Bath, sauna, Hammam or how to care for skin at high temperatures?

Bath again gaining popularity, soon it can already be called a club. In addition, today it has become fashionable in the bath, and also in its varieties, such as Hamam or sauna, take care of the skin. However, you should think about all used in the bath cosmetic products for your skin are created equal. So today we will tell you about how to properly care for your skin in the bath, Hammam sauna ii, and as — is unacceptable.


The temperature in the Russian bath is hard, it reaches peticesti to seventy degrees Celsius, and a humidity of fifty to seventy percent. For the skin these conditions are fairly comfortable, but for jars of cosmetics — no. The exception may be the shower gel and soap.

With skin in the bath itself should not do anything, and after it can be applied to the face mask or a soothing cream. But for the body suit skin VASO-constricting components, such as the Ruscus extract and caffeine.

Try to take a broom from a professional attendant. The broom should be chosen according to your needs: the birch to soothe the skin, eucalyptus for health in General and oak to increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Also ask to cover your head with tree branches. This massage with a broom will promote exfoliation, so after this procedure it is recommended to wash hard sponge.

Do not use in steamy honey or salt peeling, so as not to irritate and not to injure the skin. These funds are more suitable for use in the bathroom.


In the Finnish sauna the temperature can reach a hundred-hundred and twenty degrees with a humidity of not more than fifteen percent. So hot and dry air is stressful for your skin, so it shouldn’t be any more annoying additional manipulation for beauty.

In front of the sauna take a shower and carefully towel drying. And on the face apply a moisturizing gel or cream with a light texture. In the sauna you should not use cosmetic products that contain abrasive particles. And after the sauna, apply a body moisturizing cream or a cream with anti-stress effect.

After the sauna take a shower and apply to the skin of the face and body scrub, home-cooked, for example, oat flakes and heavy cream. After that, your skin will be more soft and gentle.

Do not try to thoroughly steam the skin, that after a sauna to cause her a lot of nourishing cream. This procedure does not result in anything good, except increased production of sebum, shiny red skin and injuries of the blood vessels.


Turkish Hamam built with stone and lined, so the temperature is relatively low, about forty-five degrees record high humidity around eighty percent. Such a climate is capable of creating ideal conditions for skin care face and body. In such conditions, the upper layer of the skin becomes more susceptible to peeling and further penetration of active cosmetic ingredients.

In the Hammam you can use enzyme peels, which love heat and moisture, as well as a body scrub made from sea salt or finely ground meal. The best treatments after a Hammam is a lifting body creams and masks.

Can try also the Turkish soap massage using two types of soap: olive, grated on a coarse grater and using a special silk bag whipped to a froth, and also black soap «.». After one such session your skin will become young and fresh.

In the Hammam there are no contraindications for any beauty procedures provided.

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