Causes of ovarian cysts

The symptoms and signs of ovarian cystsWhat is ovarian cyst women have had to learn nearly 30% of women, this is usually a pathological condition overtakes women of childbearing age. Cyst on ovary in women represents the formation of specific cavities (bubble or protrusion), liquid or semi-liquid contents inside. Such education has a tumor, benign in nature.

Often, signs of ovarian cysts in women are completely absent, the disease process is asymptomatic, and the disease is diagnosed accidentally or gynecological examination after the ultra-sound imaging of pelvis. That is why, all women is extremely important to undergo regular gynecological examination 2 times a year.

Today our topic is related to a common women’s disease, will talk about how appears and develops the disease, what are the signs and symptoms and how dangerous is ovarian cyst in women.

What is cyst in women, the anatomical and physiological explanation

Ovaries are the paired internal sex organs, that they are formed, ripen and develop follicles containing oocytes. During ovulation, they break, thereby releasing the egg to further fertilization. On the spot where burst the follicle is formed, the concentration of glandular cells, or yellow belly, which is released into the abdominal cavity. In the result of any violations, the follicle may fail to rupture, and remains in the ovary, and its walls stretch and accumulate fluid.

The concept of a cyst, went into medicine in Greece, and literally means bladder. In gynecology is considered to be the cyst cavity with thin walls, which resembles a sack of liquid. Tumors on the ovary may be small, but the cysts tend to grow with each cycle up to a diameter of 15-20 cm.

The cysts are divided into several types, depending on its causes.

  • Types follicular cysts are common in girls and women during sexual formation, formed when several cycles are not ovulation occurs.
  • Cyst of a yellow body called education, which is located in the cortical layer of the ovary, formed from the endocrine cells of the corpus luteum, is localized on one side. Therefore diagnosed luteum cyst left ovary or right.
  • Endometriosis occurs when the cavity of the ovary discovered endometrial cells (which under normal situation should be contained solely in the uterine cavity). Such a cyst may eventually degenerate into malignant tumors.
  • Dermoid cyst is quite a common pathology in women is 15-20% of all cases. Is a benign tumor that within its cavity contains liquid in addition to particles of other tissues, eg. fat, cartilage, hair, sweat or sebaceous glands. These cysts grow slowly and long, but in the absence of adequate measures of treatment transformirovalsya in tumors.
  • The cystadenoma. Is serous or mucinous. Upon detection of this type of education, it is recommended to use the method of surgical removal as a subspecies of cysts growing rapidly and capable of rapid slacocasino.

Also produce functional or temporary cysts, which do not require special treatment, and most often are themselves. These subspecies sometimes occur in women if there were small irregularities in the ovulation process.

Others, however, abnormal cysts that are not more than 3 months, require special attention, special treatment, and failure analysis in the body. What causes them ovarian cyst, let us consider in more detail.

Causes of ovarian cysts in women

the photo is healthy and ovarian cyst

It should be recognized that physiological and device-specific reasons formed a cyst of the ovary, to be fully explored. However, almost all gynecologists agreed on the opinion that this pathological condition occurs due to hormonal instability.

Cysts can appear in women at any age, regardless of the cyclical nature of menstruation, and General health. In women after the extinction of the reproductive function, the cysts are extremely rare, as after menopause the ovaries work less actively.

It is considered that provoke hormonal imbalance and the development of the disease can by a number of factors, so it is possible to allocate such main causes of ovarian cysts in women:

  • infertility;
  • irregular periods;
  • the formation of cysts in the past;
  • annovulatory cycles;
  • hormonal surges;
  • frequent change of sexual partners or a long sexual abstinence;
  • interrupted pregnancy;
  • the presence of genital infections;
  • obesity or strict diets;
  • stress, overwork, excessive physical load;
  • bad habits.

In addition, it is noted that girls whose menstruation began very early 10-11 years, also fall into the category of risk.

Another important reason, from what appears a cyst on the ovary is undertreated gynecological diseases. Women is extremely important to carefully and critically approach the treatment of ailments of the urinary — genital system, as inflammation and any pathological condition may lead to serious complications in the future.

Many women wonder whether it is possible to get pregnant with ovarian cyst? Gynecologists claim that the appearance of benign functional cysts do not impact fertility, moreover, pregnancy in women contributes to the rapid resorption of pathological formations. In the period of carrying a child, extremely rare cases of the formation of cysts, because the follicles are not formed.

The symptoms of ovarian cysts in women

As a rule, whales are not making itself felt before its complete removal, it usually happens within a few cycles. However, there are some preconditions which one can suspect the cyst on the ovary. Here are some of the characteristics of ovarian cysts:

  • heaviness and pressure in the pelvis;
  • nagging, dull, and sometimes sharp pain when ovarian cyst in the lower abdomen, especially during critical days;
  • probing the elastic bulge in the lower part of the abdomen;
  • the feeling of fullness, asymmetrically swollen abdomen;
  • pain during intercourse, and after exercise;
  • weakness and dizziness.

But there are some warning signs, which together with the above should prompt a woman as soon as possible to pay a visit to the doctor, these include:

  • of bleeding when ovarian cyst, not associated with menstruation;
  • unreasonable body temperature above 38oC;
  • extremely long and heavy periods;
  • nausea, vomiting, uncontrolled weight loss;
  • violation of the stable cycle;
  • frequent, sometimes painful urination.

Cysts can be complicated by suppuration, rupture, infection, hemorrhage or torsion through the intestinal loop, thereby causing intestinal obstruction and severe pain in women. Therefore, time plays a significant role in the occurrence of anxiety symptoms should call an ambulance and lie down on the examination in the hospital.

So let’s make a clear conclusion on the favorite question patients whether the ovarian cyst disappear itself. All kinds of pathological formations, in addition to functional, it is recommended to promptly remove, as the risk of complications and degeneration it in a malignant tumor. For these purposes, modern medicine can offer a variety of ways that are effective, easy, painless and well tolerated by patients. Such include, for example, a laparoscopy.

Dear women, to prevent the development of serious women’s diseases, pass periodic examinations, trust the extensive experience of doctors, follow all recommendations and take care of your health and nervous system.

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