A bump on the back of the head

There are many reasons that may form a lump on the back of the head. This often happens when mechanical injuries, blows, bruises. Some tumors are the result of developing diseases. In the formation of a hump on the skin, you should consult a doctor to determine the source of its origin.

Why does the head appear bumps

A bump on the back of the head of the child

Often people get soft tissue injuries or are exposed to a variety of diseases. This may be the reason that formed a lump on the neck or other part of the head. In most cases, a hard or soft ball under the skin is the result of a blow, insect bite, or a benign tumor. To avoid health problems in the future, it’s important to ask about symptoms of bumps on the back of various origins.

An insect bite

If a bump on the head hurts when pressed, itchy, itchy, it is the result of an insect bite. To get rid of the tumor, it is possible to use specific antihistamines. Even with this problem a good job antiseptic, wound healing agent. If the swelling is not coming for a long time, it is best to seek the advice of a doctor.


One of the most common causes of bumps on the back of the head is the punch, kick, any other soft tissue injury. You can fail to fall and damage the left or right. In this situation, there is swelling, a growth. Sometimes when you press, there are painful sensations. Typically, such skin lesion go away on their own, but you can speed up healing using ordinary cold compress.


A bump on the head under the skin is sometimes an atheroma is a solid formation that is a result of the blockage of the sebaceous glands. Such a tumor does not cause pain, but can quickly grow to become inflamed due to infection. The result is a painful tumor. To remove the tumor on the head in the form of lumps, you should visit your doctor who will prescribe the treatment (laser or standard surgery).


When a bump on the back of the head has a red color, rounded shape, then it is probably a hemangioma – a vascular tumor of benign nature (as pictured). Most often it is formed because of failures in the development of blood vessels. This knot is very sore injury can bleed. It is recommended to remove a hemangioma, otherwise there will be the risk of some complications. The lump on his head removed using different methods: surgery, laser surgery, cryosurgery.

A bump on the back of the head hair


Movable soft lump on the head of an adult without a blow – lipoma (Wen). Such a tumor refers to a benign connective-tissue formations, which are formed under the skin. In most cases, this hill does not threaten the health and life of the owner. Wen very slowly increases in size that isn’t uncomfortable. However, should undergo a medical examination.

Fibroids on the head

Hard or soft lump in the occipital region, which can have a leg – fibroma. This tumor consists of fibrous and connective tissue. Sometimes such a significant growth under skin causes pain if it accidentally hurt, to injure. Fibroids always removed it using cryotherapy, laser therapy, electrocautery and other techniques.


The kind of bumps that can pop up under hair at the crown, at the nape, a small «pea» called a wart. Such subcutaneous education appears because of the infection HPV (human papillomavirus). The dermatologist appoints one of several treatment options, depending on the type and size of the warts (from taking medication to remove surgically).

To what doctor to address

A doctor examines a patient's head

A totally new education, which can be detected on the back of the head is a safe surface lump or the first sign of a dangerous disease. To avoid deterioration of health and more serious health problems, it is recommended to show the «ball» to the doctor. Inspection, diagnosis of this pathology engaged the therapist, ENT surgeon, an allergist, dermatologist or oncologist.

What to do if a child on the back of his head there was a bump

A bump on the head from a baby, or irregular shape of the skull of the newborn can be consequences of birth injury or birth of a tumor. In the process of labor may be a situation that provokes the displacement is slidably connected to the bones, leading to asymmetry. The appearance of tumors on the head or neck of a baby sometimes speak of lymphadenitis (enlargement of the lymph node). If the bump begins to grow in the first months of life, too bulge to cause discomfort to the child, it indicates inflammation of the tissues that requires immediate therapy.

Often the bump the baby can grow because of the fall, impact. Children’s skin is delicate and sensitive, and the coordination is not perfect, therefore, even minor trauma causes the formation of hard tubercles. In this case, it is recommended to be added to the damage something cold and handle special tool from the blows. If the tumor begins to bleed, the boy’s condition is getting worse (nausea, vomiting, dizziness), we urgently need to show the baby the doctor.

Video: child hit his head what to do

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