A healthy sleep. How to sleep well.

A healthy sleep. How to sleep well.Probably each of us faced with this condition, such as fatigue after sleep. It is very important to know how to sleep well and have a healthy sleep. In our modern world, life has become harder due to the constantly changing flow of information, frequent stress and our poor diet. We are constantly in a hurry and in a hurry, trying to handle everything and not to miss anything, in the end, collapsing from exhaustion and Wake up with her, from which the whole day we were accompanied by lethargy and malaise. Therefore it is necessary today to talk about how to make our sleep healthy.

The decor and cleanliness of the bedrooms

Our bedroom is a place of peace and privacy. What you need to do in order to get up in the morning rested and full of energy?

The first advice. You should be careful with plants in the bedroom. Plants for a person very useful. They well absorb dust, have the ability to neutralize harmful bacteria, toxins, poisons, clean air. But there are some plants that are better not to keep in the bedroom. Daffodils, hyacinths, lilies in the flowering period emit a strong odor, which can cause poor sleep. Some indoor plants such as fern, may cause coughing and cause respiratory illness. Dracaena is able to increase a person’s energy, so in a place where we need to relax she’s not the best place. If you can’t do without plants in the bedroom, you should choose plants with simple relaxed forms. The headboard of the bed is better not to put them, because the plants at night absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. But still, plants in the bedroom should not be at all.

The second piece of advice. Discard linen from synthetics. The cause of various skin diseases and allergies may be the bed linen, which is made from fabrics with different dyes. Their preference is better to stop at linen not bright colors. Modern clothes that are not wrinkled, of a fabric with the addition of polyester is not breathable and does not absorb moisture. After all, the man behind the night secretes half a liter of sweat, and moist skin is a perfect place for various bacteria. The give preference to natural fabrics, better suited to bed linen made of bamboo fiber. This fabric has antimicrobial properties, absorbs moisture, thin and tender to the touch. Bed linen after many washings does not lose its properties. So it should be a time to splurge and buy yourself the perfect bed linen for a good sleep.

The third Council. All anti dust!

In bed constantly gathered a large number of different dust — hair, dry skin cells, fibers from upholstery and clothing. Therefore it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner when you change clothes. Thoroughly vacuum the pillows, blanket and mattress. Then the dust will not prevent you to sleep well.

The fourth Council. Dry in the sun bedding. Do not forget about our neighbors, mites that live in every home. These mites do not carry diseases and do not bite humans. The main food for them are the scales of the Horny layer of the skin, and their habitat is the bed linen and beds. For their development and life needs warmth moisture and particles of human skin. In one gram of dust from bedding contains from 200 to 15,000 mites!

Ways of dealing with ticks:

  • Clean rooms and bedding, good strong vacuum cleaner, preferably equipped with a filter that will hold the allergens.
  • Often change the bed linen.
  • You need to constantly ventilate the room. High humidity — comfortable environment for life and development of ticks.
  • Bed linen should be washed at temperatures below 60 degrees.
  • Always try to iron with a hot iron.
  • Wash pillows and blankets or dry in the sun. The sun’s rays lead to the death of mites.

The fifth Council. It is not necessary to bring dry cleaning into the bedroom, before they need to be aired.

The sixth Council. The validity of pillows for 2 years. From the day of use and within two years a third of the weight of the pillow made up of living and dead mites, bacteria and their metabolic products. Hence, various diseases, and on healthy and restful sleep can only dream of.

The seventh Council. Polishing of furniture do oil. For cleaning bedroom use plain water, as various chemicals rise into the air and settle on objects. Various polishes, can also contain various toxins. So Polish your furniture to the usual vegetable oil. If you want the oil you can add few drops of any essential oil of orange, mint, juniper).

The eighth tip. Books in the bedroom is nothing. Books are a great place to collect a variety of dust. It can also accumulate in various decorations of your interior (on the photo frames, paintings, all sorts of stuff). Put them under glass. What about rugs and carpeting, that’s the place where you can roam the dust. In the bedroom is better not to have them.

The ninth Board. One should not fall asleep with the TV on. If you have a habit of falling asleep after watching a variety of TV shows and movies, we can just say that this leads to the development of various chronic diseases, low immunity and insomnia. Active work your brain and leads to disruption of sleep. For a healthy and restful sleep, remove the TV from the bedroom.

The tenth Council. When washing bedding, measure the washing powder. Various chemicals can get into your bed from the washing machine. Don’t pour powder and add various bleach. Still need to read the instructions to the washing machine on the amount of powder, load, and use special measuring Cup. The give preference to liquid detergents and non-allergenic powders, and optionally to rinse the clothes.

The eleventh Council. Healthy sleep depends on the mattress. A lot depends on the choice of the mattress. Best suited mattress. It would be ideal to repeat the contours of your body. Mattress pick on his height and bed size. In specialized stores when buying a mattress, contact the experts, their advice will help you in choosing the right.

What prevents good sleep

What is the duration of a good healthy sleep? For this reason, each person individually, from six to nine hours.

The twelfth Council. It is not necessary to eat at night. The last meal should be three, four hours. Dinner should always be light. At night take a glass of warm milk with honey or yogurt, mint tea.

The thirteenth Council. Before sleep don’t forget to ventilate the bedroom. And you will fall asleep faster.

The fourteenth Council. Before going to sleep is to refrain from coffee and alcohol, otherwise good sleep will not work.

The fifteenth Council. Before bed try not to think about problems. Relax, read, only it is not necessary to solve any problems before going to sleep with the household.

The sixteenth Council. In the bedroom is to hang thick curtains, and the light should be soft and meek.

The seventeenth Council. Do not get carried away aromatharapy. In General it’s all individual.

Remember that your sleep is the best indicator of your health. It is important to sleep well to vitality was normal.

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