Boil in the intimate place

Boil in the intimate placeBoil may occur in any person, at any place. Boils most often appear in the part of the body. Where the skin is more delicate and is constantly in moisture is the armpits and groin. The boil must be treated, and you can see a doctor, but most people are trying to cope with this problem independently. So, what to do if you have a boil in the intimate place.

The causes of boil?

Furuncle is a purulent disease, which we used to call a boil. It appears when, due to contamination of the skin, or colds. In any case, if the person has a boil, then weakened his immune system. The boil causes pain and discomfort in the place of its appearance, as it can rise the temperature.

The boil on the private parts may occur after depilation, so be sure to treat the skin with special substances after carrying out this procedure. Before how to treat a boil in the intimate place it is necessary to study in detail its appearance and accompanying symptoms. A boil resembles a filled solid ball under the skin, the touch of which lead to pain and in the middle of this ball is abscess. Daily the festering in the boil increases, respectively, and he is increasing every day. In the period of its growth. The person often feels very painful. The ripening of the boil took about a week, after which it breaks. In the breakout from the boil out all the accumulated pus and the rod which was founded by the boil. It is important to remember that the boil must break the week if this has not happened, please contact the clinic.

Treatment of boils:

During the ripening of the boil, try to be alone, to drink more fluids, lie down and take vitamins. The skin around the ripening of the boil, it is best to handle, in this case, you will approach an alcohol or boric acid. At the boil, in the time of ripening can be applied ointments, which promote fast release of pus from the body, and eritromicina Ichthyol ointment. Very good at helping with boils the famous Vishnevsky ointment. For overall prevention of the body and you can drink antibiotics.

Also, to treat a boil in the intimate place you can try some folk remedies. A good preventive effect make decoctions of viburnum and rhododendron. Fast output manure contributes a poultice from raw potatoes. To overlay compress the potato you can RUB, and wrap with gauze, the resulting mass can also cut the potatoes in half and a half wrapped in cheesecloth. As we have mentioned above. When you boil you need to consume as many vitamins, eat fruits, especially fruits with high vitamin C.

Boils are very dangerous. In no case do not squeeze them it can lead to serious health problems. If to cope with the boil failed sure to contact your doctor. Watch your health!!!

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