The benefits and harms of green beans

A complete diet must include vegetables. One of the most popular at our table – the beans in the pods. It is served as a side dish or as a standalone vegetarian dish, added to soups, salads. People know that it is very useful, but not always mean that any product can bear the damage. In some diseases of beans have not.

Green beans

The benefits of green beans

The green beans are of two types – green and yellow (the latter is also called the French because of their delicate taste). Their usefulness was known by people in ancient times, however, in its present form, the beans came into the kitchen only in the 16th century. In contrast to the white and red beans, which are edible, only the seeds, green and yellow can be eaten whole. It is often prepared by people watching their figure and health in General.

In addition, yellow string beans along with green rooted not only French, but also in other national cuisines such as Chinese, Korean, and Mexican. Such popularity is caused by the fact that the beans contains nutrients, minerals and vitamins which are excellent affect the body.


The benefits and harms of green beans may be attributed to only a single substance because the product has a complex rich composition:

Substance Favor
Iron Helps in diseases of the blood, anemia
Folic acid Building material for the woman’s body. It eases pain during menstruation, helps to establish a clear cycle, improves fertility. Very useful for pregnant women.
Copper Reduces the risk of diseases of the joints, helps with arthritis.
Magnesium Support the body during chronic fatigue, nervous exhaustion, helps to cope with stress.
Fiber Helps to maintain proper level of blood sugar.
Sulfur Normalizes the bowels.
Potassium Keeps normal pressure, helps with diseases of the heart.
Zinc Normalizes the absorption of carbohydrates.

Caloric value per 100 grams

The answer to the question how many calories in green beans, is sure to please those who want to lose weight. The energy value of a hundred grams of this product is 24-30 kcal. One serving will be about twice the size, but these figures still will not harm the figure. We must remember that the caloric value of the food also depends on other ingredients and method of preparation.

For example, the benefits and harms of fried green beans you need to carefully consider, because the oil is very greasy. Total calories for one hundred grams will be 175 kcal. When cooked, the product may lose some useful properties (60-120 kcal). The best way is to roast the beans with minimum spices and cook for a couple, then the amount of calories saved.


Nutritional value:

  • protein – 2.5 g;
  • fats – 0,3 g;
  • carbohydrates – 3 g;
  • water – 90 g;
  • dietary fiber is 3.4 G.

A dish with green beans

Useful than green beans

Regular consumption of this bean will benefit not as a special diet or therapeutic diet, but in everyday life. It is not necessary to worry about how much carbohydrates contained in beans is due to the large number dietary fiber product still promotes weight loss. In addition, it helps with heart disease, diabetes, and diseases of the male and female reproductive systems.

Use asparagus

Long green pods are often sold frozen. However, you can buy young summer beans and do frozen or canned for the winter on their own (as pictured). Fresh asparagus is tasty, this variety contains a variety of vitamins group A, b, C. Such a useful additive to the table if you eat it two or three times a week, strengthen the immune system, help to cope with chronic diseases.

Conservauon of casola

For weight loss

The secret of the dietary properties of the plant – a large quantity of water. You can eat a big portion, enough, but to only 40-60 kcal. In addition, a large number of dietary fiber supports normal functioning of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, clears the body of toxins. Those who want to lose weight, it is recommended to arrange one-two day fasting diet on this product, which also speeds up the metabolism.

During pregnancy

Beans contains a lot of folic acid, which normalizes sensiivity background. During pregnancy, this substance becomes a kind of building material for an organism of future mother. Gynecologists often prescribe patients a concentrated folic acid tablets, but you can get through servings of legumes. In addition, the content of vitamins A and C benefits the immune system, especially in the winter.

Harm and contraindications

As with any food product, the benefits and harms of green beans are determined individually. To eat it is not recommended for those who have chronic gastrointestinal diseases – acute gastritis, or ulcer, colitis, cholecystitis. Doctors say it is possible to eat when excessive flatulence, but to avoid increased gas formation, it is recommended to just drain the first water after cooking. Do not experiment with recipes that involve the use of raw pods that are toxic and can harm the mucous membrane, if not pass the preliminary heat treatment.

Video about useful properties of frozen green beans

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