A special two-day diet will help you shed a few extra pounds.

Two-days diet will help to lose a few extra pounds.

We offer you a diet, with which you can reset over the weekend two pounds of weight. Its application will benefit your body and help cleanse it of toxins. It should immediately be noted that the effect of a given diet can only be obtained with the use of exercise.

To start the diet on Saturday. The day should start with walking, then move on to exercise. Evening dinner should be light, which consists of meals containing a protein which promotes breakdown of fats in the body.

In the process of losing weight is very important drinking regime: drink need much — half to two liters of fluid a day. Moreover, it can be a simple mineral water or aerated, may be allowed, unsweetened fruit tea, herbal teas or fruit drinks.

Sunday should start with a properly cooked Breakfast, after which take a walk on the bike or work on the bike.

After diet lunch and dinner you need to sleep well, the sleep should last at least 7 hours. Then, on Monday, you can proudly brag to his colleagues of his toned figure.

For Saturday dinner, we recommend to prepare low-calorie chicken breast fried with mushrooms. For its preparation you need 100 grams mushrooms,250 grams of chicken fillet (without skin), olive oil-1 tablespoon, chicken stock-2 tbsp. spoon, salt, pepper, parsley. Mushrooms wash, cut into halves and fry in a pan for 2-3 minutes, then add the chicken stock and simmer for approximately a couple of minutes. Chicken breast fillet pepper, salt and fry separately for five minutes on each side. Connect the components and the finished dish garnish with parsley leaves.

For Breakfast on Sunday cook 1 egg and a Cup of tea without sugar. One boiled egg is enough to permanently stifle hunger and feel relative comfort. Conducted scientific studies have shown that eating protein-rich food reduces the caloric intake is not less than 18%. Boiled eggs or scrambled eggs are quite hearty, so are able to discourage women desire to try something sweet.

Your Sunday lunch, after physical activity, will consist of Turkey with vegetables. To prepare it you will need: Turkey fillet-125 grams fresh pepper-100 grams olive oil-1 tbsp, shallot, green onion, pepper and salt. Poultry fillets cut into strips, pepper — small cubes. Both varieties of onion separately chop all ingredients. Turkey breast, pre-salted and peppered, it is necessary to fry in a hot pan for at least 5 minutes, then add the pepper and fry for another 2-3 minutes. The feeding dish on the table, decorate it with greenery.

For Sunday afternoon, which is a light snack between lunch and dinner, we offer you the recipe of cheese balls with horseradish. For this you will need fresh cheese-50 grams cottage cheese 20%-1 tbsp, grated horseradish-1/2 teaspoon, green onion, pepper and salt. Cheese lay in 2-3 layers of cheesecloth, and squeeze to remove excess moisture. Then, the thus prepared cheese, add horseradish, cheese, a little pepper and salt, then mix thoroughly . In the mixture add the finely chopped green onions. Moisten your hands, and from the resulting mass form 3 identical balls and optionally roll them in the green onions.

Sunday lunch and dinner any other day of the week, regardless of whether you are on any diet or not, should not burden your digestive tract.

Your Sunday you can end dinner with a delicious salad, made with pears and cheese. The ingredients for this dish: lettuce of different varieties-50 g, cheese-100 grams (such as Roquefort), peeled walnuts-50 g green onions, one large firm pear, half a lemon medium size. Pear clean from the seeds, remove the core, cut into thin slices and sprinkle with lemon juice. Then, on salad leaves lay consecutively pear, cubes of cheese, sprinkle top with nuts and green onions and squeeze out the remnants of the juice from the lemon.

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