladder loses its contractile ability, he accumulates a lot of bile. Because the secret finds out, develop congestion, causing seizures silnejsi pain. The disease may take an acute or a chronic form. Each emit their characteristic signs of inflammation of the gallbladder.

Chronic cholecystitis symptoms

This form is much rarer, but it is no less dangerous than the acute form. The illness develops, usually gradually, remaining undetected for a long time. The reason may be undertreated acute debut of the disease. For protracted course of pathology is characterized by frequent transitions in the acute stage, which are very difficult to predict and control.

The chronic form of the disease may not manifest itself as the symptoms of inflammation of the gallbladder often absent. There may be signs, is expressed rather weakly. This:

  • belching with the taste;
  • discomfort (can baking side right);
  • loss of appetite;
  • deaf or aching pain in the right upper quadrant;
  • yellowing of the skin;
  • nausea that leads to vomiting, which is sometimes complicated by symptoms of cholecystitis;
  • diarrhea or constipation.

Characteristically, the symptoms of cholecystitis in the chronic form become more pronounced after ingestion of fatty foods or heavily fried foods. It is no coincidence that both fall under a strict ban in the diets of patients with a sick gallbladder. If a person often violates the instructions of the doctor, the disease goes much faster in the form of a heavy crisis.

The husband has pain in the right hypochondrium

Acute cholecystitis symptoms

The most common cause of stones are formed in the gallbladder or its ducts. An acute attack of cholecystitis, the symptoms of which are much brighter than the sluggish signs of inflammation, with timely medical aid receives a favorable prognosis. According to the classification there are the following types of acute variant of the disease:

  1. Catarrhal – without breaking the flow of bile.
  2. Phlegmonous with festering bubble. Need emergency treatment.
  3. Calculous – in the presence of stones that stretch it and cause a breakthrough.
  4. Gangrenous – when there is a necrosis of the walls of the bladder, which often break, causing a severe peritonitis (inflammation of peritoneum). The condition is dangerous to life!

Pain in the acute form of the disease is felt in the liver, so called hepatic colic.» Typical signs of this form of the disease:

  • undulating bouts of unbearable pain in the right side (and if affected the pancreas, the pain encircling);
  • temperature rise;
  • belching;
  • vomiting, after which not becoming easier;
  • bitter taste in the mouth;
  • flatulence;
  • yellowing of the skin;
  • the dark color of urine;
  • sharp breakdown.

Acalculous cholecystitis – the symptoms

The reason for this type of disease – the pathogenic flora, or an abnormal composition of bile. Acalculous cholecystitis, the symptoms of which can wear down a patient from one to two days up to 2-3 weeks, also develops due to violation of the outflow of bile. However, the inflammation does not cause stones, infection or parasites (hepatitis, pancreatitis, Giardia and others).

Signs of acalculous form of the disease:

  • a strong dull pain, but not paroxysmal, and the constant;
  • bitter-metallic taste in the mouth;
  • frequent belching;
  • nausea after eating, vomiting;
  • flatulence;
  • loose stools or constipation;
  • joint, headaches;
  • temperature rise;
  • sometimes itching;
  • extreme weakness.

The woman has a headache

Calculous cholecystitis symptoms

The presence of concrements (tight formations) – the cause of 90% of all the recorded varieties of inflammation of the gallbladder. When calculous stones cholecystitis (cholelithiasis), gradually increasing, interfere with the work of the authority. Often the concretions are set in motion and migrate into the ducts, blocking them and obstructing the flow of bile. Signs of calculous diseases:

  • burning in the right hypochondrium, dull pain in the abdomen, «solar plexus» exact localization of radiating («impact») in the scapula, shoulder, neck;
  • biliary colic – acute painful contractions under the right rib;
  • signs of jaundice: yellowing of the skin, sclera of eyes, mucous membranes, itching, dark colored urine, discoloration of feces;
  • signs of poisoning cells bile acids: pressure drop, bradycardia (rare heart rate), headaches, insomnia;
  • signs of indigestion: belching, bitter-metallic taste, dryness of the mouth, nausea, unstable stool.

Ultrasound gives a detailed picture of inflammation of the gallbladder, reveals the presence of stones. Frequent echoprint disease – swollen (thicker than 3 mm) of the body wall. The most informative method of diagnostics of diseases – computed tomography. If stones are detected in the acute stage of the disease, the gallbladder is removed immediately. The chronic course of the pathology, this procedure can be performed later.

The symptoms of cholecystitis in men

Men inflammation of the gallbladder, symptoms of which are due to the type and degree of neglect of illness, occurs in 4-5 times less than in women. The symptoms are the same as those of the fairer sex. The older a person is, the more likely the incidence of cholecystitis. At risk:

  • fat people;
  • who abuse alcohol;
  • love fatty foods;
  • lead a sedentary lifestyle;
  • patients with prostatitis.

Men stomach ache

The symptoms of cholecystitis in women

The disease is more likely full ladies and lovers diets for weight loss that often provoke spasms of the gallbladder. Often, the disease occurs after pregnancy and childbirth, inflammation of the appendages, oral contraceptives. Pathology in the chronic form for a long period of time can be virtually asymptomatic. Signs of acute inflammation in women is often more pronounced than in men. The pain intensifies after feasts, fatty foods with spices, as well as before menstruation.

Symptoms of cholecystitis authors

Pain syndrome – a sign of paramount importance in the diagnosis of the disease. Its intensity depends on the location and degree of development of the inflammatory process, such as biliary dyskinesia. Through palpation, the doctors are guided by the following diagnostic signs:

  • symptom of Kera in case of cholecystitis – the presence of pain location of gall bladder;
  • symptom Murphy cholecystitis is sharp intensifying palpation of the body on the inhale;
  • symptom of Mussi with cholecystitis, the pain during pressure on the right phrenic nerve;
  • Ortner symptom of cholecystitis is pain in the effleurage of the right costal arch.

Video: signs of acute cholecystitis

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