Signs, symptoms, methods of treatment of mastitis

Breast_ExamMastitis is a disease associated with the appearance of benign tumors in the breast tissue. To deal with this problem, can a woman at any age, and according to the results of statistics with the disease experienced almost 70% of the female population. To know what a breast is and how it manifests itself, it is very important to everyone to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences of pathological changes in the breast.

The reasons for the development of the disease

The majority of women’s diseases associated with a dysfunction of the hormonal system. Mastopathy of the breast, also very often occurs due to hormonal imbalance. However, this is not the only cause of the development of oral tumors in the mammary glands. The risk group includes women who have the following health problems:

  • dysfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • disruption of the ovaries (hormonal failure — read more here);
  • the avoidance of breastfeeding after childbirth;
  • diabetes or obesity;
  • the estate moved behind abortion;
  • there are problems with the gall bladder;
  • diseases of the liver.

Don’t rule out the possibility of a genetic predisposition, but as a rule, the disease occurs against the background of other infections, diseases or poor lifestyle.

It should be noted that the disease risk is increased in nulliparous or of Ponderosa women.

Another precipitating factor, from which arises the breast may receive a chest injury, even the most insignificant. A wrong bra can also injure or greatly compress the chest, it must be considered when selecting underwear.

Irregular sexual life can cause hormonal instability, and as a consequence of mastitis.

What is the danger of breast? In identifying the disease, the doctor always assures the patient that upset and do not worry, you can cure the breast forever the latest drugs, observing all rules and recommendations. But, the trouble of the disease is that advanced stage of mastitis can develop into breast cancer.

All women who are in risk categories should be required to undergo examination by a mammologist, at least every six months. After all, in the early stages of the disease to be treated easily and completely eradicated.

The types of mastitis the mammary glands

If we talk about the classification of the disease, there are the following varieties:

  • breast nodular;
  • diffuse mastopathy.

Diffuse in turn may be difficult or potokovyimi cysts with fibrosis, it is also found combined with fibro-cystic form.

Determined by the kind of disease the nature, extent, and manifestations of benign lesions.

Before the doctor will prescribe a cure for the mastitis, you need to carry out a correct diagnosis of the disease, a woman must go through several stages of examination, namely:

  • initial examination by a specialist;
  • ultrasound ( or x-ray) of the breast;
  • thermography;
  • mammography;
  • a blood test for hormone levels and tumor markers, biochemical;
  • in some cases the examination is taken puncture of the chest to examine the contents.

Signs of mastitis of the breast

Mastopathy is a dishormonal disease, characterized by the presence of cysts and seals in the chest. Often the disease is confused with fibroadenoma-benign tumor in the breast, but these are two completely different States.

Symptoms of mastitis in women, can long time does not manifest itself, and absolutely not to bother her. However, over time appear all the more unpleasant symptoms:

  • breast swelling, feeling of heaviness in it;
  • breast pain continuous or periodic (before menstruation);
  • the appearance of the tangible seals and lumps in the breast, the size of which in different stages of the menstrual cycle can be changed;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the armpit;
  • from the nipple may be clear, white or greyish fluid, sometimes mixed with blood.

Many women especially do not pay attention to the first symptoms of mastitis of the breast, especially if the discomfort and tension in the chest, it happens before the critical days. But, to detect any changes and defects of the mammary glands it is easy the most at home, once a month (preferably the 7-9th day of the menstrual cycle) to conduct an independent examination, by a careful probing of the breast and visual inspection in the mirror. If you have noticed the visual asymmetry of the chest, severe venous grid on it, the secretion of squeezing the nipple, or any other unusual moments and signs of mastitis, then it pays to seem to the doctor.

How to treat breast disease?

It should be understood that it is necessary to treat mastitis at the first signs, because the disease independently does not pass, plus a fairly quickly progressing.

First of all, upon detection of tumors in breast, they are screened for cancer. If cancer signs are not installed, the diagnosis is «breast», then the doctor will determine the type of disease, stage of the flow and selects the method than to treat mastopathy in women in case.

The treatment of the disease is some ways, the main of which is aimed at the normalization of the menstrual cycle and the thyroid gland. For this purpose, hormonal medication, vitamin complexes and drugs for the proper working of the liver.

What to take for mastitis, should be solved only by a specialist. The main objective of drugs is the reduction of cysts and fibrous formations, the removal of pain, correction of hormonal background. In treatment often use herbal medicinal products, such as mastodinon, mammogram, cyclodien, etc in the absence of the desired effect, the treatment of mastitis in women, Supplement with other hormones regulating the system hypophysis — ovaries — the hypothalamus.

Very often, along with the help of medicine, was appointed in mastitis. This medication contains vitamins, minerals that help in the fight against the disease as they regulate almost all natural metabolic processes in the organism, including hormonal, in addition, strengthen the immune properties of the organism and stabilize the nervous system. During treatment advised to drink a course of this drug, 2 capsules 2 times a day for 2 months. Further, it is possible to use this property in order to prevent, at least once a year.

Many doctors, during the period of treatment is recommended to adjust your diet. Because of dietary items, in the future, take part in metabolic processes, including hormonal. Those extra pounds are the main precursors of hormonal failure, so the first thing to do is abandon of carbohydrates: flour products, pastries, sweets, pasta.

But the share of vegetables and fruits in the daily menu, you need to increase, particularly useful pumpkin, beets, carrots, apples, tomatoes. In addition, take note of, some products that will be useful during the fight against breast:

  • seaweed;
  • broccoli;
  • fish and seafood;
  • milk and dairy products;
  • soy;
  • white and green tea.

The treatment will be faster and more effective if you know some contraindications mastitis. Some of the usual measures will have to eliminate from your life, at least for the period of treatment:

  • visit the tanning beds or excessive sunbathing;
  • injury to the chest ( including massages);
  • visit the baths and saunas.

Treated if the breast completely, the issue of concern to all women faced with this diagnosis. Timely access to specialist, comprehensive treatment under medical supervision, normalization of diet, in a short time will give a positive result and will save women from this insidious disease.

To preserve women’s health, respect your body, don’t expose yourself to stressful situations, give up bad habits and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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