Allergy to nail gel

Allergy to cosmetics is common among many women, because its production uses harmful chemicals. That allergic reactions to nail Polish-gel not uncommon. It will be useful to find out what threatens the symptoms of the situation, and also applied to eliminate them.

Why is allergic to gel Polish

Manicure with gel Polish

The reason why there is an Allergy to nail Polish, can be idiosyncrasy of the body included in the tool components of allergens. The most common substances-allergens are isobornyl methacrylate, toluene, formaldehyde and its derivatives, rosin. At risk are people with dry or sensitive skin or prone to psychosomatic reactions.

If you see marked «hypoallergenic,» it may not mean that intolerance will not be invoked. A large part of the reactions on the part of the skin goes when using gel-varnishes, so to prevent allergies, it is better to use proven brands: Blyuskay, Cody, eagle. In addition to intolerance of the components of varnish, irritation may occur when using the UV lamp, the use of solvent to remove the sticky layer. In all cases, Allergy symptoms noticeable immediately, but have a cumulative effect.

How to manifest allergic to shellac

When the nail gel Polish the Allergy itself is exposed to the nail plate, cushion, cuticle and fingertips. Allergy to nail gel manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Itching – may be itchy to form blisters and oozing erosion.
  • Blisters – there are small pimples or large bubbles with liquid inside.
  • Swelling of the fingers or the periungual roller.
  • Sneezing, swollen eyes, watery eyes.
  • Angioedema or shortness of breath develops in contact with an allergic component to the mucous membrane of the nose or mouth.

Allergies to the gel lacquer:

  • Contact – affected area, manicure, skin, nails.
  • Respiratory – affected mucosa of nose, mouth.

The girl allergic to gel Polish

How to diagnose an Allergy on the fingers

Allergy to nail gel can be diagnosed by the degradation of women or manicurist. Initial signs – redness, blisters, swelling. If we add the transmission, it is possible to obtain exfoliation of the nail, dolgosheeva crust and cracks. When you neglect hives treatment can go on the hand and wrist. Similar symptoms with allergies is fungus, so before treatment is to make sure in his absence, passing tests for laboratory diagnosis.

Cure the nails after gel Polish

If the Allergy is caused by components of the varnish, the first step will be the release from the cover, which can be rented individually or in the salon. After withdrawing need to consult a dermatologist to get professional help in the form of antihistamines, ointments, gels, creams. When angioedema immediately need an ambulance, associated with the introduction of anti-allergic and anti-shock drugs.

Popular drugs in the treatment are:

  • Antihistamines – pills Suprastin, Tavegil, ointment hydrocortisone, Afloderm, Advantan.
  • With a weak expression of symptoms – Fenistil gel, and if a secondary infection – Throat.
  • Regenerating means – ointment Solcoseryl, Radevic, Panthenol;
  • Enterosorbent to remove toxins from the body – pills POLYSORB, Lakto-filtrum, Enterosgel.
  • Vitamins or their complexes to maintain the General condition of the body.

To traditional methods of Allergy treatment and its impact include:

  • baths with a decoction of chamomile or calendula;
  • sedative – motherwort or Valerian;
  • admission mummy or decoction of a succession of inside.

Bath for the treatment of nails after gel Polish

To prevent allergies in the future, it is recommended to use these tips:

  • do not use untested manufacturers;
  • to use the services of professionals in the salon;
  • dry skin, moisturize regularly and apply the cream to a manicure;
  • to unsubscribe from varnish-gels, replacing them with ordinary paints or increased stability;
  • not to worry and to monitor their psycho-emotional condition;
  • from time to time to break from coverage;
  • do not use gels-varnishes during pregnancy;
  • master when applying the gel varnish to use a bandage and gloves.

Video: allergic to gel Polish: what to do and how to be treated


Anna, 25 years:If you have any allergies to the gel lacquer I panicked because my skin started to look awful. Coming to the dermatologist, I was advised to calm down, and then to start treatment because of the stress the body could not help himself. The application of special ointments helped for a couple of days to get rid of the symptoms but I treat the gel varnishes party.

Ludmila, 30 years: I love resistant coating that allows nails done every 2 weeks, but last month I noticed an unpleasant pimples on the hands. The dermatologist who examined me said that it was allergies, and urged to give up for a bit of gel varnish. I listened, took antihistamines, which led to the elimination of symptoms.

Julia, 33 years:I decided to try the new-fangled shellac, which is so praised my friend for durability. Unfortunately, when you first visit the salon, I started choking, which led to hospitalization. It turned out that I have intolerance to the components of this resistant coatings, so I’m not using it. I will continue to use regular polishes.

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