Brush cleanser

Special devices for washing was invented in the beginning of the two thousandth to make the washing process quicker and more comfortable. And this year has been a real boom – this brush has released several well-known brands.

How to operate these devices?

Brush cleanser . For example, brush from Philips VisaPure vibrates and rotates, and cleans the skin vertically with pulsating movements. The Clarisonic brush operates on a different principle, making about three hundred oscillations per second, very gently cleanses the skin.

1.Braun Face epilator with attachments designed to cleanse the skin.

2.Skinvigorate from Mary Kay.

3.Smart Profile from Clarisonic.

4.Darphin – ultrasonic device for cleaning and face massage.

5.Pobling Sonic Pore Cleansing Brush from Habalan Med & Beauty.

6.Erborian – brush for cleaning of the skin.

How to choose?

These devices are suitable for any skin type. It is necessary only to choose the right speed and the nozzle. This will depend on how intensively to cleansed skin. The device from Clarisonic are tips designed to deep cleanse the skin, for cleansing delicate and sensitive skin and for cleaning the area around the lips and eyes. From each other such tips differ in the density and length of villi.

By choosing this appliance, you should pay attention to if there’s a timer that can stop operation automatically or to remind you that it is time to move to another part of the face.

How to use the device?

•Before use water to wet face and brush.

•After that apply brush a small amount of cleanser about the size of a pea.

•Now turn on the device. First, let it be the minimum speed, then you will be able to increase it. Start to clean the skin.

•Clean the forehead about twenty seconds, nose and chin twenty seconds, and the cheeks for ten seconds. Time can you measure the timer.

•On the skin when cleaning not need to press, it will reduce efficiency of cleaning, as the bristles will be harder to move.

Sometimes included with the brush is sold and the gel. Can use it and can clean the skin the usual way.

Brush cleanser

How to care for the device?

To care for the brush is very easy. After each use, wash the nozzle with running water and soap, then wipe it with a soft towel and dry. The life of the nozzle to three months, after which the brush should be changed.

The advantages of using the device

•Use the brush to clean the face at six to ten times better than with normal washing.

•Brush deeply cleanses the pores of the skin, effectively fights blackheads and prevents their appearance.

•Soft nylon bristles are rounded at the ends, so that the skin they do not hurt.

•The natural protective barrier of the skin is not broken.

•Cosmetic products better penetrate the skin.

•The brush can be used even in the shower as it is waterproof.

•The result will be noticeable after the first application.

•Regular use will help make the pores and wrinkles less visible.

•Brush massaging the face increases circulation and rejuvenates, tones and evens the skin relief.


You cannot use the device if the skin has inflammation, rash, acne, or rosacea.

How to use the device to make the massage?

•Massage should start from the top of the cheekbones. With the sliding motions on the skin in the direction up and down the cheek. Then do the same on the other side.

•Then, by the nozzle slide on the upper lip and chin, as well as massagage forehead and nose.

•And at the end of the massage again walk lightly up and down his cheeks.

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