Caring for a young person – save the youth

YouTube — time of youth, enthusiasm, strength and desire to do everything to the max. Youth is considered the period, when it reached physical maturity. This maturity a person reaches a maximum of 21 years. By this time the man is formed and changes. Change it in the first place hormonal. Hormonal influences on the body in General and skin in particular. Daily care for the skin during the period of adolescence is a must. After all, it is the key to a supple and elastic skin for all subsequent years.

Chocolate tan or wrinkles?

Maybe for someone we open the secret. But we’re sure many already know this information. Skin affects absolutely everything, especially a tan. And those young girls who are addicted to Solarium and excessive sun exposure should know that this hobby leads to appearance of wrinkles at an early age. When you go to take a sun bath, be sure to protect your skin cream. You will receive a safety barrier from UV rays, and protect face from dust and dirt, which everywhere surrounds us and of which not to hide and not to disappear.

Caring for a young person – save the youth

The care for the young skin: choose the right cosmetics

When choosing makeup, keep in mind that all the time. Caring for young skin the face needs to be a special, gentle. There are line of cosmetics for young ladies. Very good if you choose a certain line of cosmetics, and will use funds exclusively from this series. Lotions, masks and creams will complement each other. Or you can use homemade masks of fresh fruits and vegetables.

ABC facial

And so that includes skin care at a young age? Cleansing + toning +day protection + recovery + masks, and peels.

Think, why so many? But all these steps should start at a young age. Consider each stage in more detail.

Cleaning should depend on your skin type. Dry skin must be cleansed with a lotion for dry face, oily or normal skin or gel for washing. See below the composition of the lotions was not alcohol, as it dries much youthful complexion.

Toning, or toning ensure a smooth and beautiful skin color. Facial toner can be purchased at the beauty supply store, and you can make yourself from natural ingredients. A great tonic is a cucumber. To prepare the tonic of cucumber, it should be cut and pour half Cup of Apple cider vinegar (for oily to normal skin) or vegetable oil (for dry skin). Let stand this mixture for a week and I can safely wipe her face instead of the purchase of tonic. But if you to add cucumber to yoghurt, then get the perfect whitening solution.

Caring for a young person – save the youth

The whole day your skin is under the influence of various factors and requires special care. Face cream should also depend on the type of skin. If your facial skin is oily, the cream should be water based, and if dry – fat to retain moisture.

After 20 years you need to start to use creams for the skin around the eyes. She, regardless of age, requires special attention and care. Because the skin around the eyes is very delicate.

In addition to daily cleansing and toning, at least once a week you need to spend peeling tselluloosi scrub. And better to do it 2 times a week. Of natural of available tools for this purpose, suitable grounds under brewed coffee. Mix it with a little olive oil and a little RUB the skin. You will get a great, scraped the remnants of the no longer needed skin.

Youth is a carefree time, but you already vykroyte in the complex pace of life and the desire to do everything a little time to care for the skin of your tender young face. Secure your beautiful face for all the years of life.

Caring for a young person – save the youth

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