Antibiotics for sinusitis

Very sick sinus nose? Bother purulent discharge and high temperature? Most likely, the doctor can diagnose inflammation of the maxillary sinuses and prescribe treatment with antibiotics. Cure for sinusitis – the most common way of combating the disease, which allows to avoid surgical intervention.

Treatment of sinusitis with antibiotics

The girl has a runny nose

It is known that antibiotics – powerful medicines that effectively destroy pathogens and prevent the transfer of disease into a chronic form. Sinusitis is treated by them in cases where the cause is bacterial infection. If the disease is caused by viruses, antibiotics use is inappropriate. The decision about which drugs from sinusitis to appoint is made by the doctor after detailed examination of the patient and laboratory tests. An appropriate antibiotic is the one which is most sensitive pathogen.

Nose drops with an antibiotic

Recommended in mild disease, at the initial stage for relief of exacerbations. Local antibiotics in sinusitis are the most safe and harmless because they are not absorbed into the systemic circulation. Usually, the body gets used to them quickly, so the healing effect lasts no more than 5-6 days. You can use the following drops:

  1. Polideksa. Contains the antibiotics polymyxin, neomycin, destructive affect most bacteria. The tool makes breathing easier, stops inflammatory processes.
  2. Izofra. Active ingredient – framizetin, has a pronounced bactericidal effect. These drops from sinusitis with an antibiotic, effective against many bacteria, but is useless against pneumococcus.
  3. Spray sinusitis Bioparox. Spray the antibiotic contains the active ingredient is fusafungine. Destructive to many bacteria and fungal microorganisms.

Nose drops Polideksa

Tablets in the sinus

More effective than nose drops are not addictive. Pills sinusitis, reduce inflammation, eliminate the causes of the disease, reduce swelling, speed up the excretion accumulates in the sinuses of mucus. To achieve results the patient is recommended to combine the medication with drops, sprays. For the treatment can be used penicillins, cephalosporins, fluoroquinolones, macrolides. Review that can be used antibiotics of ENT-diseases in adults.

The antibiotic penicillin

The most common type of antibiotics for sinusitis that is used by doctors. Effectively eliminate the most difficult symptoms of sinusitis, have a small amount of side effects Only the lack of them – affect only some types of bacteria. The antibiotic penicillin include:

  1. Amoxicillin. Destroys gram-negative rods, cocci principal. It is recommended to take for long, because the bacteria quickly become immune to the active ingredient. A single dose is approximately 250-500 mg.
  2. Augmentin. In addition to amoxicillin the drug contains one active ingredient – klavulanova acid which affects a wide range of bacteria. Relief comes in a day after taking the pills. Allowed for breastfeeding in the third trimester of pregnancy.

Azithromycin Tablets

Cephalosporins tablets

The main features of these antibiotics in sinusitis – range and large compared with penicillin resistance of pathogenic microflora. They are based on aminocephalosporinic acid. To the group of cephalosporins include:

  1. Cephalexin. The drug belongs to the first generation. Effective against those microorganisms that are not affected by penicillins. It is undesirable to take the children up to 3 years, pregnant.
  2. Suprax. Modern medicine is the third generation with wide spectrum of action. The effect is due to inhibition of cell wall synthesis of bacteria. Active during the day after ingestion.

The latest generation macrolides

Antibiotics are used to treat the acute phase of sinusitis, and chronic forms of the disease. They are safe, the effect is achieved due to the blocking of bacterial growth and inhibition of reproduction. Macrolides have anti-inflammatory action, regulates the immune system. To this group belong:

  1. Azithromycin. Tablets are rapidly absorbed into the blood, active substances can survive for long periods in areas of inflammation, providing a beneficial effect. Take 1 time per day.
  2. Josamycin. The effect is achieved due to violation of protein synthesis in bacteria, slowing their growth, reproduction, bactericidal effect. Little effect on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Bioparox Aerosol


Antibiotics of this group are highly active, they are often prescribed for patients who are not helped by other meds. Medicines are very effective because many bacteria have not had time to build immunity to them. Drugs group:

  1. Ofloxacin. The medicine belongs to the group of the reserve – it is recommended to assign if the other antibacterial agents has not helped. After receiving other antibiotics are not effective.
  2. Moxifloxacin. The drug is bactericidal effects. Take 1 time per day, dose – 400 mg.

How to treat sinusitis in children

Sinusitis in children can occur due to infectious diseases, allergic rhinitis, injury, inflammation of the adenoids, diseases of the oral cavity and so on. In newborns, the disease is not found. The disease can occur in children after 4 years: only in this age, begins to form the sinus of the nose. In the same way as in adults, the disease can be caused by a viral infection, Allergy, bacteria. In the first and second case of sinusitis take place easily after the recovery of the body. Another thing – a bacterial disease in a child that requires serious treatment.

Sinusitis is treated systemically, the drugs are assigned pediatrician. It is recommended to use the new generation tablet which will help to achieve maximum concentration of the active substance. The most effective and reasonable method to cure sinusitis – antimicrobial therapy. Prolonged courses of treatment – 10-14 days. It is necessary that the active substance is not accumulated in the blood, and sinus. In this regard, antibiotics cannot be interrupted, even if there is relief to the state. For the child’s age is not contraindicated, such antibiotics for sinusitis:

  • Bioparox;
  • Suprax (suspension);
  • Polideksa;
  • Sinuforte;
  • Flemoksin Soljutab;
  • Sumamed.

Video: preparations for the treatment of sinusitis in adults


Kiera, 32 years:Since childhood, suffering frontal sinusitis, sinusitis, lasting nasal congestion, so it is always at hand eye drops. But once they stopped to help me, and I turned to the therapist. He said that I have sinusitis. Was treated with antibiotics: Cefazolin, Ceftriaxone. They helped, so grateful to the doctor for proper treatment!

Faith, 40 years:Often collide in the network with discussions on the treatment of inflammation of the sinuses. As a physician, I can say that in the case of the bacterial form must be approached comprehensively: be sure to drink antibiotics (at least cheap), to use local drugs. Suggest a reliable antibiotic in maxillary sinusitis, adults, name – Dioxidine. Note for the future.

Cyril, 29 years:if I had inflammation of the sinuses, I wouldn’t have to experiment and use the antibiotics of local action. I do not trust them again use in childhood. Injections and antibiotics if the sinusitis is the best and only solution. For example, my wife was cured by the cheapest drug Ceftriaxone. Doesn’t hurt anymore.

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