As excrete the salt

Salt is found in many foods, especially those intended for long-term storage. A large quantity of this item can be found in fast food meals (pizza, chips, burgers), canned and frozen products. If you don’t control the salt intake, you may experience fluid and electrolyte imbalance, which can adversely affect the normal operation of many body systems. Excessive accumulation of salts affect the General health of the person, so it is important to know how to bring them with food and medicines.

Why the body accumulates salt

The main source of salt is the food. Modern people are used to overdo things, because the taste buds are not as sensitive due to its high content of semi-products that are on the shelves. Many consumer products contain such a substance as monosodium approved for sodium (flavor enhancer), which is nothing other than the sodium salt. On the day it is advisable to eat no more than two grams of sodium (the tip of a teaspoon), while the majority of people significantly increases the dose. Salt can accumulate for several reasons:

Gospodina to salt the dish

  • Regular unhealthy diet, including eating foods with lots of salt, flavour enhancers.
  • Heredity, which affects the metabolism and water-salt balance of the body.
  • System diseases excretory organs responsible for the excretion of salt.

How dangerous excess salt in the human body

Excess salt can seriously affect the operation of the human body. There are also different types, accumulate in the body and cause unpleasant disease or pathological condition. In violation of water-salt balance deteriorating health, there is fatigue, you may experience irritability, anxiety. The effect of excess of various substances on the body:

  • Alkaline salts (carbonates, phosphates and others). Deposited in the spine, causing low back pain, which contributes to the headache, pain in the back, disrupting the normal blood circulation.
  • Salt of uric acid. Most of their content in meat dishes, fruits and vegetables with a sour taste. These substances can accumulate in the human joints, feet, thighs than cause edema, swelling. Then the doctors diagnose gout.
  • The oxalate salt. Can form the stones with a smooth surface. As a rule, accumulate in bones and joints.

In addition, excessive consumption of salt can have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system of the body. This substance has the ability to retain water, then the fluid accumulates, the heart becomes more difficult to implement the process of circulation, blood pressure rises. When these symptoms be sure to seek medical attention. Also excess salt causes the cellulite and other disorders in the body.

Effective ways of normalizing the salt balance in the body

Those who doubt whether salt body, doctors can give a definite answer – this substance is needed, but in small quantities. Its benefits is that it helps digestion, forming particular hydrochloric acid. Sodium helps transmit nerve impulses, with his participation there is a reduction of muscle fibers. The effect of salt on the human body is not only negative, but if it is excess you need to know how to reduce the amount of this substance. Help make this correction, nutrition, exercise, folk remedies.

The increase of water consumption

The girl drinks water for removing salt from the body

Water is an essential part of a healthy diet helps to cleanse the body. Without regular consumption of pure, filtered, non-carbonated water the body cannot work normally. Fluid helps remove salts and normalize the overall metabolism of the body. To feel good, the day it is advisable to consume at least two liters of pure water. Doctors recommend to allocate this amount for the whole day, to drink in small SIPS, otherwise the liquid will not bring obvious benefit of washing out of the body not only salt, but also nutrients.

Physical activity

To feel good, we must not forget about physical exercises. Thanks to the work of the excretory system during load of salt is excreted through sweat. If you practice regularly, this method will give good results. For the average person, a little sports, ideal daily thirty-minute load average weight. A good exercise to bring salt, are dancing, running, Cycling, any cardio. Caution need to engage those who have fluid and electrolyte imbalance caused cardiovascular disorders.

The use of natural diuretics

Natural diuretics are special foods that need to enter into the diet. It may be green vegetables, onions, beets, asparagus, and even drink fresh juices (especially citrus help), adding to the diet of food with high fiber content. Their use in food will help to expel excess salt without harm to the body, this is especially true during pregnancy, when not to use strong diuretics or actively loading the body.

Change diet

Girl chooses between healthy and harmful foods

Changing diet is a great way to quickly bring the body’s condition back to normal. First, we need to reduce salt consumption. The first few days you can make salt-free, do not use this substance in food. Then the amount of salt should not exceed norms for the body 1-2 grams a day. Definitely need to follow the rules of proper nutrition: there is a small divided portions, drink plenty of clean liquid. Should give up:

  • Fatty, fried foods, dishes cooked with lots of spices.
  • Fast food, canned products, semi-finished products.
  • Sweet water, mineral sparkling water.
  • Tea, coffee water retention in the body.

If the effects of salt on your body are serious, it excess caused diseases such as gout, arthritis, high blood pressure, edema, kidney stones, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Depending on the pathological process that occurs in the body, will be assigned to appropriate diet and treatment. Diet in the treatment of various diseases:

  • Gout. You need to give up alcoholic drinks, stop eating meat and fish in large quantities, forget about the canned, by-products, chocolate, eggs, legumes, yeast. For additional weight loss is highly reduced calorie diet.
  • Cholelithiasis. Limit consumption of fatty foods, enough water, reduced-calorie diet.
  • The accumulation of salts in the prostate, kidney, mocheotdelenia system. Should drink plenty of liquids, proper nutrition, a diet low in calories.
  • In the presence of oxalate compounds in the body. Eat foods with a high content of calcium, in addition to nuts. These include poppy seeds, seafood, pulses, halva, dairy products. Eliminate from the diet sorrel, rhubarb, figs, spinach.

Sir, I milk the greens

  • The deposition of urate (uric acid salt). Eat more citrus fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk. Limit products such as fish, meat, mushrooms, cauliflower, legumes.
  • The deposition of phosphates. You need to eat less foods containing phosphorus and calcium. Should give preference to cereals, meat, bread, sour apples, cabbage, red currant, fish, beans, horseradish.

Significantly improve the overall condition of the body will help the transition from more harmful white salt at the sea. At factory processing of natural salts lost many useful microelements. Natural iodine is removed, instead, the product is injected potassium iodide. Real sea salt has a grayish hue, it contains a lot of mineral substances beneficial to the body.

What medications derive salt from the body

In any case it is not necessary to independently buy a medicine, help cleanse the body, is removed from the salt. Any drugs should be prescribed by the attending physician in the treatment of certain diseases, caused by violation of water-salt balance. When excess salt compounds prescribed diuretics, vitamins. What medicines can be used to improve the condition of the body when excess of salt:

  • «Dickersin 1». The topical solution from the salts. The drug is used in diseases of the joints, osteochondrosis. Contains tannins, phenolic compounds of plant essential oils. Helps to improve metabolism, reduce swelling, beneficial effect on blood circulation, dissolve the salt, removes them. Has an antioxidant effect.

Preparations for removing salt from the body

  • «Tofan». The drug in pill or in powder form. Contains forcincinnati acid. Reduces pain, inflammation, swelling. The effect of the drug is excretion of uric acid, which contributes to the accumulation of salts from the tissues into the circulatory system. «Atopen» helps to remove salt from the kidneys.
  • «Arisan». Diuretic, contains several types of herbs that have a complex effect on the body. The orthosiphon, horsetail, ginger, alpinia officinalis, turmeric. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antioxidant product helps to remove uric acid, which contributes to the crystallization of salts, to improve the General condition of the body.

Folk remedies to cleanse body from salts

People who know what salt is harmful to the body, excessive consumption try to use folk remedies that help to flush this substance, to return to the body proper water and salt balance. Use them should, at the same time observing proper diet, reducing consumption of salt and products that have it high. Some foods will help the body excrete sodium:

  • Juices. To bring salt, to improve the condition of the body, need to consume at least one liter of fresh juice. Will fit Apple, pumpkin, orange, orange-lemon drink. This will help to boost the immune system, efficiently lead sodium.
  • Fig. To use this product to remove salts, it is necessary to properly prepare it. On the night pour three tablespoons of rice in one liter of water. In the morning rinse, add fresh water, simmer for five minutes. Rinse again, cover with water, boil. Repeat the procedure four times. After cooling, eat a portion, the next meal should be within a few hours. To bring salt, repeated for ten days.
  • Buckwheat. At night pour two tablespoons of grits with a glass of low-fat yogurt, buckwheat is soft. Eat for Breakfast. Repeat as five to seven days, after a course of the condition of the body improved, a large amount of salts will appear.
  • Cranberries. Mash a Cup of berries, pour two cups of clean water. Take this infusion during the day instead of water. To continue the course needs a few days, then take a break.
  • Clay. To reduce the swelling of the feet due to the accumulation of salts, take two tablespoons of clay, mix with a tablespoon of the mixture of milled herbs: yarrow, wormwood, chamomile. Add water to make «cakes». Apply to feet, keep sixty minutes. Repeat until you feel better.

Folk remedies for removing salt from the body

  • Bay leaf. Five leaves pour 500 ml of water, boil about twenty minutes. Five to seven days take one’s throat three times a day for effective removal of salts, decrease swelling of the body.
  • The knotweed. Bring salt, to improve the health of the body will help the infusion of knotweed. Mix one part of this herb and two parts of leaves of currant, strawberry. Pour a glass of boiling water, let stand for about an hour. A day, drink a quarter Cup. The course of treatment to bring salt a month.
  • Parsley and celery. Take 50 grams of fresh herbs, chop. Pour two cups of water, then boil for about seven minutes on small fire. Let stand for half an hour to cool down. Add 40 grams of honey, squeezed lemon juice (1 lemon). One Cup should drink in small portions throughout the day. To bring salt back to health the body needs course of thirty days.
  • A decoction of the root of a sunflower. To help the body excrete salt, pour half a Cup the roots one and a half liters of boiling water. Then ten minutes on low heat, let stand for another half hour. Drink 170 ml three times per day. The course of treatment — a month. At the same time it is desirable to keep food without salt.
  • The leaves of black currant. Five tablespoons of leaves pour a liter of boiling water in a thermos and let stand for an hour. On the day you need to drink at least five cups. Infusion has on the body diuretic effect, helps to effectively remove salts.

Video: how to quickly excrete the excess salt

People who pay a lot of attention to the health of your body, with the first symptoms of calcification want to know how to bring them out. First, it is necessary to move to the correct diet, consuming large amounts of clean water, refuse from harmful products. Quickly bring the salt will help the special folk remedies, improves the General condition of the body, relieve swelling and pain. In the video below you can see several medicines that are easy to make at home. These folk medicines will not bring harm to the body, will effectively help to remove excess salts:

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