Blood clots during menstruation

went period with blood clotsAny normal girl kind to any changes that occur in the body. This is especially true of the reproductive system. Many people know that the delay or early onset of menstruation indicates the abnormal operation of the body, but what to do if you notice when menstruation blood clots? In this article we will try to tell you about why when menstruation are large blood clots, in some cases, a trip to the doctor is urgent and clots what size is the norm.

The reasons why are period clots

By themselves, the clusters of threats are not, of course, if we are not talking about excessive blood loss. But this entails serious health problems.

The main reasons why during your period clots of blood, due to the fact that the vagina formed blood clots during menstruation, and enzymes, anticoagulants to prevent the clotting process, can not cope with this task.

This can be explained by several reasons.

  1. Hyperplasia of the endometrium. This disease is characterized by an increase in intra-uterine tissue. Cause for the emergence of disease can obesity, diabetes, hormonal failure, hypertension. In addition, experiencing heavy periods with blood clots, the patient may have poor appetite, weakness or brown discharge.
  2. Uterine myoma is a benign neoplasm in the uterus. This increases sexual organ and may experience heavy periods with clots
  3. reasons why my period with clotsClots during menstruation is not uncommon after childbirth or caesarean section. If this symptom is accompanied by fever, this may indicate that the uterus remained the placenta. With this suspicion in no event it is impossible to postpone the visit to the doctor.
  4. The most common cause of failure in normal and regular menstruation are hormonal abnormalities. What hormones regulate everything that is connected with the cycle and flow of menstruation.
  5. Also a condition in which formation of a clot of blood in menstruation can be caused by individual structure of the uterus. This may be an inflection or intrauterine septum. An experienced physician at survey immediately say what caused your trouble.
  6. Anemia is another possible reason for the appearance of blood clots during menses. This is a dangerous disease that can harm not only the sexual but also the immune system. So to avoid trouble, it is better not to be lazy and to be tested for hemoglobin.

In fact, the reasons for the allocation of clots during menstruation can be much more. It depends on the General condition of the organism, and age, and individual characteristics. The exact cause of this unusual flow of menstruation can only be called a doctor. He will appoint the right treatment will help to normalize the functioning of the reproductive system.

What if heavy periods with clots

Many of the fairer sex, noticing large blood clots during menstruation, begin to panic and push itself a scary thought. Despite the fact that this deviation from the normal flow of menstruation, it is not critical, if the time to consult with your doctor.

Of course, after reading on the forums the advice and opinions of many girls who have the same problem, you can calm down and accept it as a given. Do not in any case impossible. Until the doctor will not examine and will not assure you that this is a normal reaction of your body caused by one pretext or another, to leave this matter to chance is impossible. But to suffer and, of course, too early.

Before you do any actions about heavy or irregular menstrual flow days, you need to understand why when menstruation clots and allocation which does not go beyond the norms?

The color selections may vary during the critical days from red to brown at the end. So if you notice brown or brown highlight in the last days it does not go beyond the norm.

However, there are cases in which the menses with clots of brown is an important and even a dangerous signal of an unhealthy state.

If in addition to the appearance of clumps of brown are you suffering from pain and sharp pains in the abdomen, noticed fever, immediately call your doctor. It can cause ectopic pregnancy which, if to buy time, often responsible for a fatal outcome of the patient.

If the brown blobs were the result of anemia, the doctor will prescribe you the tests and a special diet, foods which are fortified with iron. This beet, meat, apples.

If hormonal imbalance was the reason for the emergence of endometriosis, for the treatment and for getting rid of blood clots, the doctor should prescribe therapy to restore hormonal regime. If this procedure will be ineffective, may be assigned cleaning: operating method removes the nodes of endometriosis. Over time, after a small surgical intervention, the cycle should recover, but the clots and excretion return to normal.

Blood clots during menstruationIf monthly out large blood clots, the doctor after detailed inspection and test results can conclude that the neoplasm in the uterus. Although these tumors are benign, they should not be ignored, and it is better to remove. If the cause of the disease was cancer, and a consultation with the doctor is delayed «for tomorrow», can appear anemia, then the treatment will be more complex and lengthy.

If you are convinced that the heavy periods is not the result of disease or malfunction of the body, there are methods of folk medicine, tells how to stop heavy periods with blood clots.

  • prepare a decoction, which is made of raspberry leaves and peppermint leaves in a ratio of 1:1. This formula helps reduce the flow of menstrual fluid. Limitations in the amount of fluid there. And if you add in the decoction the leaves of viburnum (preferably «live»), the effect will be further enhanced.
  • another version of the broth to stop excessive bleeding: grass shepherd’s purse + nettle leaves (or leaves smartweed), brew the mixture and drink half a Cup 3 times a day.
  • if traditional methods don’t inspire you, you can reap the benefits of the standard. But it is important to remember that the pill not only affects the desired action, he can cause the appearance of side effects. If the discharge is abundant and during your period clots of blood, to suspend the process will help: tincture of water pepper, menadione, dicynone, trinixy. Before using the pills, carefully examine the instructions, but better consult your doctor.

Be healthy!

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