Brush your teeth after each meal, harmful

Brush your teeth after each meal, harmful

It has long been proven benefits of brushing your teeth after each meal. During this procedure is the removal of food residues and eliminates undesirable breath.

But it is important to know that after taking food or drink, the enamel of the teeth is particularly sensitive and prone to damage. Enamel soften the acids that are in foods. Therefore, the wear of enamel occurs faster if you brush your teeth within an hour after a meal.

On this basis, it is recommended to brush your teeth immediately after eating. However, doing this two or three times during the day is necessary. It is especially important to brush teeth in the evening as night, mouth gets dry, and the teeth are easily damaged by bacteria. And in the morning it is important to clean the teeth of plaque that formed overnight.

Thus, in the morning brush our teeth after Breakfast, but stick to a reasonable period of time after a meal (at least 1 hour). It is also helpful to brush your teeth during the day. However, we shouldn’t get involved in this procedure, because repeated brushing can cause gum damage.

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