Candles Longidasa

This domestic innovative product with a wide range of applications, has a powerful proteolytic (able to break down proteins), and immunomodulatory properties. Commonly used in gynecology and urology, pulmonology and Phthisiology (tuberculosis treatment), surgery and dermatology.

Instructions for use of candles Longidasa

Candles Longidasa

The active ingredient of the drug – enzyme hyaluronidase has a remarkable property: it perfectly breaks down connective tissue proteins that make up scars, adhesions, formed after inflammation or surgery. Longidasa similar to the enzyme lidaza, but the concentration of active substance in it is much higher. In addition to the powder to obtain the injection solution firm «Petrovax farm» produces it in the form of suppositories (suppositories) for vaginal or rectal (after stool or enema) introduction for the night.

Effect of the drug complex:

  • pathological breaks down proteins;
  • resolves inflammation;
  • provides immune protection of the tissues;
  • saturates the cells with oxygen;
  • improves the circulation of intercellular fluids;
  • stimulates the excretion from the tissues of toxic substances.

Doctors prescribe candles Longidasa adults and adolescents over 12 years when growth (hyperplasia) of the connective tissue in the treatment of disease and as monotherapy. Especially effective in treating:

  • chronic inflammation of the internal organs of male and female urogenital system;
  • postoperative adhesions of the abdominal cavity;
  • trophic wounds, ulcers;
  • complicated pneumonia, pleurisy, pulmonary fibrosis, tuberculosis;
  • limited scleroderma (hardening and atrophy of the skin);
  • fibrotic complications of genital infections.

Which is better – the injections or suppositories? Injections were stronger, and candles – longer-term effect that is important in the treatment of gynecological diseases. The structure of candles included another immunomodulator – polyoxidonium. It helps of the enzyme hyaluronidase to penetrate directly to the source of inflammation and to exercise maximum activity. The effectiveness of the candles Longidasa proven in the treatment of chronic pathologies, but it is especially evident in the first days and weeks after injuries, operations, illnesses.

In gynecology

Candle Longidasa

Often in the uterus after the abortion, removal of polyps, gynecologic manipulations, prolonged use of intrauterine contraceptive devices gradually accrete the surrounding tissue and formation of adhesions (synechia). When it comes infertility, because fertilized egg can not attach to the endometrium of the uterus. This problem can often successfully resolve using candle Longidasa when planning a pregnancy.

Resolve bruising, swelling, scarring, and the tissue returns permeability, elasticity. After laparoscopic surgery, in the treatment of endometritis, endometriosis, ovarian cysts also prescribed suppositories of adhesions Longidasa. Standard course – 10 suppositories, which are administered every 3 days (with kidney failure – a week). The treatment can be repeated after 3 months.

For men

Candle Longidasa for men

Longidasa prescribed not only to women. It is often included in complex medicines, which are used in the treatment of chronic prostatitis, initial stage of adenoma of a prostate gland. Longidasa especially effectively reduces the severity of the inflammatory process. Rectal administration of the drug helps to reduce the volume of enlarged prostate to relieve pain, normalize urination acts. For the course use 10 candles a day, and then make a break for 2-3 days and is administered the same amount.

The drug prevents the formation of scarring, narrowing of the urethra (stricture) after surgery in the region of the urethra, ureters or bladder. Longidasa used in the treatment of complicated cystitis, Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis during erection that causes the sealing of tissue in its shell).

Side effects

The drug has a few contraindications:

  • malignant tumors;
  • severe kidney damage;
  • often bleeding;
  • children age under 12 years;
  • hypersensitivity to ingredients of the preparation.

However, the candles do not have any unwanted side effects. The only exceptions are the allergic reactions, but they are very rare. Do not use candles in the period of carrying a child and breastfeeding. Pregnancy planning is practiced after 2 months of treatment with this drug and received a favourable opinion from a gynecologist.

Video about candles by Longidasa when cyst

Feedback about the treatment

Tamara, 27 years:I first bought the spark Master, but the doctor advised Longidasa, said a greater effect. It’s true, the ultrasound showed that my adhesions had disappeared.

Karina, 32 years:there Are candle Longidasa expensive, but the price is justified. I used them when ureaplasmosis, pain decreased significantly. Helped me a lot.

Anna, 25 years:I wanted to go to surgery because of adhesions, but in time learned about Longidase. After the third candle I felt much better, and after a couple months I finally got pregnant!

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