Analysis on enterobiosis

How often do we ignore the elementary rules of hygiene, not thinking about the consequences. Such carelessness towards one’s own body and the health of children may lead to unpleasant consequence of the enterobiasis. If you suspect this disease, should be tested by any available method.

What is enterobiasis

The laboratory examines the material

Enterobiasis is a common disease, which causes in the human body parasites. Protozoa carry out their livelihoods at the expense of people and can cause great harm to the health. Among the most common worms are pinworms. They affect the body of both adults and children. Most of all prone to the appearance of kids under the age of 4 years.

Parasites are transferred by other people, when hit in the mouth with dust, dirt, unwashed food. It is widely believed that pinworms can be transmitted from animals, not true, because the media is just people, and people their Pets can infect. At the onset of symptoms should seek medical tests that reveal the presence or absence of parasites. The results of the study will be assigned a drug that is able to get rid of the problem. The price of such drugs is low.

The signs of enterobiasis:

  • a strong sensation of itching in the anus;
  • pain in this area;
  • common allergies;
  • chair becomes liquid;
  • sick or dizzy;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in the abdomen;
  • fatigue;
  • the presence of worms in bedding or underwear;
  • flatulence.

In many cases, the enterobiasis does, its detection is possible only by health that is why need to be inspected not less than 1 time per year. If traces of the presence in the body of helminths were detected, the doctors will give direction to the study. Provides the following tests for enterobiasis:

  • scraping;
  • blood test;
  • a stool sample.

When to take the test

Research analysis on enterobiosis

Studies on helminth infections may be necessary for the following reasons:

  • the suspicions of the doctor that you or child has worms, the results of direction analysis;
  • hospitalization;
  • the planned operations;
  • sending a child to camp, daycare, sports section, pool or school;
  • device men or women at work;
  • the establishment of a health card for the newborn;
  • annual preventive study on the eggs of pinworms and other worms.

How to take the scraping on enterobiosis

For a sampling of material for studies of the presence of disease is the collection of feces or perianal scraping. The last method has two method. The first is in the fence analysis using sterile cotton swabs. The second option needs to do using masking tape. Both methods are suitable for putting in paid medical facility, health clinic or by yourself at home.

Smear adults

The girl checks the scraping on enterobiosis

How to take the swab q-tips – sequence of steps:

  1. For taking samples you need to prepare. Contact the hospital where you will be given a special container with a stick and paper where you need to enter the information. Stock up on sterile gloves. The analysis should be taken directly after waking, before stool.
  2. Put on gloves, remove from the container the stick, carefully dip it in a viscous glycerin solution.
  3. Then spread your buttocks and slide the stick in the folds around the anus.
  4. Wand again, place in a sterile container tightly close it.

Smear on enterobiasis using masking tape how to proceed:

  1. Remove from container glass. Hands must be wearing gloves.
  2. Separate from the glass ribbon, and glue it on for a few seconds on the skin around the anus.
  3. Place the tape back, trying not to touch the sticky part. The container with the glass seal and take to the laboratory staff of the hospital.

Analysis for pinworms can be taken in a hospital setting. Then all the necessary procedures to conduct a nurse. At home you can take advantage of their subjects required for study. It is important that they were sterile.

How to get tested for worms children

The analysis study on worms

Smear on the worms is children in the same ways, as adults. However, the child may be cranky, not to give you or the health worker to take the necessary material. The parents raises the question of how to take the scraping on enterobiosis in children. If the child does not calm down, resort to another method. In this case, it is better to do a stool test for pinworms. When collecting this material need to follow a few rules:

  • To take stool you need in the morning immediately after sleep. This is impossible to wash in the shower or take other hygiene procedures.
  • Better if the urination will take place before defecation. So urine will not damage the material.
  • Sampling analysis we need to carry out a special spoon from different places of the stool. Required quantity is 2-3 scoops.
  • Analysis is taken place inside a sterile container, which must be closed tightly.
  • You need to fill out a paper where to specify the personal data of the patient, the number that you were given in hospital and the time when you took the cal.
  • After all activities, take the sample form for study in the laboratory.

How much real analysis on enterobiosis

Sometimes there are situations when they get tested, but the results you can’t pick up for some time. In order not to undergo the procedure again, it is necessary to know the period within which the analysis of suitable, valid results. To study the presence assegnista period is not more than 10 days after preparation. If you do not have time to pick up the certificate or submit it in place of the trial will have to spend again.

Video: enterobiasis in children

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