Women’s knitting hat

With the onset of the cold gusts of piercing wind forced us to think about what it would be nice to complement your fall and winter way and buy a new hat or beret. But it is better to Express their individuality, linking the subject of ladies ‘ clothes with their own hands, without buying one of the mass models. Women’s knitting, hat a beautiful, comfortable, she warms, protects against colds. To help novice knitters a selection of the most popular styles and detailed diagrams of knitting hats and scarves sets.

Model knitting women’s caps knitting with description and diagrams

To link to themselves or to native warm beanie is a creative process, which for many women is a favorite, very interesting hobby. Starting with the first dialed loops on the needles, the needle is in anticipation of that happy moment when you see yourself or a loved one in the new things. Due to the variety posted on the Internet schemes of work, fans of knitting can realize any your idea.

Diagrams and descriptions of the knitwear detailed answer to the question, what yarn and how much you will need, what will be the size of the finished things patterns crochet combines the product, how many rows will have to bind and as they step through. Only through such orderly descriptions anyone can go from a skein of yarn to the finished product. The first step is to select a pattern, buy the necessary threads to get the needles, and then – business equipment.

  • Often a variety of warm beanie knit different patent designs, especially this kind of binding is suitable for voluminous hat with POM-poms. Things connected this pattern, easy to wear, because it is the same on the obverse and on the reverse side, which is especially useful for scarves. This binding is a good stretches, so you need to knit tightly related to in this way things kept uniform.
  • In the schemes for women’s knitted hats knitting often use different variants of the pattern «honeycomb». It’s elegant and symmetrical binding, with a distinct texture, warm and comfortable to things every day. It is also one of the patterns with the most simple technology, which quickly master the beginners to the needle. Uniform cloth caps associated in such a pattern, it is good to decorate decorative elements like beads, a brooch or a decorative bow to match the look.
  • Open-knit mesh technique is widely used to create Flirty summer berets, but is often used for the manufacture of the autumn variants. Elaborate openwork pattern headdress sometimes insulated fleece lining. Hats made so narrow, is well suited for women that are especially demanding to ensure that the headpiece did not spoil the amount of hair.

Fashionable models of women’s hats this season are diverse: hats with POM-poms, turbans, hoods or caps-pipe, knitted berets and earflaps. If desired, and perseverance to make this season’s headgear with your own hands, and all this without any fuss and wasting time looking for him shopping. Consider a simple model that you can learn to knit.

Master class on knitting warm female caps with lapel

Warm female knitted cap knitting from cashmere yarn with a delicate pattern and a wide elastic band not only warm in the cold, but also give a romantic mood. The rubber in this model is wrapped up or wear a hat and loose. This style will be appropriate for outerwear, jackets, even a coat or jacket. If desired, the top of the headdress, you can decorate a white fur POM-POM.

Scheme knit hats with cuff

Description crochet hat and scarf with braids

Wonderful warm female ensemble of volumetric caps and original patterned scarf, which are made in harmony between colors will become elegant accent in outerwear in the autumn. You’ll need different types of needles – straight, short circular, a set of hosiery needles. Technique is described in detail in the scheme.

Scheme knitting scarf and hat with braids

Winter hat with thick yarn with jacquard pattern

Women’s knitting hat with earflaps – great for the coldest winter days, they securely close frost women’s ears. It is appropriate to look at these models, the patterns in the Scandinavian style, as in the proposed variant. Knit headdress should be knitting according to the scheme below. At the end of the bottom edge to knit crochet. Decorate the finished product is fervent oblique, with a braid over the top of the threads.

Scheme knit hats with earflaps

The scheme of two-tone knit hat with pompom

Women’s knitting hat with POM-poms current year already. This fashionable accent from childhood, and perhaps that is why he is such a sweet many ladies. Presents a two-tone beanie with pompom perky kind is suitable for a dynamic, sporty girls. You need to knit according to the scheme connecting the color. After binding to the headdress to sew fur beige pompom.

The scheme of two-tone knit hat with pompom

Stylish set of hat and scarf with an openwork pattern

Spacious cap with openwork pattern will give a cozy warmth, and a wide long scarf pattern with wide slanting will look spectacular in a deep cut coat, and knotted around the collar of the upper garment. The headpiece fit round, scarf combines a large pearl pattern, pattern with a scythe, gum and facial surface. The ends of the scarf with small POM-POM that gives it extra volume.

Stylish set of hat and scarf with an openwork pattern

Beautiful beanie with a flower

Openwork cap of mohair favorably patterned edges, symmetric tapers towards the top pattern gives it a lightness, elegance and dynamism. Additional decoration and accent this thing has a cotton lace flower. Model fit in the same canvas will be charged on top and neatly stitched. The sequence is painted in the scheme.

Beautiful beanie with a flower

How to tie a spring hat-beret knitting

Purple beret made of 100% mercerized cotton blends elastic binding and a fancy pattern. The finished product looks stunning and resembles a large flower with numerous petals, the centre of which is located on top of cap-beret. Fit thread 2 addition, one fabric top collapses, gently running a seam. To shape ready takes water and allow to dry. Well and rich will look in purple color. The detailed implementation scheme is presented here:

How to tie a spring hat-beret knitting

Video tutorials for knitting women’s caps knitting for beginners

As I begin this model of headgear, it will be good to arm yourself with professional advice, especially when you knit with needles only from time to time and the hand is not Packed. Even small nuances undetected, can distort the pattern, and it’s almost the finished thing will have to let that take away your precious time. When knitting things for the schemes very useful to the masters tips on how to determine the density of binding, as it is convenient to count the number of related series, etc.

In our selection of videos step by step shows how to bind hats the most popular styles. Even if you are a beginner in knitting, you will have the power to bind round versatile warm double cap on every day. Hat cross pattern crochet braids will create the mood in cloudy days of autumn. Fashion bulk hat with fluffy pompom will be very easy to make by following the recommendations.

How to knit a double hat front embroidery

Detailed tutorial on knitting hats with cross braids

How to knit a hat volume spokes

Latest fashion women hats knitting: photos 2015-2016

How to choose among the variety of styles suitable for the model finish? We encourage you to watch the fashionable models of women’s knitted caps knitting needles in the photos, submit a photo of your image in this headgear, and then listen to yourself. Feel the sensations that arise in anticipation of this new wardrobe. Suitable presents style to your outerwear? Refresh your color? Look, choosing a vending model and immediately begin to needlework!

Latest fashion women hats knitting: photos 2015-2016

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