How to delay my period for a few days or a week

how to delay my periodFor each woman, the period when comes the next critical days, brings some inconvenience and discomfort. Even more insulting, when the beginning of menstruation coincides with a long-planned trip or another important event in my life. But fortunately, there are some ways that allow you to delay my period for a week or a few days. Such methods are particularly familiar to the athletes who take part in important sporting events Actresses, and other professions that require special conditions and concentration at work. But the need to delay my period for a couple of days, can occur in any girl. Some tips that you will find in this article.

How to delay period with pills

At a certain influence on the hormonal component women, so you can move it monthly for a certain time. For this pharmacology made special preparations allowed modern medicine.

  1. Combined oral contraceptives. If you are already taking these pills, for you, this method will be more optimal. Between each of the following packs of monophasic pills, you need to make a break for the period of menstruation. If you aim to slightly delay the arrival of menstruation, the break just needs to be done. Start taking the next pack as usual. If you take the pill for 3 phase, you need to continue taking only those that are designed for 3 phase, but in this case, the effect of contraception is significantly reduced, therefore, to avoid unwanted and unplanned pregnancy should be further protected. How to make period go later if early oral contraceptive drugs you took. Pick up together with gynecologist the best option for you and start whatever day of the cycle. But my period was late, to eat the first pill it is necessary not later than three days prior to the anticipated monthly. But it is better to drink KOK at least one cycle before you put this experiment to avoid hormone imbalances. The principle of this method is that quitting will take KOK, due to the decrease in the level of hormones, the bleeding.
  2. Pills — progestins is a sure way to delay my period for a week or other desired time. Such tools are recommended by gynecologists to lengthen cycle. To use this method, necessarily consult a gynecologist — endocrinologist, a better make such experiments under his supervision so as not to harm your health. In addition, this method has some contraindications, such as heart problems or disorders of the liver, as well as age over 35 years. So, to start 2 weeks before the estimated date of critical days (minimum 5 days), the last to take a pill when I should have been over the expected period. After the cancellation period comes almost immediately from 1 to 3 days. This way you can abuse it and to use it only in emergency cases is very necessary.
  3. Dition. This drug causes a widespread belief among physicians about the harm to health. It can make disposable and only after a full examination by a gynecologist. Active ingredients in this medication that affect blood vessels and to stop bleeding. Frequent use of these pills can threaten a woman to thickening of blood and formation of blood clots.

Opponents of the tablets and medicines you can use some of the recipes of traditional medicine.

How to hold monthly folk remedies

Since ancient times, women have noticed that you can influence the hormones with the help of some products. Some recipes how to delay my period for a few days.

  1. With the help of lemon. High content of vitamin C in the body greatly strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which can lead to some delay. To use lemon in large quantities, namely, about three or four in a day, you need at least 5 days before the arrival of menstruation. Lemon is better without sugar and other additives. But remember that a large quantity of citrus fruit can greatly irritate the gastric mucosa, therefore not recommended for people having problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Lemon can be alternated with say.
  2. Parsley is also famous for high content of vitamin C and the intake of infusions and decoctions with it can give the desired effect. Boil chopped grass and will insist. Drink a glass 3 times a day before meal.
  3. A decoction of nettles is also used to delay periods for 3-4 days. Brew 5 tablespoons of dried leaves to 0.5 liters of water. Drink the broth instead of tea and water.

Folk recipes, how to delay my period for a week or a few days, fit only women with a stable and regular cycle. But every body is different, and there is an option that these methods will be ineffective. If you have your own effective way, write about it in the comments.