Antiparasitic drugs of broad spectrum for humans

Feeling the signs of sickness, people do not always realize that he has worms. Children become infected from animals or on the street. Adult source diseases are unwashed vegetables, poor quality water. To cope with the problem will help antiparasitic drugs that the broad range of actions are actively dealing with worms.

How to operate a tablet from worms

Antiparasitic drugs for humans

Antiparasitic drugs for humans broad-spectrum selectively act on worms, though, and cover a large group of parasites. Antipatia medicines that destroy one kind of worms, not destroy the other. If you suspect the presence of parasites should be tested to know exactly what worms live in the body. Depends on method of treatment. The total number of species of worms that affect people, more than two hundred. They are divided into 3 groups:

  • round – cyst nematode;
  • flatworms – flukes;
  • band of the cestodes.

Treatment follows from the results of tests, the doctor determines. The duration of the course and current drugs against parasites are based on the species of worms. Self-treatment is impermissible, because the worms can one move on to another and cause more damage. The action of anti-parasitic drugs directed to:

  • blocking nerve impulses and paralysis of the helminths – Piperazine;
  • the violation of assimilation of glucose in the cells of the worms that causes the death – Mebendazole;
  • disorder in the intestinal cells of parasites Albendazole.

Cure for worms, plant-based

Anthelmintic drugs for humans broad spectrum of plant origin are based on herbs which is used for removing worms traditional medicine. In the Supplement Matovic includes tansy, and wormwood, dandelion root and horsetail, which have anthelmintic, antibacterial and disinfectant action. Antiparasitic properties of milk Thistle oil, and grape seeds that helps to destroy and bring worms. Children and pregnant recommend against invasions pumpkin seeds.

Synthetic anthelmintic drugs

Modern pharmacology developed on the basis of synthetic antiparasitic drugs of broad spectrum, have an active effect on many helminths. Unfortunately, they are not always good for humans, causing complications after use. Only time made the tests will help the doctor prescribe the necessary treatment without unpleasant consequences. Medications are available in pill form, capsules, for children – emulsions, suppositories.

The best-known drugs of worms

Antiparasitic drug Piperazine

There are antiparasitic drugs of broad spectrum for people who are very often prescribed by doctors. They differ affordable price and strong effect in the treatment of helminthiasis. These include:

  • Medamin, Piperazine – fighting nematodes;
  • Dekaris, paralyzing parasites;
  • Vermin (another name of telmoks) – effective helminthiasis mixed;
  • Niclosamide – fighting tapeworms;
  • Pyrvinium – effective against pinworms;
  • Praziquantel – broad spectrum activity against all parasites;
  • Bithionol, from the flat helminths.

How to choose the tool from worms to humans

On their own, without a doctor, choose antiparasitic drugs of broad spectrum of action for man it is impossible, although they sell at the pharmacy. This can only worsen the situation and lead to complications. Moreover, some have side effects. Popular medicines:

  • Dekaris is contraindicated for up to three years, during pregnancy;
  • Helmintox – not recommended when liver failure;
  • Vermoxum – banned in lactation;
  • Andasol excluded while lesions of the retina;
  • Biltricid – contraindications for violations of heart rhythms.

Precipitazioni drug Wormin


Anthelmintic drugs for humans broad-spectrum in adulthood and childhood are often the same, just used in a different dosage. Caution should be taken for the destruction of helminths during pregnancy. Currently, treatment is recommended to use pumpkin seeds. Medicines taking Piperazine strictly under medical supervision. Importantly, many of the tools of broad-spectrum have contraindications. For example, Bithionol can cause impaired vision, and Albendazole is bad for the liver.


Antiparasitic drugs for use in children in the form of a suspension, which is pleasant to the taste, they drink it with pleasure. A wide spectrum of action has a Worm that will display round and flat worms from the little man. Dekaris – effective against ascarids. It is convenient to treat kids medication in the form of candles. Doctors prescribe drugs:

  • Nigella Sativa – is an anti-inflammatory, strengthens the immune system;
  • Prostate – besides the anthelmintic effect, has analgesic effect;
  • Konfeta – there are no contraindications.

The Drug Decaris

How to take de-worming drugs

You should know: antiparasitic drugs of broad spectrum for a person appointed in a dose corresponding to the weight of the person. A single application, if the doctor will prescribe a different treatment plan. It is recommended to take a dose of the drug:

  • Dekaris – adults – 150 mg, 50 mg prescribed for children under the age of 6 years, the reception after dinner;
  • Pyrantel – regardless of age – 10 mg per kilogram of body weight, food intake not influenced;
  • Nematol – during meals, at the time of consumption requirements, no dose of 400 mg for all, starting from 2 years;
  • Prostate – candles for deworming prescribe a course of 5 days.

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Miroslav, 32 years:Pinworms I acquired during pregnancy. I’m afraid that can cause harm to the child, the more that many drugs are prohibited. The doctor reassured me, advised in the morning to eat a handful of pumpkin seeds. I heard about this method but didn’t expect it to be effective. The problem was quickly controlled.

Evdokia, 46 years:I could not think that the reason for my insatiable appetite of the parasites who settled in the body. Immediately went to the hospital, but when tested, it turned out that I was hooked tapeworms. Appointed antiparasitic drug Vermoxum. Helped quickly, but I was just awful! Very effective action.

Margarita, 35 years:I was scared when the child began to gnash their teeth, cry. Ran to the pediatrician, it became clear that my baby banal pinworms. Prescribed suspension Pyrantel, the baby began to drink with pleasure. Soon the worms came out, now sleeping peacefully, and for preventive maintenance after each outing be sure to wash hands with soap and water.

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