Cauterization of cervical erosion

Frequent diagnosis in gynecology is cervical erosion. Pathology in the absence of timely treatment can cause infections or even malignant tumors. Today it is should not frighten the woman, because there are several ways how cauterizing a cervical erosion. A detailed description of each you’ll find below.

How to treat cervical erosion

The girl on the advice of a doctor

The uterus connects with the vagina through the cervical canal special, sent inside a cylindrical epithelium. This fabric has only 1 layer, composed of cells that closely adhere to each other. For the outer layer typical of other structure. It includes several layers formed by layers of cells. Erosion cause infection due to:

  • trauma;
  • ruptures during childbirth;
  • damage from abortion;
  • inflammatory diseases of the vagina.

The mucosa is gradually laid bare, begins to bleed. This is true erosion. It can last only 1-2 weeks. Then passes, or flows into a pseudo. The disease is characterized by: the outer part of the cervix of the uterus lined with stratified epithelium is replaced by cylindrical cells. How to treat erosion? The purpose of doctors is to determine the causative agent of the disease, to spend antibacterial therapy. To fully cure the erosion is the removal of pathologically altered tissue, which can be done in several ways.

Cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen

Treatment of erosion of this method is the impact on the pathological tissue by the cold. Assign it the name «burning with liquid nitrogen» is incorrect, because the process is a freeze. What is the difference of such concepts? From burning left rough scars and loss of elasticity of the fabric. This does not happen when freezing. The procedure is not accompanied by pain and discharge of blood. Here are a few characteristics of cryoablation:

  • it is recommended to conduct in 7-10 days after onset of menses;
  • requires prior training with gynecologic examination and testing;
  • among the consequences may have weakness, dizziness and watery discharge with a duration of 2-3 weeks after the procedure;
  • is characterized by shallow effect on the tissues, so often leads to recurrence of erosion.

Cauterization of erosion of the uterus by radio waves

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Effective, but expensive, is a radiowave coagulation of the cervix. It is carried out with special apparatus which is called «Surgitron», which is equipped with electrodes in the form of wires. Latest release the high frequency waves. As a result of resistance of the tissue produces a large amount of heat and abnormal surfaces like evaporate. Does it hurt to cauterize cervical erosion? The procedure is painless. Blood is also not observed, because the vessels instantly koaguliruut.

This method of cauterization of cervical erosion is allowed for antenatal and became mothers recently. In addition to safety and malotravmatichnogo redicoulously has several characteristics:

  • the procedure is performed on 4-7 day cycle of menstruation;
  • the effect of radio waves is the plot of dead white fabric, which is rejected in 5-7 days;
  • spotting after cauterization of erosion continued for several days;
  • after cauterization of the wound is applied a protective film to avoid getting infections.

Surgical diathermy of the cervix

Cauterization of cervical erosion by diathermocoagulation is painful, so the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Particularly unpleasant is the smell of burning meat during moxibustion. The diathermocoagulation of the cervix of the uterus leads to:

  • the formation of rough scars;
  • loss of tissue elasticity;
  • serious problems in the next birth.

Because of these serious consequences electrocoagulation is used only for the older age groups, which include women, have no plans to give birth. The procedure is the impact on the fabric of the high frequency current. For this purpose 2 electrode: passive and active. First placed under the sacrum women, and the second will perform the manipulation. Due to the impact of the temperature about 100 degrees interstitial fluid evaporates, and the epithelium prizhivaetsya.

For diathermocoagulation is typical:

  • after menstruation or as directed by a doctor;
  • pre-check for pregnancy, malignant tumors and inflammatory processes;
  • spotting, especially at 7-12 days, which account for the rejection of dead tissue;
  • complete healing within 2 months.

Cauterization of cervix laser

The latest achievement of scientists is the laser vaporization of the cervix. The advantage of leaving unharmed neighboring with the abnormal tissue. This can be attributed to cauterize erosion by the laser to less traumatic methods. The essence of it is heated by the laser beam of the tissues, which cells begin to die. The procedure is carried out on the 8-9 day cycle as an outpatient under local anesthesia, but the bleeding, pain do not exist. Its duration is 15-20 min.

Argon plasma coagulation of cervical

The most progressive method of cauterization of cervical erosion can be called argon plasma coagulation. This term refers to the effects on tissue and plasma of ionized argon. During the procedure, no touching, the smoke, the charring of burned epithelium. Everything is carried out by using argon plasma torch. It occurs between the supply of high frequency current electrode and a pathological tissue. Anesthesia is not necessary, because there is only slight discomfort. The wound heals faster than after other methods of moxibustion.

The effects of cauterization of the cervix

In any method of treatment of cervical erosion will occur the healing process of tissues. Approximately 10-14 days can appear serous discharge, which indicate the separation of the eschar. This crust formed on the treatment site current with liquid nitrogen or laser. It is a natural reaction to the use of irritating external factors.

Month after cauterization occurs in time, but can start earlier. This symptom is considered normal, but if the cycle does not return to the condition before the procedure for 2 months – you need to inform the doctor. Another negative symptom may be bleeding that occurred after moxibustion. The reason lies in the fact that were affected by a large vessel. Lower abdominal pain is also normal, it is easy to eliminate by taking antispasmodics that can be prescribed only by a doctor.

Gynecologist writes out a girl

What not to do after cauterization of erosion

An important factor in successful healing of the wound surface there are restrictions of having sex during the month. Then it is better to use a condom, even for those who have a permanent partner, because women are any flora is strange. To plan a pregnancy need not be earlier than 3-6 months after the procedure. Even doctors do not recommend:

  • take a hot bath;
  • to swim in open water or pools;
  • use tampons and vaginal suppositories;
  • sports.

How much it costs to cauterize cervical erosion

The most affordable is the cauterization of cervical erosion by electrocoagulation. It will cost about 1500-4000 g, while in the public clinic, this procedure is free of charge. The cost of other methods of moxibustion in private clinics is:

  • cryosurgery with liquid nitrogen – 1 200-3 500 g;
  • laser treatment – 7 000-12 000 UAH.;
  • radiowave cautery – 3 500-10 000 UAH.;
  • argon plasma coagulation – 6 000-13 000 UAH.

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Elena, 26 years: I did moxibustion liquid nitrogen. The pain did not feel any, then the stomach was pulled. Feelings similar to PMS. The first 2 weeks was profuse watery discharge is uncomfortable, but you can live. Preventive gyno showed that no scarring remained.

Love, 33 years: I treated erosion in a private clinic. I was advised by the radio wave method is the most efficient and malotravmatichnogo. During the procedure, really didn’t feel anything, but sometimes it was just tingling. The next day, no pain, and everything healed within a month.

Tatyana, 49 years: At the regular gynecological examination revealed erosion. In a public hospital only did electrocoagulation. I had read about her bad reviews that hurt and smell bad, so turned to a private center. Paid 7 500 p. for laser cauterization, but was satisfied: no pain, no bleeding not.

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