Celandine against warts

This common herb with bright yellow flowers used to combat various diseases. Folk medicine recommends the infusion of gynecological diseases, hemorrhoids, eye disorders, diabetes, gum problems, skin diseases. Especially, the plant is known as a remedy for warts and papillomas.

Treatment of warts at home

The doctor examines the papilloma of a patient

If the person does not wish to use for removal of benign tumors (papillomas) special medical procedures, you can always turn to folk remedies. Self-treatment is advisable to visit a dermatologist so that the right diagnosis was made and endorsed method chosen for the home of correction, because sometimes benign papillomas can hide malignant neoplasm.

The removal of warts with celandine – painless, does not cause pain or a strong burning sensation. A weed grows on forest edges, suburban areas, fields, but to collect and it is recommended for use only during flowering. After may-June the plant has the desired effect, in this case, you can use the finished products on the basis of celandine: pharmacy extracts natural juices.

Papillomas disappear in a few days after the start of treatment, and the skin after use, the grass remains clean and smooth. Doctors do not recommend the use of celandine to scrape off the top layer of the wart, try to cut them with a sharp object, tie the thread or damage of tumors in other ways, because it could get infected and cause injury.

Oil celandine

Flower celandine

The product contains useful and medicinal substances: organic acids, alkaloids, vitamin C, flavonoids and so on. Oil celandine against warts is used externally, undiluted by spraying on problem areas. An effective remedy is easy to prepare at home. You need to:

  • to collect the plant (top);
  • cut and dry;
  • put the plant in a convenient bowl (preferably glass);
  • add the vegetable oil (peach, almond, sunflower) that it cover the grass completely;
  • time to hold in a dark place for about a week in a cool;
  • drain, mix with vegetable oil in equal quantities;
  • use 2 times a day until the disappearance of warts.

Tincture of celandine

If it is not possible to use the fresh juice of the plant, it is possible to replace alcohol tincture. In finished form it is in drugstores, it is easy to make at home. Tincture to ingest 12-15 drops before meals, or grease papilloma 2-3 times a day. It is this:

  • take 100 g of dry celandine;
  • pour 70% alcohol in a volume of 0.5 l;
  • dishes with mixture 2 weeks to keep it in a warm, dark place;
  • to drain, to use.

The product of the pressure and plants

Celandine extract

Celandine against warts can be used in the form of extract. It perfectly cleans the skin, making a soothing effect, a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Unlike tinctures, extract difficult and problematic to make at home, so it is recommended to purchase the finished product. If desired, the tool can be obtained by evaporation of an alcohol tincture of part. The tool is a strong, concentrated, so you should use no more than 1 drop in one application.

Treatment with celandine skin diseases

It is recommended to use celandine against warts and other skin diseases: acne, acne, boils, herpes, fungal structures. Herb successfully treats eczema, dermatitis, dandruff, accelerates tissue regeneration for wounds. Use celandine to remove warts as soon as they were found, because tumors can very quickly multiply on the skin.

Therapeutic effect has a whole plant, but an independent collection, it is desirable to use the above-ground part. Treatment of warts with celandine should be carried out strictly according to the recipe and instructions. For maximum effect before applying it is desirable to steam the skin, lubricate the area around the formation with oil or cream. Warts must be processed before a slight burning sensation.

Juice of celandine

Pharmacy juice

The most popular use of greater celandine against warts fresh juice. You need to break off the plant and, when the liquid to drip on her education. Repeat the procedure at least 4 times a day for 3 weeks. Typically, treatment takes no more than 1 month. If there is no permanent access to the celandine, the juice should prepare for the future. The recipe presented below.

Ointment for warts

For outdoor applications it is more convenient to use ointments and creams with celandine. They are stored for a long time, which is very important for people whose body has a human papilloma virus. These ointments, creams can be used when the plants are available fresh. Cooking options are a few:

  1. Take fresh juice of the plant and mix it with glycerin.
  2. Mix 1 part juice to 4 parts vaseline.
  3. Take of dried, chopped herbs (about 2 tablespoons), add 100 ml of water, boil until then, until the mixture is reduced by half. Thereafter, the mixture decanting, after cooling to mix with moisturizer.

If the removal of warts folk remedies do not help, you should use ready pharmacy based ointment of celandine. The tool will help to effectively eliminate tumors, to relieve irritation on the skin, remove the inflammation, heal the wound. Usually month treatment to achieve the desired results. Apply a thin layer about 3 times a day. Re-use is possible after a month break. The price of the finished ointments – about 200 rubles for a bottle.

Ointment Zhivin

How to get the juice of celandine

One of the simple recipes:

  • to pull out grass by the roots, wash;
  • when it dries, mince;
  • pulp press;
  • juice pour in a convenient container, close;
  • for 14 days, until the liquid ferments, from time to time to release gas;
  • after specified time is to be used;
  • if you wish for long-term storage, the juice can be mixed with vodka (ratio 2:1), medical alcohol (4:1 ratio).

Video: how to get rid of warts on neck


Julia, 34 years: Unfortunately, the human papilloma viruses cannot be eliminated from the body, so you have to support the immune system medications and the appearance of formations to try and delete them in one way or another. Several times used the pharmacy means mountain celandine, but after they leave scars, so now I prefer only fresh celandine against warts.

Faith, 25 years: About how to remove papillomas at home, I thought last year, when the finger popped up a small but ugly wart. First tried celandine, but couldn’t handle the pain. When it healed 3 weeks the ointment of celandine, which has helped to clean education. All the advice!

Cyril, 27 years: 26 years found on the foot plantar wart and go to the clinic, did burning. Exactly a year later a similar formation appeared on the other leg, but it didn’t surprise me, since I know HPV is just not receding. This time I decided to try to cure the disease using the ointment of celandine. Fortunately, the country is full of this useful plant.

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