Anti-aging treatments that are required after 30 years

Anti-aging treatments that are required after 30 years

After thirty years the woman has already enough of an expensive cream and a good night’s sleep to maintain youthful and healthy skin. Therefore it is necessary to turn to more efficient methods. But what we will tell you in this article.


This is probably the most common method of rejuvenation. It was developed by scientists from Israel fifteen years ago. Since then it has been used by doctors around the world to fight against aging.

This method combines two types of energy: high-frequency electric current and light. The light heats the top of the skin tissue, which increases the conductivity, and radio frequency waves can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. Thus, the synthesis of collagen and elastin is activated.

The energy intensity, the doctor selects for each patient individually throughout the procedure, it is controlled by sensors that are connected to the computer. The device has a large number of nozzles, each designed to solve a specific problem.

Only the doctor can find the necessary for you. Therefore, it is important to choose this procedure a qualified professional. This is very important since there are so many fakes that can ruin the entire procedure.

This procedure should only be performed when the skin on the face beginning to SAG, skin elasticity is lost, and the first wrinkles. ELOS can also help solve problems associated with traces of acne, sallow skin, age spots, spider veins and enlarged pores.

Wrinkles will start to smooth out after the first treatment, the skin tone will be leveled, and the skin becomes elastic and dense.

Also the skin will fade the marks from acne, freckles, age spots and rosacea. In addition, this procedure does not require a period of rehabilitation and training. This procedure is virtually painless, therefore it can be performed on any area of the body.

The procedure should be carried out three or four with a break between every three to five weeks. As a result of this course procedure can look younger by ten or fifteen years. The result is stored five to six years.

Rejuvenation Fractora

Fractora is a fairly new method of the hardware rejuvenation, which has, however, showed excellent results. It has even managed to call a breakthrough in cosmetics because the effect of this procedure can be compared with a face-lift.

The method operates by means of electromagnetic high frequency radiation, which penetrates through the epidermis, reaches the collagen layer and heats it. As you know, over time, collagen fibers become thinner and deformed and the tissue starts to SAG. And radio waves penetrate the thermally cut fibers, after they become more dense.

This method is used to remove such serious problems as wrinkles, acne, and all sorts of creases, ptosis in the neck and face, as well as lifting, and modeling contours of the body.

Fractora is a procedure with unique features that are loved by many patients. Different tips work for different skin depth and can solve several problems simultaneously. After this procedure, the pores will be less noticeable wrinkles are smoothed, and with a powerful lift to recover the oval of the face. Will also disappear nasolabial folds and flews of upper jaw, and cheekbones will gain the lost volume.

In addition to direct effects, this method acts on the deeper layers of the skin and it starts to upgrade, in fact, with a triple force. And if ELOS works as an eraser, removing superficial damage, Fractora can be called heavy artillery. It should be applied to women, in which tissue is severely sagged, or there are deep scars.

To feel younger you can help just one procedure that should take place at full power. However, in this case a few days will keep the redness and swelling. For your comfort, the procedure can be divided into two or three, but on average power. In this case, the interval between treatments should be four to six weeks. Thus, reduced recovery time.

NANNIC deep hydration

Another new product on the beauty market was the Belgian serum NANNIC. And it is for those who do not want to endure the pain and fears laser.

Beautician will help you choose the right product depending on your problem and using Fractora FIRM «kill» all the goodness of the serum into the deeper layers of the skin. It can also mix several serums, this is acceptable.

After this procedure the skin will become healthier and smoother, and collections and cheekbones tighten. Nasolabial folds can disappear altogether.

The application is shown in cases when there is a hyperpigmentation, skin problems, scars, stretch marks or cellulite. The procedure of the use of this serum can compete with the hardware cosmetology.

Improvements will be noticeable after the first procedure, and after the fifth you will observe steady lifting effect that you will be able to maintain a home of their own. The specialist will pick up the necessary serums with regard to the age and condition of your skin, it will also make you a personal plan of procedures.

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