Can fight fatigue 5 best alternatives to coffee

Can fight fatigue 5 best alternatives to coffee

Now we won’t talk about the level of harm and usefulness of coffee. Many of you probably already knew that it’s a moot point, but why argue? Coffee – energy that allows you to fight not only the sleepiness but also fatigue. In the eve of the most depressive and malotonnazhnogo season, we have prepared for you a few alternatives of coffee.

1. The Siberian ginseng. Sweet taste, amazing smell is what some of us remember from childhood. Tincture of Siberian ginseng is often prescribed to children to fight for concentration and more vitality. So why as adults do not remember about this amazing «drugs». In order to enjoy it activates the body properties are not required to purchase a bottle of concentrate. Now have gummy worms, lollipops and even chocolate with the content of the extract of Eleutherococcus. Replace one Cup of coffee a day on something from this list and fatigue does not threaten you.

2. Ginseng. This magical root in the East are extensively used in cosmetics, perfumery, care products tools. And all thanks to its unique antioxidant properties and bracing effect. It can be brewed as tea or simply eat together with other products similar to Siberian ginseng.

3. Chocolate and cocoa. Perhaps the most delicious coffee substitute. Natural cocoa contains many substances that stimulate the body and also caffeine, which will not let you doze off. It perfectly helps with recovery after a hard workout and just very pleasant to the taste!

4. Teas. Green tea or mate — would be excellent coffee replacement. They also contain caffeine (though somewhat less than that of coffee, about 40%), but also help in cleansing the body and stabilization of the bowel. In addition, their regular use will improve your skin , and the immune system — the best way to fight winter colds.

5. Strip. the effect of taking fruit and vegetable smoothies, of course, does not compare with a Cup of coffee, especially if the effect you want. But the constant use of the drink of celery, parsley, kiwi and cucumber will keep the body in good shape. However, if you want to achieve more invigorating results, take as a basis one of the teas that we discussed above (better — green) and add silent banana — it will also help you not to doze off in the workplace and will give the band a pleasant fruity taste.

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