Bezkrasaina diet

Bezkrasaina diet

«Quiet is the Ukrainian night». . . Yes, you are right — «fat better to move»! Unfortunately, to hide for a few weeks will have to not only fat, but all foods that contain starch. According to the scientific research that gets in the body starch is soon converted into glucose and used as energy material.

The trouble is that starchy foods are perfectly combined in our body and obese people it does not promise anything good. This combination is very harmful and this diet is not for nothing is «escragnolles». The suspension of starch containing foods will help get rid of excess weight and generally has a positive effect on the body.

So what is the list of banned products? This:

— all of the pasta

— many favorite potatoes

— flour products

— sugar (it is also advisable to send into exile to great effect)

Food will mainly consist of fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, fresh juices, small amounts of nuts. One and a half liters of water a day will help cleanse the body, removing toxic substances. For Breakfast you can eat any raw vegetables and fruits. For lunch some of them can be cooked in a double boiler. Dinner can also contain a combination of vegetables and fruits. For dessert, you can afford dried fruits.

Prunes, raisins and dried apricots are particularly good. To start this diet in the spring — a pleasure! The body is alive will respond to such healthy and delicious food and good mood you provided!

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