Anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology

One of the most common causes of the March of women to the gynecologist – inflammation of the female genital organs. After the establishment of the disease, the doctor may prescribe the spark broad spectrum. Depending on the type of pathology and the individual characteristics of the female body are appointed by the rectal or vaginal means.

What is the candle vaginal, and rectal

Vaginal and rectal suppositories

Gynecological candles, they are suppositories is a form of therapeutic agents that have a local effect. By their properties these drugs differ from other drugs. At room temperature they do not change their consistency, and contacting with the body melt. Anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology used for the treatment of many diseases related to the urogenital system.

Tools such as candles, or injected into the rectum or vagina. Rectal preparations have the form of a cylinder or cone with a rounded end. They have local and General effect due to its ability to high suction through the rectum. Vaginal suppositories can be ovoid, spherical or flat and round shape. Gynecologist appoints such drugs for various diseases of the female genital organs, including cervical erosion, inflammation, fungal or other infections.

What are the benefits of anti-inflammatory candles

Anti-inflammatory candles

The use of rectal and vaginal suppositories anti-inflammatory AIDS in treatment of many pathologies. Such a high demand for drugs of this type due to the many advantages of candles. Significant advantages of this dosage form are:

  • ease of use, painlessness of the administration;
  • the lack of negative effect on the digestive tract (therapeutic ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, avoiding the digestive tract);
  • the minimum number of side effects;
  • providing not only anti-inflammatory but and antiseptic action;
  • minimal risk of Allergy after using the candle
  • fast action (active substances are released into the bloodstream after an hour of use).

In what diseases prescribe anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories suppositories rectal

To choose the appropriate medication in gynecology can only the doctor based on the result of the diagnosis. The doctor determines the actual therapeutic methods, but also sets the duration of treatment. To enhance the effectiveness of suppositories, in addition to the treatment of various diseases of gynaecology can be prescribed antibiotics, injections, douche.

Medication for cystitis in women

Suppositories Geksikon

This disease is characterized by an inflammatory process that occurs in the mucous membrane of the bladder. The main symptoms of cystitis – pain and burning sensation during urination, frequent urge to visit the toilet. Pathology may be a consequence of a cold and take one of two forms: chronic or acute. For the treatment of cystitis used anti-inflammatory candles in gynecology.

If a woman began to treat the disease at an early stage, whereby the cystitis has passed in the heavy form, the doctor prescribes antibiotic of candles, for example:

  • Betadine;
  • Hexicon;
  • sintomitsinovoy candles;
  • candles with Palin;
  • Macmiror.

Less severe cases are treated effectively with homeopathic anti-inflammatory drugs. The composition of the suppositories may include celandine, chamomile, oak bark, belladonna, propolis, other herbal ingredients. Such candles from cystitis is able to quickly remove the inflammation, in addition, they are actively fighting with pathogenic bacteria and rarely cause side effects.

Candles in inflammation of female organs

The girl of inflammation in gynecology

In gynecology is widely used candles from inflammation of the appendages with anti-inflammatory action. Most often they are prescribed as part of complex therapy adneksita. There are also anti-inflammatory vaginal suppositories for the treatment of the uterus and other pelvic organs. Such tools help to quickly relieve the pain, burning, itching and to improve the protective properties of the female body. The anti-inflammatory action of the candles in gynecology compared with injection treatment, as components of both types of medications quickly into the bloodstream.

The doctor on the basis of medical history and results of examination may appoint such candles from inflammation in gynecology:

  • Dalacin;
  • Terginan;
  • Bifonorm;
  • Movalis;
  • Poliginaks;
  • Lactosorb;
  • Evkalimin;
  • Indomethacin.

No less popular means for the treatment of ovarian and other female genital organs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory candles, which can reduce body temperature and effective analgesic. The most common among these drugs are:

  • Ortofen;
  • Diklak;
  • Voltaren.

Vaginal suppositories yeast infection

Candles Metronidazole

One of the most important female gynecological problems is thrush. This disease is characterized by fungal lesions of the internal and external genitalia, and serious discomfort gives women. Therapeutic activities include the use of antifungal agents. Vaginal suppositories effectively help relieve the symptoms of thrush to destroy a fungal infection. Listed below are names effective candles from this disease:

  • Nystatin;
  • Or zalain Sertaconazole;
  • Miconazole;
  • Econazole;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Metronidazole;
  • Irunin;
  • Macmiror.

Candles with endometriosis

In this disease anti-inflammatory candles are appointed very rarely, because it is characterized by profuse discharge (inter — menstrual bleeding). As a result, the active components are washed away from the vagina, which was placed a capsule, and a positive therapeutic effect fails to manifest. In certain cases, however, gynecologists prescribed rectal suppositories for pain relief and in order protivozdushnoy therapy. With endometriosis you can use these candles:

  • Diklovit (cheap analogue – Diclofenac);
  • Claimant;
  • Indomethacin;
  • Viferon.

Candles with cervical erosion

For the treatment of this widespread disease used several different techniques: cautery of cervix by chemical means, electrical appliances, laser. Sometimes as a supplementary measure, the doctor prescribes the patient an anti-inflammatory suppositories. They are used before or after burning. The course usually lasts at least 5 days and is aimed at eliminating the inflammatory process. In addition, anti-inflammatory candles are used in gynecology after surgery to prevent the development of any pathogenic process.

In order to prevent the inflammatory process used methyluracyl candles in gynecology. Apart from these, the doctor may prescribe:

  • Sporon;
  • Depantol;
  • Ovestin;
  • Poliginaks;
  • Hexicon.

Other popular anti-inflammatory drugs in gynecology

Candles Livarol

Treatment of female genital mutilation is rarely complete without the use of vaginal or rectal suppositories. Anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed when non-specific vaginitis (the inflammation of the vaginal sheath), erosion of the cervix. They provide antibacterial and antiseptic action. Effective remedies of this type include:

  • Terginan;
  • Atsilakt;
  • The doctor-Kombi;
  • Micogynax;
  • sea buckthorn suppositories;
  • Gainmax;
  • Neo-penotran.

During pregnancy and lactation, a woman is most susceptible to various infections and pathogenic bacteria, which infects the urogenital system. This is due to a natural decrease in the protective properties of the organism. From the thrush, vaginosis and other pathologies encountered in pregnant women, use only certain types of suppositories:

  • Pimafucin;
  • Pribaturin;
  • Livarol.

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Pauline, 28 years

A couple of times faced with such unpleasant disease as inflammation of the appendages. The first case was in adolescence, I was wearing short things and caught a cold, the second just happened recently. Was treated, as before, the Clotrimazole. The drug is inexpensive and very effective: rapidly relieves pain and inflammation.

Anna, 34 years:

I have chronic cystitis which is often in the hidden (latent) form, but is sometimes shown. Usually, this happens in winter and brings serious discomfort: strongly pulls the lower abdomen, constantly want to use the toilet. Save only Hexicon or Urosept, other drugs do not give such a rapid effect.

Dayana, 26 years:

I like the effect of the suppositories with sea buckthorn oil. I use them in almost any gynecological problems. In addition, if you begin a yeast infection, it is often to wash special means for intimate hygiene and to wash clothes exclusively soap. Sore disappear in 2-3 days, if the time to begin treatment.

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