Chlamydia in men

Harmful microorganisms can undermine human organs from the inside like termites to a number of Horde can topple a huge tree. Find out what is chlamydia and what are the risks of this disease representatives of the stronger sex. Information from an article on the successful treatment methods will help you to maintain your health.

What is chlamydia

The man on reception at the urologist

This disease is diagnosed when the human body enters and begins to multiply infectious agent – chlamydia trachomatis. This micro-organism in its structure similar to bacteria, has also the properties of the virus, because it is embedded in the cell bodies and parasite in them. This complex structure explains why chlamydia in men is a disease that difficult to cure.

Trachomatis chlamydia in men causes damage to the cells of the mucous membranes of the urethra, seminal ducts, oral cavity. This pathogen can infect the conjunctiva and cartilage, but its main danger is that it seriously affects reproductive system of males. When urogenital chlamydia the disease often occurs as mild to moderate urethritis, because accurate diagnosis can be made late. This further leads to complications and a long healing process.

Symptoms of chlamydia in men

After hitting the pathogen most often is not observed a clear manifestation of infection, and the incubation period lasts 1-4 months. The soldier, at this time can become a vector of infection, without knowing. To recognize the disease when it occurs in sluggish form, you need to know the signs of chlamydia in men:

  • itching of the orifice of the urethra;
  • scant clear or yellowish discharge from the urethra with an unpleasant odor;
  • small, sometimes severe pain when urinating;
  • urine turbid, streaked with pus;
  • swelling of the testicles.

Man holding a condom

How are chlamydia

Infection this infection occurs during sexual contact, including oral or anal. Chlamydia in men occurs in about a quarter of cases of unprotected sex with a sick person. Such statistics suggests that promiscuity without the use of reliable means of protection is a big risk of becoming infected, to complications and to be forced to go through the long process of treatment. The question of how chlamydia is transmitted contact-household way, experts say that such cases are rare, but it can occur through the hands or linen.

Diagnosis of chlamydia

To determine exactly what a person ill of this disease, is possible only through laboratory tests. The analysis on a chlamydia is not a simple procedure. Even at the pharmacy you can find rapid tests by which a person can detect the presence of chlamydia, but their accuracy is 20 to 50%. More reliable data are obtained in such methods of diagnosis:

  • smear from the urethra;
  • the study of prostate secretion;
  • reaction of immune fluorescence.
  • enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay.

Diagnosis of chlamydia in the laboratory

Reliable method of diagnosis of chlamydia, but it requires a long waiting for the results of the analysis, is a bacteriological swab of the discharge from the urinary organs. Today, modern clinics doing tests that detect the biological material DNA chlamydia. These methods include PCR (polymerase chain reaction) and LCR (legana chain reaction). They are more time consuming and require special laboratory equipment. But the accuracy of the data gained in such methods of diagnosis, ranges from 95 to 100%.

Treatment of urogenital chlamydiosis

If the results of tests for chlamydia positive, to fight against the causative agent of the disease need to start immediately. Treatment should appoint a specialist, he will write a prescription and will monitor the results obtained from the applied drugs. Unambiguous answer to the question of how to treat chlamydia, is the use of antibiotics, able to penetrate the cell membrane and directly deal with the pathogen.

An important component of the treatment process is the use of baths, prostate massage, rectal suppositories. For a speedy and successful treatment of disease and prevention of complications of therapy of chlamydia in men use of immunomodulatory drugs, because chlamydia is able to suppress the body’s defenses. In a comprehensive treatment regimen can be included:

  • probiotics;
  • enzyme preparations;
  • adaptogens;
  • vitamin complexes.

For chlamydia medication complement methods of physiotherapy: ultrasound, electrophoresis, magnetic field, etc. the Patient needs to follow all recommendations of the doctor to the complex of treatment measures gave the expected results. Treatment of chlamydia the average is 25 days, after which the men take secondary tests. If the test again shows the presence of infection, the therapeutic process is repeated again, supplementing it with new drugs. After a positive result of treatment the patient’s condition is monitored for the next 2 months.

The drug Azithromycin to treat chlamydia

Antibiotics for chlamydia

Without the intake of antibiotics to fight chlamydia trachomatis will not work. The specialist assigns a specific drug depending on the severity of chlamydia in the patient. After use of these pills the active ingredient is rapidly transported in the blood to the site of inflammation and is stored in the effective amount in this region, adversely affecting the pathogen. Treatment of chlamydia in men is most often done with the following antibiotics:

  • Azithromycin (analogue – drug Sumamed);
  • Doxycycline (Yunidoks Solutab, Vibramycin);
  • With rifampicin.

Causes of chlamydia

My husband chlamydia

In the majority of cases the main basis that detected chlamydia in men are promiscuity. We must know that the perfidy of this pathogen that the body does not produce immunity to it. If treated, do not pay adequate attention to the elimination of the daily life of the causes of chlamydia, very soon you can become infected again. This disease is often combined with other sexually transmitted infections. The consequence of this is that the process of getting rid of chlamydia is very complicated and delayed.

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Alex, 37 years:I Know firsthand that chlamydia for men is a very annoying problem. Long ago my wife want a baby to give birth, but failed. Passed the examination, I was diagnosed with a decrease in sperm motility using chlamydial prostatitis. This tin! It is how we are treated, money is gone so normal, and nerves – so much more.

Anatoly, 29 years:he Graduated from treatment of chlamydia. Now waiting for the time to retake the tests and finally want to see in the results that get rid of this infection! I have a disease found in chronic stage, when they began to have pain when urinating, and before any symptoms were not. Hope that cured the chlamydia completely, because drugs were expensive.

Olga, 47 years:my husband showed simultaneous infection with chlamydia and Trichomonas. He really was a big problem until cured. The doctors said that this combination is very fraught with complications and is difficult to treat, but selected the antibiotics helped. He simultaneously began to strengthen immunity folk remedies, the body is recovered.

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