Breathing exercises for bronchitis

Treatment for bronchitis consists not only in taking drugs: to accelerate the sputum and relieve the inflammation and help breathing exercises. You know how to do them? Technique of breathing exercises described in the instructions below.

How to do breathing exercises

The main condition for the effectiveness of breathing exercises is compliance with the rules for its implementation. The main recommendations include:

  • breath in through your nose to make out heavily and through the mouth calmly and moderately;
  • breaths need to do quiet, slow and smooth;
  • conduct training in a comfortable position;
  • to observe duration exercises – about 10-15 minutes;
  • the rhythm of the breath to support the bill, for the March.

The girl is engaged in respiratory gymnastics

Breathing exercises bronchitis exists in several forms, one of them was developed by Professor Buteyko. The basis he put shallow breathing, because, in his opinion, deep breaths prevent saturating the lungs with oxygen. If during exercises you will feel a aversion or a strong desire to breathe, do not worry – this is normal when starting out, you only need it to endure. Exercises in the Buteyko method is:

  1. Exhale, then hold your breath, do head rotations in the right and left sides, while directing the view upward. When you feel that it is impossible to endure, exhale all that remains in the lungs, and return to normal breathing.
  2. Put his hand to his cheek. Breathing and exhaling, hold your breath. Palm hit on the cheek that felt resistance.
  3. Put your hands behind your head, exhale through the nose. Exercising pressure on the back, make the post-exhalation and return to normal breathing.
  4. On the exhale, put your hands up, and then make a rotational motion.

Girl doing exercise breathing exercises

Bronchial asthma

Though bronchial asthma and is contraindicated for physical activity, easy exercises will benefit, but only in addition to medical treatment. Be sure to follow a few rules:

  • when you exercise you start to breathe through the mouth, to avoid getting in the bronchi content of the nasopharynx;
  • to perform the exercise in between inhalation and exhalation, if asthma there is accumulation of phlegm in bronchi;
  • breathing shallowly to avoid tissue irritation of the bronchi;
  • perform exercises at least 2 times a day.

Gymnastics asthma helps to clear the Airways of accumulated mucus and phlegm, increase their lumen. Thanks to her restored bronchial spasticity, strengthen muscle tissue and the diaphragm. Exercises can include such exercises:

  1. Immediately after waking up, staying in bed, lie on your back, bend your knees, pull them to your chest and exhale through the mouth. Run until you feel tired.
  2. In a comfortable position, close one nostril with your finger. Inhale by mouth and exhale – open nostrils.
  3. Take a container of water and a straw. Through the latter, first make a breath, and then exhale, but in a tank of water. Do about 10 minutes 5 times per day.
  4. Stand up straight, hands put on the waist. On the inhale maximally inflate the abdomen, strain it for a couple seconds. Then a sharp exhale feel the relaxation of the muscles of the abdomen, and then pull it.

Girl inflates the balloon

For the treatment of chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis, which has already passed into the chronic form, it is particularly important to develop lungs, because the problem lies in stagnant processes. If full employment is not the time, you can perform a quick and easy Express is a set of breathing exercises:

  1. Take a ball of soft and thin rubber. Inflate it for at least exhalations.
  2. Folding his lips, breathe in deeply, breathe out after 2-3 seconds.
  3. Holding his nose with your fingers, try using it as much to breathe. Breathe out his mouth.
  4. Sitting on the floor with legs stretch forward. Combining them together, breathe in through your mouth, then raise hands through the parties. Breathe out while pronouncing the sound «s-s-s-s-s» and give up.
  5. Take a sitting posture in Turkish. Squeeze hands into fists, lift up and out, not opening the lips and pronouncing the sound «PF-f-f-f».

Breathing exercises by Strelnikova

Another option breathing exercises proposed by A. N. Strelnikova, who was a vocal coach. It is believed that almost all diseases are caused by improper breathing, poor ventilation, failure of the work aperture and stagnation. Based on these assumptions has developed its own Strelnikova breathing exercises for bronchitis, and even wrote a book on it.

To repeat her exercises every day for 2 times – so it is possible to significantly improve the General condition. Breathing exercises Strelnikova helps to restore normal lung function, improving nasal breathing and alleviating inflammatory processes. In addition, it relieves cough, due to which mucus begins to move faster sputum.

Exercise for breathing by Strelnikova

Breathing exercises

The duration of the exercises Strelnikova must be at least 2 weeks. It is better to continue the treatment up to 21 days. Among the basic exercises are the following:

  1. The «pump». Take a starting position – stand up straight, hands free pull down, give the body a little forward, as if trying to smell the flowers. Exhaling, pripodnimaet, but without any tension. Repeat 8-10 times, resting between sets.
  2. «Embrace your shoulders». This exercise is the most effective of complex Strelnikova. To run it you need so take a comfortable position, sitting or standing, arms bend at the elbow and raise to shoulder level. On a sharp inhale keep hands forward, like you’re trying to do. Exhaling, raise them to your sides. Do not strain your hands and try to keep them parallel. Make 16 times, alternating breaths with your nose and mouth.
  3. «Eight.» Take the position as in the exercise «pump». Sharply breathing in the nose, hold your breath. Holding this position, count to 8 cycles as many times as you can. Do this exercise when you feel has accumulated a large amount of sputum.

Children do breathing exercises bronchitis

Breathing exercises for children

Breathing exercises will help with bronchitis and children with both preschoolers and teenagers, but it is necessary to take into account the condition that it may be performed after the acute period. In addition to core exercises for kids is boring, you can offer them to inflate a few balls, or to suffer bubbles. Try to play with sailboats in the Grand basin, where the children will play the role of a «breeze». For such an interesting lesson will be enough for 5-10 minutes, because the child with bronchitis will not be able to fulfill them. Among the basic exercises are the following:

  1. Lying on back stretched along the body hands. Inhaling, slowly raise them and then lower behind head, stretch, and take position at the start of the exercise.
  2. Keeping the same position, one hand put behind the head, and the second along the body. When random breath quickly change the position of the hands for 10-15 seconds. Make 3-4 such cycles.
  3. Not changing position, bending legs, 1 minute to perform movements such as Cycling.
  4. Roll over on belly to emphasize the hands in front of you, inhale to bend at the waist, and exhale to return to its original position. To do this exercise 5-6 times.

Video: gymnastics for the lungs

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