Boric acid for acne

Acne, acne and other dermatological diseases not only cause discomfort, spoil the skin, but also cause feelings of inferiority of the patient. Means official, alternative medicine for the effective treatment of acne a lot, but most people ask is it possible to wipe the face of boric acid.

How does boric acid solution for acne

This medication comes in the form of liquid, powder, which are effective antiseptic composition. Active components in chemical formula purposefully act on the deep layers of the dermis, thus clear clogged pores, disinfect the skin, «burned» spots, eliminate the accumulation of fat. Besides, this way we can normalize the production of secretions and the sebaceous glands in General. Boric acid is sold in every drugstore, but before you use this proven tool, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist.

A pimple on the forehead of the girl

How to apply boric acid for face

Antiseptic has a drying effect, so in cosmetology is often used for oily, combined type. Dry skin substance not fully suitable, because it causes contraction, discomfort, peeling or cell death. Use this medication can not only when problems face further processed boric acid can be acne on back, shoulders and other parts of the body.

The use of folk remedies helps to remove the inflammation on small areas of the skin, and the treatment of large lesions the pathology is better to use another medication. If not, increase the risk of side effects, is over-drying especially of problem areas. If such sites do not exist, the alcoholic solution is treated with pimples, but first clear the lesions. Purchased the powder before the session should be diluted with water, and then use the same principle as the liquid.

Homemade treatments are best done in the morning and evening, pre-clearing drying the skin. The intensive therapy is individual, often the tool is used until the complete disappearance of the alarming symptoms. After the procedure it is advisable not to use creams and other cosmetics with a greasy base, not to hold the peel sessions.

Alcohol solution of boric acid

To prepare antiseptic solution, dilute the powder with water according to instructions. After mix well and pour into a glass container. Before each use of acne is recommended to shake the bottle and use the finished tool preferably morning and evening. Important:

  1. do not wash;
  2. not to go outside;
  3. not to get under a stream of drafts;
  4. take a course to the end.

Alcohol solution of boric acid in the bottle

Mixture with antibiotic

It is an effective remedy for any dermatological problems. The active ingredient two. Chloramphenicol (antibiotic) that destroys pathogenic flora, killing pathogens, boric acid reduces the sebaceous glands and the amount of secretions on the face. The recipe of such a therapeutic composition is very simple and available to everyone. You will need:

  • alcohol medical – liquid consistency;
  • acetylsalicylic acid, 2.5 parts;
  • chloramphenicol – part 2;
  • boric acid – 1 part;
  • sulphur – 3 parts.

Preparation and application of medicines:

  1. To dissolve and mix all the ingredients in the same container, pour into a glass container.
  2. Use the recipe for wiping face instead of lotion morning and evening.

Mask with courses Beadle trichopolum and boric acid powder

Another effective cure for acne that works gently, purposefully, and effectively. All the active ingredients you can buy at the pharmacy without a prescription, they cost a penny. To use the proposed tool in the form of masks, and the session is performed 2-3 times a week at most. Below are the recipe that can be cooked in the kitchen without significant financial costs. You will need:

  • Trihopol – 2 tablets;
  • boric acid (powder) – 0.5 teaspoon;
  • hydrogen peroxide 3% to the consistency of sour cream;
  • baby powder – 0.5 tsp.

Of preparation and use in acne:

  1. Tablet pound, mix with boric acid powder.
  2. Add peroxide, powder, to dilute, so that the result is the composition of the consistency of sour cream.
  3. Apply on problem areas of the face, do not rinse for 15 minutes.
  4. Wash with running water, further treating the skin with a nourishing cream.

The mask on the face of the girl

Contraindications and side effect

Boric acid for acne has a fast effect, but first need to consult a dermatologist. The medication has contraindications and side effects that may only worsen the overall health of the patient. Restrictions apply are presented below. This:

  • problems in the liver and kidneys;
  • hypersensitivity to the active components;
  • dryness of the dermis, a tendency to dryness.

Side effects after the use of boric acid in the home has local and allergic reactions. It is often a small rash, hives, itching, flushing of the skin, increased swelling of the individual sections. Such anomalies appear the next day after using boric acid. To stabilize General condition after cancellation of this medication, and acne in the future, you need to choose a gentle antiseptic solution.

Video: effective remedy for pimples


Marina, 21 years

When I found out how much boric acid, realized that the purchase not much to lose. In Samara it is sold for 30 rubles, and the practical result is immediate. Once gone greasy Shine from your face, pimples became smaller, disappeared unpleasant itching of the skin. Wipe by means of facial acne in the morning, evening, very pleased with the Grand opening.

Inna, 18 years

Tried various folk remedies for acne, even boric acid stopped to help last time. Can’t get rid of this problem, which stretches back to 14 years. Came to the conclusion that you just need to wait out this bad period. After using boric acid only after acne scars. Dangerous and ugly.

Anna, 25 years

I now use periodically mash with chloramphenicol, and boric acid, although on the face of the pimples a lot less than before. This folk remedy is effective, cheap, in my case, has no side effects. Recommend to take note of in the transition to adulthood, because this is a budget, how to get rid of acne.

Irina, 23 years

Didn’t think boric acid for acne helps. Such means may be in the form of a solution to sell or you can make your own from powder. I wipe the face morning and night and then not wash away and so go to sleep. At first she was afraid of allergies, but seeing that acne went immediately emboldened. The recipe is cheap, but the efficiency is high.

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