Can you get pregnant before menstruation

What are the chances of getting pregnant before your period startsWhat are the chances of getting pregnant before your period starts? For many girls and even adult women this question does not always have a clear answer. The reason for this widespread belief that pregnancy before menstruation, during and directly after can not occur. In this regard, try to find a reliable answer to the question can you get pregnant before menstruation.

Listen to the doctors

Doctors say on the matter is clear: before menstruation to get pregnant possible. A particularly high likelihood in women who have irregular cycle. The fact that the woman’s body ovulation occurs before menstruation, therefore, the sexual act could be completed conceiving. And it is possible that at the beginning of the menstrual period the ovum is in the fallopian tube, then also there is chance of getting pregnant before your period starts. In such situations themselves are held monthly as usual, but the next ones will not come. Therefore, the answer to this question can be only one: to get pregnant before menstruation.

Female calculations

Women are known to be an vyschityvanii those days when the risk of pregnancy before menstruation is minimal. This so-called safe days before menstruation. Only now, when performing such calculations, it is necessary to consider some features:

  1. First, we are talking about life expectancy of sperm. As a rule, the male sperm can fulfill its purpose during three days. That is, the conception can be carried out for about three days after ovulation has occurred. Accordingly, the days when there is the possibility of pregnancy before menstruation, fall to 10-16 (assuming that the cycle lasts 28 days);
  2. Secondly, there are so many real examples which confirm that the sperm lives in the female genital organs is much more: almost a week. Here we see that the likelihood of becoming pregnant before menstruation increases several times, because an additional number of those days, when the risk of conception is maintained;
  3. Thirdly, it is possible to get pregnant before menstruation, not only because of surprises from the sperm, but also because of the specific features of the female body. Yes, a woman capable of producing more than one egg per cycle. Accordingly, the error in the calculations increases even several times.

Besides, what are the chances of getting pregnant before menstruation affected themselves monthly. The fact is that every woman has the possibility of changing the time of passage of ovulation from cycle to cycle. But especially prone to this phenomenon of the young girls, whose cycle is still evolving.

Final moments

Is it possible to get pregnant before menstruationSo, we can draw some conclusions:

  • conception is possible at any day of the cycle, because the sexual act itself immediately before pregnancy can pass one or as many as eight days;
  • many people wonder, can you get pregnant before menstruation in the absence of a full-fledged sex. Yeah, maybe. For example, during foreplay lubricant with the penis, richly contains the sperm can get to the outer labia, and from there to get inside and reach the egg;
  • after the first sexual intercourse in life, girls may experience bleeding similar to menstruation, which shoot down cycle. For this reason, if you do the calculations, then you should start them again.
  • for the most accurate results pregnancy test is recommended 10 days after intercourse. Why? The tests are designed so that are designed to determine the presence of special hormone that only occurs after the implantation of the egg. As a rule, this requires that it took about 2-7 days. So the test should be done immediately after the delay and after 5 days;
  • also test must be done after the cessation of all discharge. If they do not stop, then you need to consult a doctor.

Doctor says when a woman can get pregnant. I recommend to watch!

Now you know why you can get pregnant before menstruation, and therefore not neglect the means of protection, if you are planning a pregnancy.

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