Aneurysm of vessels of a brain

Intracranial formations are the cause of dangerous diseases. If this disease is diagnosed in time, it can cause death. To control of your health learn about the causes of aneurysm of cerebral vessels, what is this disease and what methods can be used to cure.

Causes of brain aneurysm

The rupture of the vessel

Before you call the factors causing the emergence of this disease, you need to understand what a brain aneurysm. The so-called the formation on the blood vessel of the body, which occurs when stretching or thinning of the artery. Visually, the aneurysm may look like a pouch formed in the vessel and filled with blood, or a tumor on his wall. This education can occur on the aorta, vertebral, carotid, primary, anterior or middle cerebral arteries, and even simultaneously on multiple vessels.

In contrast to malformations, which in most cases is congenital disorders of the circulatory system, aneurysms can be:

  • improper formation of the walls of arteries during embryonic development.
  • arterial hypertension;
  • damage to the artery wall due to atherosclerosis;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • systemic vasculitis – inflammation of vessel walls;
  • polycystic kidney disease;
  • degenerative diseases;
  • infection;
  • tumor;
  • the use of oral contraceptives on a long-term basis;
  • Smoking and drug use.

Symptoms of vasodilation in the brain

The girl has a headache

In many cases, especially when the body was formed microaneurysms and pressure on okruzhayushaya cloth is not felt, the person may not even know about the threat to their health. Such changes in the structure of the vessels can be compared to a ticking time bomb. At any time a rupture of a brain aneurysm, which would entail bleeding. The consequences of such bleeding is very serious:

  • hemorrhagic stroke;
  • subarachnoid hemorrhage;
  • vasospasm;
  • damage to the nervous system;
  • fatal.

Taking into account the severe and often irreversible consequences of the aneurysm, a very important time to seek medical care if any such signs:

  • weakness in the body;
  • sudden sharp headache that lasts for several days;
  • numbness or paralysis of half of face;
  • pain in the eyes, blurred vision;
  • the manifestation of vasospasm and vascular spasm, which manifests a sharp headache, vomiting, loss of consciousness;

Diagnostics of brain vessels

My husband pain in the head

Methods to identify intracranial structures are constantly being improved. The need for this arises because often the symptoms, which refers to such disorders of the blood flow is absent. Aneurysm of the brain vessels disease, which is extremely important to identify, to treat and prevent hemorrhage. Many doctors are of the opinion that each person it is worth to pay and go through this study with a prophylactic purpose. So it is possible to ensure the absence of micro changes in the vasculature.

For diagnostics of brain vessels using the following methods:

  • angiography – involves the introduction of radiopaque substances into the body;
  • MRI radio waves;
  • CT angiography of cerebral vessels – non-invasive method, which analyzes images of cross-sections of the brain;
  • SKT – a more progressive method of computer diagnosis in which the blood vessels of the brain layers are investigated by x-rays;
  • the puncture fluid from the subarachnoid space, which shows was bleeding.

What kind of doctor treats blood vessels of the brain

The patient on the appointment

Doctor who specializiruetsya on identifying abnormalities of blood supply to the brain is a neurologist. The competence of this doctor is the selection of necessary methods of diagnostics, which will help to identify painful deviations. It is important to know that an aneurysm in the blood vessels of the brain in each patient has its own individual character, so the treatment process can be brought to the doctors with a different specialty.

So, depending on the alleged causes of the aneurysm, the neurologist may refer the patient on consultation to other narrow specialist – endocrinologist, angiologist, neurologist. If, however, according to the study it is established that the formation of the vessel of the brain prone to rupture, can not do without surgery that will take a highly skilled surgeon.

The treatment of aneurysms

The scheme of actions, which need to adhere to facilitate the patient’s condition and reduce the risks of complications in this disease, is developed individually in each case. Treatment of blood vessels of the brain will be successful when doctors took into account the size of the growth, its location and how the probability is high that it can burst. Note you need to take and General health of the patient, his medical history, the risks associated with the choice of therapeutic measures. If the aneurysm is small in size, the patient need only be observed by a doctor to monitor her development.

If education of the patient is not increased, often limited to conservative medication – pills to align blood pressure, analgesics and anticonvulsant drugs. In cases where the aneurysm threatening rupture and hemorrhage, selects the appropriate method of surgical intervention. After surgery, the patient is assigned drugs that influence vasodilation in the brain and improve blood circulation in the body. Without surgical procedures not to do in case the aneurysm ruptured.

Brain surgery

To prevent the negative impact of aneurysms of cerebral vessels-human health in modern medicine used such actions.

Clipping A very complex microsurgical procedure, because for its implementation need to do a craniotomy. The intervention, carried out the removal of the aneurysm from the blood flow by clamping her cervix special titanium clip. If the subarachnoid space is the blood, draining it during such an operation. To successfully carry out clipping only if you have special equipment and operating microscope.
Endovascular embolization The aneurysm is entered in a special catheter in the form of a microspiral, which artificially blocks the affected area. With angiography monitored the progress of the operation and carefully investigated the permeability of nearby blood vessels. This method is considered more secure because it does not involve opening the skull. Forecast the results of treatment by this method is very favorable.
Strengthening the walls of blood vessels The damaged area of the vessels turns into a special surgical gauze. This method is often fraught with postoperative complications significantly increase the risk of bleeding.

Folk remedies to expand the blood vessels of the brain

Surgery to remove the aneurysm

If a person has at least one reason to suspect the presence of an aneurysm, he shall in no case be self-medicate, and it is necessary to immediately consult a specialist. You need to understand that the formation on the vessel wall is the change in its structure, and without surgery to cure his progressive development is impossible. On the recommendation of a doctor only at home to alleviate some of the symptoms or to prevent rupture of the aneurysm revealed.

For this disease are shown to strengthen the vascular walls, reducing the risk of blood clots in the vessel changed and as a way to enhance the way blood flow you can use the following traditional medicines:

  • half an hour before Breakfast, drink 0.5 glass of warm goat’s milk with a 0.5 teaspoon of crushed garlic;
  • mix 25 ml of fresh juices of lemon and orange, add 100 ml of warm water, drink this composition on an empty stomach;
  • 4 tsp of dried blueberries pour 1 tbsp. boiling water, leave the mixture in a thermos for 8 hours and drink 20 mins before eating.

Video: aneurysm of cerebral vessels after surgery

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