Bath with essential oils

The essential oil was popular in ancient times. So, women used as their main cosmetic. Today oil is not so common used, but still possess special healing properties. So, a bath with essential oils has a relaxing effect. In addition, this procedure is the prevention of many diseases.

First oil hydrate the skin, helping to normalize the metabolism, some of them calm, others stimulate. Bath with aromatic oils helps to restore skin elasticity after weight loss. For weight loss help oils of orange and grapefruit, they simultaneously help to burning fatty tissue and are beneficial to the skin tone. Ginger, lemon, juniper, cypress, cardamom and geranium and normalize metabolic processes in the body. The nervous system and soothe lavender, Jasmine, bergamot, orange and rose oil.

Bath with essential oils

It is noteworthy that bath with essential oils is more effective than inhalers or lamps. As in the process bath substances enter the body through the skin and inhaled fumes complement the therapeutic result.

Mere knowledge about the healing effect of essential oils is not enough, you must be able to use them correctly. Prepare a bath with oils is very simple. First of all, the water temperature should be 37 degrees, take a bath is recommended for 15 minutes. In addition, you need to dilute the oil. Given that the maximum take 1 drop of oil for 10 liters of water, we should start with a concentration of 3 times smaller.

Taking a bath is advisable to use more than two oils. So, for weight loss you can make a one-time use orange oil and grapefruit. To better dissolve the oil before adding to the bath need a few drops diluted in milk, sour cream, kefir, whey, or sea salt solution.

However, a bath with aromatic oils is not recommended for everyone. Those who have cancer, suffer from angina, dermatitis, diabetes or cirrhosis of the liver.

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